11.11 just came & gone – Are you still single?

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11.11 Singles Day was just over! What have you looted?

For myself, I looted a new casing for my huawei mate 20; jumped ship after 12 years with samsung!

After getting married, my PC gaming/anime watching time nose-dived but time for mobile gaming went up so I splurged and bought 3 telescopic gaming controllers to test.

I have yet to receive the controllers and will give a brief impression once they are in my hands. 8bitdo SN/SF30 Pro was also considered but given a miss as it was not the form factor I was looking for.

Pictures of controller followed by cross-comparison specifications and my comments.

1st gaming controller: Flydigi Wee (I got the black)



2nd gaming controller: IPEGA 9083 aka Redknight





3rd gaming controller: IPEGA 9087 (To test on ipad air 2)




Gone are the days of PSP, I am going to choose 1 or 2 to keep then sell or gift the other 2 away. If there’s enough comments, I might even gift one reader! (Only in singapore though)

Games that will be tested:

Mobile legends
Brawl stars
PPSPP emulator for fighting games; dragonball, gundam etc.

If you have any games you would like me to test by christmas 2018, feel free to comment below!


I am married and selling manga & small gundams in singapore

Dear random strangers on the internet, I former blogger of this site has returned…to declare that I am married and selling off my manga and gundam gashapons

Link to forum page: https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/hobbyists-bazaar-280/wts-manga-chinese-gundam-gashapons-g-flex-5917709.html#post116991342

1. GTO Manga 1-25(complete), and the new series 1-6 unopened (incomplete)
Publisher: Tongli


2. Future diary 1-12(complete) + 2 
Publisher: kadokawak


3. Evangelion 1-12 (complete)
Publisher: Chuangyi (1-10), Kadokawa (11-12)


4. Eureka 7 1-6 (complete)- psalms of planets 
Publisher: Kadokawa


5. Gundam Series

Gundam seed 1 to 5
Gundam seed astray 1 to 3
Gundam seed astray X 1 and 2
Gundam seed astray R 1 to 4

Gundam seed destiny the edge 1 to 5
Gundam seed destiny astray 1 to 4

Gundam 00 1 to 3

Gundam federation 1 to 5

Gundam W 1
Gundam X 2

Gundam F90


6. Loose manga
神风 1-6 (complete)
Variante 1-4 (complete)
Manhole 1-3 (complete)
Darker than black 1-2 (complete)
Gun x sword – 1
Peacemaker 1-5 (as far as they published)
Ga rei – 1 (incomplete)
Liar game -1 (incomplete)


7. Mugen manga
Publisher: Chuangyi


8. G Flex Gundam seed and destiny (29 pcs) all boxes included

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This image has been resized.Click to view original image

This image has been resized.Click to view original image

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9. G Flex Gundam 00 (including 2 x rare trans-am) (15pcs) boxes included

This image has been resized.Click to view original image

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Assassination classroom movie review (Coming soon & it never did)




Free!! Episode 1

I’m back and somehow have magically turned into a josei.  No seriously, I looked at my top favorite anime list and it has wayyyy too much josei for one of the opposite gender.  No, seriously, I passed up Nanana, Mekaku City Actors, and Mushishi to blog Free!!  I know it’s Free! – Eternal Summer.  But that’s bullshit, this anime is K-ON! with abbz and apparently non-existent dicks.  Too much to say for an intro lez move on.

This summarizes everything

Yep, that pretty much summarizes why I Fujoshis watch this Anime

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Cause and Effect

blindability penginSometimes, hearing that a manga you’re reading is getting a run as an anime brings more concern than excitement: Will the animation hold the same quality and be of the same caliber as the print art? Will the plot and storyline stay true to course? Will the anime do the characters justice in their quirks and development? How many episodes will be produced? How many seasons? How will it “end”? Personally, I’ve never had this happen to me (at least not with manga/anime), and while I can imagine the anguish some fans feel when their beloved manga gets man-handled in an anime, I just want to say that sometimes, good will still come of it.


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Select Spring Season Preview

This isn’t perfect.  I’ve missed quite a few gems by judging anime for its cover.  However, it’s something that needs to happen for those with time constraints which is probably a majority of us.  This season is looking great to be honest. TONS OF POTENTIAL.


Hopefully, your spring doesn’t have snow involved in it like it has for me…

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A Sweeter Side to Space Dandy

blindability penginAnd I don’t mean Bottoms versus Boobs, which is an on-going argument that is foundational to Space Dandy. I’ve been watching Space Dandy for pure amusement and generally don’t expect much more than a few giggles, if even. Somewhere between the first episode and the second, I learned not to expect any sort of continuing storyline, which has proven to be amusingly useful since each episode seems to leave our main character and his companions in various precarious predicaments.


However, that isn’t to say that Space Dandy has no value other than simple entertainment; thanks to the show, I’ve decided that, while others are stocking up on water and weapons in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse, I’ll be buying out the world’s supply of yogurt. As it’s unlikely that I’ll outrun something that doesn’t tire, and whose hunger for living flesh is never satiated, I may as well prepare myself for a happy existence of eternal fermentation.

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