Romeo x Juliet (preview)

This preview is made based on the first two episodes of this series. The follow-up episodic review however is pending.

They did it again. Romeo x Juliet is an adaptation to one of the most famous plays by William Shakespeare. The settings and characters are quite similar. At least they tried to be innovative by avoid copying the storyline of the original Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is definitely one of the most popular adaptation to creative arts since decades ago. It is about time that an anime title based on this play by William Shakespeare to come to light. From the trailer, Romeo x Juliet is vied to be a potentially good anime, given the good character designs, magnificent background designs and superb animation. No surprise there because this is a Gonzo production. The only letdown for me is the opening song. The song, Inori ~You Raise Me Up~ sang by Lena Park is adapted from Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up. This song inappropriate for the opening AMV. No doubt it’s a beautiful song suited well for Romeo x Juliet but it just not fit well for the AMV. Despite this, I expect good soundtracks from this anime title. Can’t wait for its release.

Romeo x Juliet
Romeo x Juliet

The story sets in Neo Verona, which is a fairytale-like kingdom on a floating continent. This is an eye opener. What’s more the mythical creature, Pegasus exist in this place. Pegasus is a flying horse. I wish for a unicorn though. I guess unicorns are just overrated. At one stormy night, the ruling House of Capulet was sieged under the coup d’etat by Montague. Montague acted to kill the entire Capulet family in order to reign Neo Verona. Capulet’s daughter, Juliet witnessed her own father’s murder (cruel fate) then was brought away by Cordelia. Montague and his men noticed them and made haste to chase them. The two little girls were surrounded. Fortunately a group of Capulet’s knights came to the rescue and they were brought away as they escaped to the blizzard riding a Pegasus.

Romeo x Juliet
The villain, Grand Duke Montague

Fourteen years had passed as the House of Montague are still relentless to search the remaining members of the Capulet who escaped the massacre. At a scene of an execution of a commoner suspected to be a Capulet, a Zorro look-alike dressed in red came to free the prisoner. The masked man was known as the Red Whirlwind. The man then made his escape from the soldiers. On his run, he spotted another girl who was shopping for groceries. She was recognised as Cordelia. she was pulled away by the man in red. At the castle, Romeo and his cousin Benvolio who were having their tea glanced over the fugitives. Romeo decided to go to help them. The Red Whirlwind and Cordelia managed to make their way through the alleys but ended up at a collapsed bridge. Suddenly the ground where the masked man stood collapsed and he fell down. However Romeo who rode his Pegasus save him. As Romeo saved the man in red while Benvolio saved Cordelia, they made their way to safety away from the soldiers. The Red Whirlwind however walked away without thanking Romeo. Instead he made a mockery against Romeo because noblemen like him did not help other the same way he saved the Red Whirlwind. But in the end, he thanked him. Later it was revealed that the name of the masked man is Odin as he took off his hat and mask. This is turning point for me. Based on the features of this character Odin, I was nearly convinced that this guy is actually a girl – mostly likely to be Juliet. It was intuition at first. But I was not wrong about it. Together with another boy named Antonio, they made their way back to the theater where they reside. At the theater, they stumbled upon a man who is a playwright named William. I was convinced that this guy is William Shakespeare. There was no concrete fact to it yet. So they went to a secret door to go their rooms. There they met an old man (name unknown yet), Curio and Francisco. In the room as they changed clothes, Odin was still thinking about Romeo who saved him as he recalled a similar experience in the past. Cordelia said that he will understand everything when he turns 16 the next day as she took off Odin’s wig, revealing a long hair. It turns out that I am right Odin is a girl named Juliet.

Romeo x Juliet
The Red Whirlwind a.k.a. Red Zorro

Romeo x Juliet
This Zorro turns out to be a boy named Odin

In the castle, Romeo was lectured by his father Grand Duke Montague then later received a visit by Lady Hermione. As he brings Hermione for a dance, he was reminded of the Red Whirlwind when he touched her hands (Romeo commented earlier that the Red Whirlwind have slender hands, alomst girl-like). Later as he dressed up, he admitted that Hermione is a beautiful girl but he has no feeling towards her. He then asked Benvolia about love (cheesy). Back in the theater, Odin also asked William about love (also cheesy). Moments later, Emilia asked Odin to accompany her to a dance ball. The dance ball is a mask-wearing affair, so there was no problem for Odin to return to her real self as Juliet and got into a dress. Then a nobleman who was supposed to pick up Emilia came to pick Juliet up instead as Emilia was not in the room. He thought that Juliet was Emilia anyway.

Romeo x Juliet
Introducing Romeo… who just had a blowjob from his maid

At the Neo Verona Keep where the Rose Ball was held, Juliet began to reminiscent about a familiar past that she had as she began to recognise the architecture there. A flashback when she set her eye upon Montague. Horrified she left the Keep and headed to the fountain outside. Outside on the full moon night, flowers blowing everywhere. This is one perfect setting for a love scene, don’t you think. She then picked up an iris that she found afloat in the fountain. Then a voice called out to her. She turned. As though you are watching a fairy tale, she was shocked to see the boy who called out to her was Romeo and Romeo too was standing transfixed as the falling roses decorated the scene. Not that I don’t enjoy romance like this one but this is just too cheesy. Cheesy, all cheese but I like cheese. However I must say, this is one nice scene. I kind of like it. So I’m giving off exact details of it. Well it was love at first sight for Romeo and Juliet. He asked her whether she liked irises. She said yes. Romeo then asked for her name. She was about to answer him when suddenly Romeo was called out by Benvolio, saying that his father wants to see him. She then ran away. She was happy to know his name is Romeo as she ran. Lovely but cheesy.

Romeo x Juliet
This is Odin’s real identity – Juliet

Romeo x Juliet
Love struck; roses are also included

Romeo x Juliet
When boy meets girl

As Juliet was about to leave the estate, she was stopped by the guard because she was alone. Thankfully Francisco and Curio came with a carriage, saying that she is from the House of Farnese and showed the guards the crest. It turned out that the crest was borrowed from William’s mother. The old man named Conrad questioned Juliet why she went to the Neo Verona Keep as he seem unapproved with her actions. She said she wanted to go to the Rose Ball and told them that the place was like a dream. She was about to tell them about Romeo but refrained herself to do so. Back in the Keep, Grand Duke Montague announced the engagement of his son Romeo with Lady Hermione from the House of Borromeo. This caught Romeo by surprise. Romeo then was forced to dance with Hermione but excused himself by saying that he was not feeling well. He asked Benvolio to take his place.

Romeo x Juliet
Screw Juliet, listen to your father and go for Hermione instead

It was Juliet’s 16th birthday. Juliet was awaken by Cordelia’s calling. Cordelia sensed something had happened in the ball last night but Juliet denied that nothing happened. Cordelia said the ball must be a spectacular place to be but she felt that she was not worthy of the place with her rough hand due to all the chores she had done. Conrad was away. So Juliet who turned back to Odin plotted with Antonio to save the day as the Red Whirlwind. A girl was taken away from her family as her father failed to pay the debts. The creditor planned to sale the girls to the nobles in order to obtain a nobility crest from Montague. The Red Whirlwind and Antonio jumped onto the carriage and demanded the man to release the girls. His henchmen retaliated but was easily defeated. However one of them managed to cut her arm and subdued her. Luckily for her that Curio was there to help her. They finally succeed in their attempt to save the girls. Curio warned Odin that this will be her last time to fool around as the Red Whirlwind. Her wound was then treated by a doctor and he told her that Neo Verona had changed for the worse since Montague became Duke. The poor was discriminated and the wealthy prospered.

Romeo x Juliet
Love sick… not masturbating

Back at the theater, Odin and Antonio were scolded badly by Conrad. Francisco however suggested that Odin’s desire to help the commoner is wonderful. Cordelia passed by and Odin handed her a cream soap to fix her rough hands. She took the opportunity of seeing William’s play to escape Conrad. Later they discussed whether Juliet will be able to accept her real past and that the passing fourteen years, Conrad wondered how many people will come tonight after the signal was sent out. At the theater, William was writing a comedy about a girl named Rosalind who disguises as a boy then became a woman again for the sake of her true love. He suggested the title is As You Like It. From this statement, it was very evident that this William guy is William Shakespeare. There he goes quoting from the famous line of the comedy As You Like It – “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players“.

Romeo x Juliet
The master himself, William Shakespeare

At a rose garden, Romeo and Hermione were seen walking together as she asked him if he is feeling well. As he said he is fine, she was relieved and she said the garden is one of her favourite place. Romeo then noticed an iris flower. At the same time, Juliet who is in a dress asked Cordelia where irises bloom. Cordelia refused to tell her at first but Juliet revealed to Cordelia that the man had kindly said to her that she scented of iris. She thought that she won’t be able to meet him again and she insisted on getting those flowers. Cordelia told her the place. Coincidently the place where Juliet went also visited by Romeo. And thus the two met again. Juliet called out Romeo’s name but Romeo did not know her name. Finally she told him her name as Juliet as he wanted to call her by her name. Oh what a romantic scene yet again. Romeo said Juliet is a beautiful name. A bell rang from faraway and this signaled Juliet to go back home as she was about to celebrate her birthday today. Romeo tried to find a present for her (on the spot, as if) but finally decided to give her an iris flower. He knelt down to give her that flower. Talk about a romantic gentleman. Romeo asked her if they can meet again and of course, Juliet was happy to agree with it.

Romeo x Juliet
“We meet again… let’s make out”

At home she gathered with everyone with the iris flower on the table. Antonio was surprised to know that Odin is actually a girl named Juliet. Poor boy. He was the only one there who did not know her secret. The birthday was a simple affair. As promised that everything will be revealed to Juliet on her 16th birthday, she was brought to a graveyard. Conrad explained to her that the graveyard is the burial place for the House of Capulet and all their kins. The House of Capulet governed Neo Verona before Montague succeed power. He said that the head of the family, Lord Capulet was murdered by Montague together with the rest of the family fourteen years ago. Conrad then told her the ultimate truth – Lord Capulet is Juliet’s father. Juliet is the sole survivor from the House of Capulet. Then several men came forward. These people appeared to be loyalist to the Capulet. They all bowed down and proclaimed to her, “Your Highness, Juliet Giulietta Arthur Capulet“.

Romeo x Juliet
Juliet was shocked of the truth… and she did not make out with Romeo yet

So far, Romeo x Juliet posed stark similarity to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Neo Verona is roughly translated as New Verona and based on Shakespeare’s rendition, Verona is the place where Romeo and Juliet Lived in. Juliet does belong to the Capulet family both in this anime and the play. Same goes to Romeo who is Montague’s son. From how the story developed so far, this will be a fight for the Capulet to reclaim power from Montague. Obviously this will make up a forbidden love between Romeo and Juliet, exactly the way portrayed in the original play. The remaining question is whether the story ends the same way or not. I hope for the latter – this is a fairy tale for me anyway. All fairy tales must have a good ending. From the looks of it, I might be following up with this anime.

2 Responses to “Romeo x Juliet (preview)”

  1. 5 June 2007 at 6:28 am

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  2. 2 Does it matter?
    29 November 2009 at 9:47 pm

    Ok, 1st of all, that scene was NOT cheesy when they both asked what love meant! They were young, Romeo did not know love, his mother left, and his father was a koo-koo, hence, he has never felt love before. Juliet, felt a love of thanks, she felt love of justice, but, never
    the love of lust. She never knew what REAL love was.
    Just saying… even though this was posted in 2007 by the looks of things.

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