Speed Grapher (anime review)

The title Speed Grapher sounds catchy for me, catchy enough to grab my attention and made me watch the whole series. Simply by its name, this anime has nothing to do with speed or even plotting graphs. What is remarkable from my point of view is the dubious reality that is foretold in this story. The anime has a social background of human greed for money and sinful lust of the flesh. Yes, all the deepest evil desires are portrayed in this anime. Oh did I mentioned lust? It was clearly portrayed alright. Those sexually explicit scenes are all over the anime. So pay attention all of you perverted minds. This anime might suit you as well.

Speed Grapher
Not for kids…

Alright, sex aside and back to the storyboard. Setting at what appears to be the current modern Japan, the country is described as a nation corrupted with money, power, and sex (as if such similar nation does not exist anyway). At the pinnacle of Japan’s mighty economy, lies the most powerful corporation that controls each aspect of the society – Tennouzu Group. This is not ordinary company, not your typical Microsoft Corporation either. Tennouzu Group has a vast investment that includes the backbone of Japan’s economy, Bank of Japan. As mentioned at the last episodes (there goes the ridiculous wishful thoughts), Tennouzu Group has a total asset of 800 trillion yen. Convert that to US dollars, you get approximately 90 trillion dollars. And at the end of the story, there is an interesting turn of events regarding that amount of money.

Speed Grapher
That’s a lot of cash!

So the girl who set the wheels to motion – Tennouzu Kagura. This only heir of the wealthy asset from her mother, Tennouzu Shinsen has a desire to be free from her dark secret which she came to notice. Beforehand, let me introduce you to the secret club joined by all of Japan’s most influential people, from the celebrities to government’s top ministers. This club serves to provide the members freedom to live up to their dark desires, let it be erotic or murderous violence. You are free to do whatever you want in this club. You can get a girl anywhere and have sex with her. Hunt down those endangered animals and kill them. Eat any exotic food without limitation including those cannibal appetite. But all of this comes with a hefty price. Yearly fees is about 20 million yen. Any late payments will not be tolerated, even if that means death execution. And there is something extra for this club. If you are willing to pay extra money for the fees, you will be privileged for a special membership and share an audience to meet the Goddess. And you’ve guessed it right, the Goddess is no other than Kagura. She has a special genetic ability to fulfill a person’s greatest wish, under the condition that the person carries an Euphoria factor (supposedly a genetic make-up factor).

Speed Grapher
Tennouzu Kagura and Chouji Suitengu

Kagura wishes to escape from the club and here comes the knight with the shining armor – Tatsumi Saiga. This so-called freedom fighter had promised Kagura to help her to escape from all of those. Saiga who secretly perpetrated the club had accidentally granted the Euphoria ability and being a former war photographer, his ability is to kill with a camera. He denied his power in the beginning because he truly never wished for killing people with just a camera shot. But later on, he came to realize that at some point of his life during his past experience in the battlefield; somehow, for a brief moment, he had actually desired that. In his attempts to run away with Kagura, Saiga had to face lots of obstacle and confront the opponent who are also Euphoria. When you watched some of the Euphorias, you came to realize how ugly human nature can be as these desires are depicted by these Euphoria.

Speed Grapher
Tatsumi Saiga on the hunt with his killer camera

The mastermind behind all this evil doings is Chouji Suitengu. He is the one responsible for the club’s formation and also the one puling the strings for the wealthy success of the Tennozu Group. In spite of such ambitious success that he managed to achieve, he has a far more superior plan at hand. He seeks revenge for all of those whose minds are clouded by greed and the one responsible for breaking up his family. Though being the antagonist of this story, he has a sad past that you actually felt sorry for him. This is what I like about Speed Grapher. The character development is well plotted and the antagonists are not negatively displayed. Each character has a story to tell and the main antagonist had a greater emphasis since he is one of the key for the creation of those Euphorias, besides Kagura. Suitengu has an undoubtedly sad past and if you give a thought into it, maybe he deserves all the vengeance that he has planned.

At the final showdown between Saiga and Suitengu, they came to know of their common past in a battlefield where they first contacted the Euphoria factor and both of them somehow, in an ironic manner, deserves a happy ending. Suitengu’s final plan was to cash all Tennozu Group’s asset and burn it all down along with Tennouzu’s gigantic headquarters, Tennouzu Building. Now you do your own thinking here. What will happen to the nation’s economy if burn down those huge amount of cash especially when the country itself has invested a large sum into that amount? At least Suitengu’s plan worked out – Japan actually went bankrupt. But that is not the reason Saiga is facing off with Suitengu. Suitengu also wished to end his life along with Kagura who are the ones who started it all as put everything to an end. But at the final battle, Suitengu who has the upper hand advantage in strength managed to defeat Saiga who became blind with his final shot to save Suitengu’s life by destroying a coming missile that has been aimed at Tennouzu Building. Call it karma but in the end, Suitengu saved Saiga’s life as he placed him away to safety from the deteriorating Tennouzu Building.

One thing for certain, this is no family show. This is strictly for adults only. I don’t mind those adolescents watching it but the story’s main idea might hit them hard. The significance of Speed Grapher is the ugly side of human nature. It is well represented in Speed Grapher. The animation is not so great, though the first few episode deceived you with a fairly good quality animation. But at least the storyline goes out well.

My ratings: 2 out of 5

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  2. 6 October 2009 at 2:55 pm

    hiç bişey anlamadımm

  3. 4 aaron
    18 December 2011 at 11:38 am

    yes i enjoyed this anime alot its one of those animes that will make you want to find more like it LIKE GUNGRAVE
    has a plot just as creative and superpowers just as unique thats why i like anime more than american cartoons
    besides benten and genrex and some of the dc univers stuff and marvel too

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