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Lately (in case you didn’t notice), this blog is slowly turning into an anime blog. What the foot??? (blame Kenny Sia for this) I don’t mind doing anime reviews and all. I love enjoy watching anime. I might reach the peak of otakuness sooner or later but not for now. However the real purpose of this blog which goes by the title, Life’s Never Normal is my expression of thoughts in any issue that suddenly popped out in my brain. If you ever meet me, you’ll see my head with a big hole to it, thanks to the explosion of ideas that never seemed to stop. I need to stop this nonsense. And of course, there are times I feel like letting out all my emotions (thus being emo). So converting my blogging ideals into a blog dedicated to anime would leave me stray away from my real purpose of blogging. I love blogging nowadays. No doubts on that. So reach out to me, give me your thoughts about this issue. What I am trying to say is I need a second opinion whether I should make this blog as anime blog or start off another project on anime blogs. I’m all ears. But one matter to consider is the frequency of update for maintain update. Anime blog can be difficult in terms of update because I need to watch the episode, make screen caps and upload those, then researched a bit on the anime (to validate certain information), make a synopsis and repeat the same steps to another episode of another anime. Sounds tough but I enjoy doing it. All that I ever hope for is a decent internet connection. Period.I’ve just done watching a Hong Kong movie. Surprise, surprise. I don’t usually entertain myself with movies from Hong Kong. But the critics were good. So why bother? I just have a go to it. The movie that I watched is Protege directed by Derek Yee. And what do you know? It is kind of good. The start got me clueless but I got the real deal minutes later. Yes, this is another typical theme for Hong Kong movies – undercover cop in a crime organisation and lots of betrayal going on. To the least, I enjoyed my time watching this. Review? Hold it there, no review on this one. Not this time. Too lazy and not inspired. Besides I saved up more reviews on other unwatched anime (which brings up the issue mentioned earlier).Today is the last day for me in Kelantan before heading back home the next day. The countdown commenced. Anxiety rushed in. Excitement inevitable. Miri, here I come! Now off to my anime reviews.

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Welcome to Bokutachi no Blog. That's "Our Blog" in Japanese. Our Anime Blog, to be exact. And if you landed to this page by accident, probably in search for ecchi stuff, then you should regret to have hit this page. Don't worry, this blog is children-safe and no misdemeanor acts here. Sorry, you bald, middle-aged perverts. But thanks for the hit anyway.

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