Kaze no Stigma (preview)

This preview is made based on the first two episodes of this series. The follow-up episodic review however is decided. It’s an absolute no for me.

This could be a good anime, if it was produced five years ago. Undeniable it has a cool name for its title – Kaze no Stigma or Wind Stigma. But the story did not impressed me. The start was okay for me but that impression stopped when the opening song began. OMG! The song is as though from the 90s or beyond. I think there are better songs from the 90s than this one. Even the ending song sucked. However I reminded myself not to judge the anime simply based on the song. For instance, Fate/stay Night had a lousy opening song but it turned out to be good anime. So I kept on watching. It didn’t took me long to feel like bailing out from watching further. Here’s the deal. Lots of the action scenes are repetitive, which kind of reminds you of Sailormoon. What’s more the drawings lack details. Most of the drawing are plain simple. The character design is not bad though, even the animation is standard quality (expected from Gonzo). Just the so-called action scenes tend to be the same and plain. Not to mention that they talk a lot of crap before fighting for several moments. It felt like forever for them to initiate a fight. I could die from boredom just watching this anime.

Kaze no Stigma
Kaze no Stigma

So the story begins with Kannagi Ayano defeated a youma (evil spirit) with the mythical sword that uses fire magic called Enraiha. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing a lot of Enhaira in episodes to come. After the battle, she met up with her friends. Guess what the friends said?

“Good job, Ayano-chan! How was it?”

“It’s fine. The monster is creepy looking but it was easy.”

“Hey lets go karaoke like always!” At this point, I went like WTF?! There are no secrets of her defeating monsters I suppose. But to go to karaoke as always, you mean that hitting the KTV after successfully defeating a monster? Cut the joke please! This was not the reason why I hated this anime though. Move on to another guy – Yagami Kazuma. He arrived at a house to meet his client. There he also met an acquaintance, Yuuki Shinji. Kazuma’s previously belonged to the Kannagi family but was expelled after failed to succeed a magical test. The deal was that his family has ability to control fire magic. Kazuma however failed to control those powers. His father was obviously disappointed with Kazuma and disowned him. Read me – the father is an arrogant jerk. That’s a weak excuse to hate your own son. Come on, be reasonable. I dislike his attitude absolutely.

Kaze no Stigma
Kannagi Ayano using her Enhaira. You’ll be seeing this a lot.

Kaze no Stigma
Kazuma’s father, Kannagi Genma is so hateful!

Anyway the client asked Kazuma to get rid of an evil spirit from his house. Shinji interrupted and requested to do the job instead. He failed. Kazuma did not wanted to help but the client offer a higher price. Only then he accepted the task. With his great wind magic, he easily defeated the youma. Back to Ayano, she was rushing back home because it was way past her curfew. The Kannagi family is a strict family that possess strong fire magic to protect the city. Ah! This answers the nonsense conversation earlier. On the way she met her younger brother, Ren. This is not her brother by blood though. Ren came from another head family of Kannagi, which indirectly made him her brother. A cousin you can say. Ren informed Ayano about the return of his real brother, Kazuma. Ayano insulted Kazuma instead, saying that she defeated him easily in the Ceremony of Inheritance for the Enhaira. By then the Kannagi family was informed about Kazuma’s homecoming. They were discussing about Kazuma who became a powerful wind mage despite being a failure in using fire magic.

Kaze no Stigma
“I look cool with the wind blowing my hair.”

Kaze no Stigma
Yagami Kazuma or formerly known as Kannagi Kazuma.

Later that night, Yuuki and two other members of the Wind Fang clan were murdered. By the way, the Wind Fang clan served the Kannagi for generations. Call it as loyal servant for the Kannagi. They were quick to suspect Kazuma and decided to pursue him. So they sent Yuuki Shingo and Oogami Takeya. However Ayano sneaked her way to follow them as she decided to fight Kazuma personally. She was arrogant enough to think that she is able to defeat Kazuma so easy as before. Franky at that moment, her powers are nothing compared to Kazuma’s. At a construction site, Kazuma faced off with Shingo and Takeya. Ayano however was trapped in an unknown wind magic barrier. Shingo and Takey were defeat indefinitely, not by Kazuma but another unknown player. Ayano who escaped her way out using Enhaira (again) and blamed Kazuma for injuring them. Kazuma ignored her and left the scene.

Kaze no Stigma
He is so dead.

The second episode is surprisingly simple. Kazuma’s father, Kannagi Genma was raged by Kazuma’s action and decided to fight Kazuma himself. They fought but the sheer power of Kazuma’s wind spirit technique had easily defeated Genma who was in his ultimate form. For a brief moment, his father somehow was proud of him for being able to defeat him. Geez! Only now he felt like welcoming his son whom he chased out years ago. Then Ren met up with Kazuma at a hotel. He also informed Ayano about it. This gave her the chance to meet him. In the hotel, Ren asked his brother whether he had become a Contractor. Oh my gosh! A gimmick from Darker Than Black? No way! The Contractor here receives power from the Lord of Spirit and also the blessings of the spirits that belongs to the Lord of Spirit, allowing endless powers for the bearer. This explains how the Kannagi family had the power because the first generation of Kannagi became a Contractor by receiving the powers from the Fire Spirit. Ren also persuaded Kazuma to return to the Kannagi family but he refused. He denied to hold grudges against the Kannagi but he will fight if they decided to retaliate against him.

Kaze no Stigma
Kannagi Ren, enough said.

Kaze no Stigma
Ayano can be so hateful at times.

Moments later, an unknown force cut the hotel and destroyed it. Ayano who had just arrived at the hotel, shielded herself with her Enhaira (yet again). Somehow she is too dependent on the Enhaira and quite often being used as an escape rope. Kazuma flew with his brother to safety. He then confronted a man (the man looked similar to Kazuma) and literally blow at him. I mean used his wind magic to fight. However amidst the chaos, Ren was kidnapped by another man. Kazuma tried to chase the other man but was stopped by the first guy. He then suddenly disappeared. Kazuma decided to pursue them to rescue Ren.

Kaze no Stigma
Gone with the wind.

I’m having doubts whether I should watch the next episode but from the preview, Kazuma explained his situation to the Kannagi which would probably mean that he is trying to clear his name. However I was constantly reminded about the repetitive nature of the story and its lousy fighting scenes. Did I mentioned earlier that the background music is also as bad as the opening and ending song? Indeed it sucked. This anime only has wonderful displays of fire and wind. Aside that, nothing much attracted me to watch this. My final verdict will be a big NO to follow up with this anime.

3 Responses to “Kaze no Stigma (preview)”

  1. 5 October 2007 at 4:44 am

    Very Good!~
    motto roxx ^^
    motto sugoi ^^
    motto kakkoi ^^
    motto kirei ^^
    motto kawaii ^^

    This is a Perfect ^^

    Kissu ***

    Mata Nee ~

  2. 2 Tony
    24 March 2012 at 2:59 pm

    What harsh criticism!

    Kazuma is a rare and cool MC. I agree the anime is mediocre but Kazuma makes it worth watching.

  3. 3 kaze
    22 June 2013 at 11:24 pm

    That was my favorite anime!!! I totally dislike your post sorry!!!

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