SPM Galore

The yesteryears: “Mom! I got 12A1s for my SPM!”This is what we have now: “Oh Mom! I only got 17A1s, short by two only…”This world has gotten crazier by the year. During my time, the most As a student managed to score was only 17 A1s. Unfortunately even today, that number still remains the same. None can break themselves for the stigma of having horrendous 17 subjects for your examinations. It seems impossible to take all of those, especially when those undertaking subjects are mainstream and requires countless hours of studying. Unless you are taking those silly subjects of such as ‘Bread Baking’, ‘Shirt Seaming’, and ‘Origami’ (I am not sure about the existence of ‘Origami’ subject though but it might be in the list), you might get a shot in getting those huge bulk of good grades in your result slip. Just for the record, SPM is a Malaysian equivalent to the British GSCE.Now, here is another God-forsaken scenario. Nadiah Amirah Jamil had a smirk on her face as she and her parents were photographed for the papers’ publication. It was claimed she was not pleased with her result but also not disappointed by it. Yeah, right! I am not resounding some envious statement here. All I got to say about this is that her below-par achievement is a total let-down as the local paper kept on bragging her possible success to fork out straight A1s in all of her 19 subjects. Then here comes reality. She was only able to get 14 A1s and 4 A2s out of those 19 subjects, leaving a sole B3 for ‘English for Science and Technology’. But honestly, even I was not able to produce an A for the damn subject. I mean, how ridiculous it is to have another subject for English that was supposed to be designated for the teachings of Science but having endless gibberish on those general knowledge in environment and technology instead. And thus, the name ‘English for Science and Technology’. She even had two books published for her achievements she had done during her earlier secondary education. And we are talking about “motivations for success” kind of book. Oh God! This highly publicized lass eventually hit the dirt. Her not-so-excellent success was overshadowed by even more extravagant achievements as repeated by Yeo Jie Ming (from Penang) and Melissa Sia Ying Ying (from Sabah). These two are the ones who managed to nail all those 16 A1s, which is better than having just 14 A1s and bragging-rightfulness of 4 A2s. And I repeat, it’s a repetitive success. As statistic is concerned, Sabah had produced quite a number of high-achievers for SPM throughout the years. But the one who really stood out is Siti Fatimah Mukhtar (from Kelantan, again) who scored 17 A1s and an A2. Definitely a wow factor. But somehow, in Melissa’s case, she is the youngest to score an exceptional 16 A1s.

My SPM resultsFinally, I managed to score the best result ever!!!Somehow no one is able to overcome that illusive 17 A1s barrier. How’s that for the cynical arrogance! But the local paper (it was mentioned that the paper responsible is Utusan Malaysia) and the parents are to be blamed for the over-glorified statement about Nadiah. Nadiah claimed that she did not propagating about having all A1s in her 19 subjects for her SPM examinations. And another nut crack case. Jabez Ho is saying 16 A1s are not enough. He is not satisfied with a B grade for his ‘Music’ subject and submitted an appeal for the paper. If this is to be changed (for the better result of having an A, of course), Jabez will scored a straight 17 A1s for this time. He also mentioned that Nor Amalina (another 17 A1s star in the SPM Hall of Fame from the year 2004, which also happens to be my SPM year)was his idol and inspiration for success. What is so disgusting bothering me about it is that Nor Amalina claimed her glamour only in the SPM level but fell to shame when she was kicked out from her college of choice in London, Cheltenham Ladies College. Well good luck there, Jabez.So final question here is, what is the whole deal of getting so many As in your examinations? Some seek fame for the exemplary achievements displayed, some seek self-satisfaction, some are doing it for the excuse of “I can do it too because my next-door neighbour can do it”. Even the Ministry of Education is actually not encouraging students to take so many subjects as it deemed as useless. For once, I agree with the Ministry of Education about this issue. So what is the whole point exactly? Having more As does not mirror the possible success in the future, not to mention of getting a better job. Believe me, unless you get the job that suits your interest, the job that you are having or will be having is a total crap. Passion is the drive. So don’t do ambitions simply because it is popular. Choose with your heart, aim for the job that appeals more to you. So back to the real topic. Now we get things down the wire. We witnessed the astounding Nor Amalina a few years ago and now, she’s back to rot after dropped out from her college of choice. Sitting for many paper for your examinations is an apparent trend of students these days. But it’s justified alright. You do gain the popularity at the end of the day and the extra merit is you will be more hardworking than ever in order to achieve those ambitious results. But do bear in mind, this is a cruel world. No matter how hard you work for the countless numbers of As in your examination but in the working field later, the spectrum changes altogether. If you are in for success, you better work yourself out to get the goal that you are aiming for.

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4 Responses to “SPM Galore”

  1. 1 Nicholas
    14 March 2007 at 3:07 am

    True indeed wat u had said….Books on motivation? oh come on man, being competitive and being good is a totally differant case…..mayb because malaysian idol is cancelled, ppl are seeking publicity even thru SPM….Very nice…

  2. 19 March 2007 at 12:26 am

    Hey it just so happens that I ran into your blog and I noticed what you said on Amalina. I don’t know if you’ve read the article below that was in today’s NST. If you have then you probably already know those rumors were well, rumors.


  3. 3 cea
    26 November 2008 at 6:54 pm

    i didnt managed 2 finish atashi no physics yesterday… kuso!!!

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