Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (anime review)

With English translation as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, this anime title is simply superb. It has the most unique storytelling and probably the most original anime I have ever watched. So I gave a shot on this anime on the first episode. The first one is total chaos. You began to wonder of how good (or how terrible) this anime can be. Yes, it look exactly like those B-rated shows with cheap puns and lousy casting. You really felt like giving up on the first episode already. Never judge a book by its cover. And so I watched the second one. Apparently the second episode felt more like the first episode where all the main characters are introduced. Actually the first episode is the low cost movie created by the SOS Brigade as to fulfill Haruhi’s desire. And so, obviously the central persona of this story is introduced. Suzumiya Haruhi is one eccentric girl. Of course there is nothing strange in believing extraterrestrial beings, paranormals, and ESP but Haruhi’s case is a whack job. She has no interest in human and rather go on pursuing those out of this world phenomenon.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This story of her is presented or rather narrated by the only person who can actually make casual contact with this crazy girl (she’s crazy alright but at least, she’s cute). Kyon (apparently no full name of this guy is given throughout the story) used to share a common interest with Haruhi and that was when he was still a kid. As he grows up, he stopped believing in all of those (naturally) as he became more self-aware and mature to distinguish the reality from fiction. Somehow he was compelled to get to know Haruhi better. Well who won’t when you have one cute girl saying she has no interest in ordinary human. Indeed her superior complex personality that seemed godlike made her seemed rather selfish and self-centred. So what made this way? Don’t you think it’s rather twisted to have someone who actually had that kind of thought? Nevertheless this attitude of hers had actually brought out some bizarre events later in the story.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
The mischievous Suzumiya Haruhi

Haruhi who is very bored with this so-normal-and-ordinary life wanted something more as her curiosity to delve in the paranormal had gave her the idea (she credited Kyon for the idea as well) to create a club specially dedicated for the purpose – The SOS Brigade. I suppose SOS stands for “Save Our Souls” in Haruhi’s context but Kyon simply regard it as “Sekai wo Ooini moriageruiame no Suzumiya Haruhi no dan” (The Suzumiya Haruhi’s club to make the world a much livelier place). Right… Haruhi will get what she wants, no matter what. Club room? Got it. Members? Got it, she simply picked up any person whom she presumed had nothing better to do or those who felt bored. Along the line, Asahina Mikuru and Nagato Yuki were introduced as club members. Later in the story, Itsuki Koizumi is introduced as the latest member of this purposeless SOS Brigade (SOS-Dan as translated in Japanese). The club’s necessary equipments? Got it too. In fact she extort and steal to get those. In particular for the extorted computer, Haruhi forcefully reached the Computer Club president’s hand to grope Mikuru’s breast. Groping Mikuru’s breast?! With no respect for human and obviously no guilty conscious, she actually force out sexual harassment towards Mikuru just to get a brand new computer. If I were the president, I won’t mind that at all (evil thoughts…). From these circumstantial events, it is quite clear of how eccentric and wild is Haruhi.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Kyon looking miserable each time Haruhi is up to something

I viewed the preceding episodes. Somewhere in between, I got lost and perplexed of the storyline, if it ever have one. Carefully I checked on every episode. The sequence of the episode are not in chronological order. And this as another factor, this anime has an original feeling into it – not to mention that the ramdomly jumbled episode sequence actually falls right into proper place. I am trying to say that this intended order of episodes really makes up the whole puzzle into place with each piece properly place in the correct manner, though it is not necessarily correct in its chronology. Still don’t get me? In short, it works out fine. The sequence of events are in order somehow. I suppose that’s enough of explaining.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Asahina Mikuru, Itsuki Koizumi, and Nagato Yuki

Now here is the deal of the story. As much as she desire to explore the paranormal and actually meet the aliens or time travelers or espers (people with ESP ability – special psychic power of some kind), she had those kind of people right under her nose. If you wonder of who those people are, it’s none other than the members of the SOS Brigade. Yuki is an alien working under Integrated Date Sentient Entity (I have no idea what the heck is that). Mikuru is a time traveler, hail from the future. Koizumi is an esper working for the Agency (and I am sure it is not the CIA). The existence of the three had began only three years ago. However their presence is significant. They believed that the universe is altered in certain ways and the very existence of the universe is at brink. They also believed that there is one enourmous power that we normally perceive as godly is responsible for the dramatic chance. The theory is the universe is recreated over and over again. Other universe or dimension is destroyed and a new one is conceived. The main key is the person behind this and this person is also the key that possibly brings Armageddon. As far fetched I may sound, I don’t even believe my own words. I actually said this kind of trash. Anyway the person is Suzumiya Haruhi. In other words, the power assumed as God is in the hands of Haruhi, the weird girl. In fact the three exist because Haruhi wanted them to exist as she has fond believe to their existence. Creepy it may sound but if Haruhi wished even more, more things will come.

So everyone is in the SOS Brigade for a reason. Yuki, Mikuru, ad Koizumi are extraterrestrial beings who are there to observe Haruhi in order to avoid any possible calamity. And this brings up to the question, why Kyon is there? Kyon is the person as what he seems as. An ordinary high school student who live his normal human life – as normal as possible without the intervention of Haruhi’s crazy mischiefs. And so why he is there? Alright then. The truth. Haruhi believes a human presence is insignificant. A person standing in a crowd of thousands is just a mere speck of dust, even more negligible when in a huge population of billions. Haruhi wished to change it, somehow she wanted it to happen. Kyon’s presence in her life had made her thoughts shrouded with doubts. In the end, she developed some emotions towards him and wanted to be close to him. Without knowing it, her Godlike power brings them together as they work out efforts to create the club. At the final episodes (the last episode is not the actual last episode, instead the actual last episode has been shown earlier), Kyon and Haruhi are trapped in a closed space, a new dimension created by Haruhi. The setting is as similar as Adam and Eve or the last man and woman on Earth. Anyway Haruhi actually liked as that is what she had ever wished for. Kyon definitely dislike that idea and wanted things back to normal. In the last episode, Haruhi’s powers are more apparent and the relationship between Kyon and Haruhi had grew closer.

Overall, this anime is worthy for the Best Anime of 2006. I love it very much. No words to describe it. What is so unique about it is the fresh idea of storytelling. Definitely the most original anime out there. Recently there is a news about a possible second season for this anime, probably the sequel to this 14-episodes anime show. Live Haruhism!

My ratings: 5 out of 5

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