Going Home

I am three and a half hours due to my flight out from Kota Baharu to Kuala Lumpur and stopover for about three hours before taking another flight to Miri. I have trouble sleeping, so I kept myself company with hours worth of Monster. It is a nice great story. I really recommend you to watch it. Anyway I’ll be leaving campus an hour for now. I know I’m leaving way too early but it’s better to keep myself away from this place as soon as possible. I’ll try to keep posting whenever I have a chance in KLIA later on. Wireless internet had been installed a few months ago in KLIA. That’s good news to me. If there is anything interesting going there, I’ll be posting soon. So adieu for now!And of course, adieu Kelantan. Hope to not see this place again See you again in two months time.

Updates:11.00 a.m.: Just arrived at KLIA. Actually I’ve just reached Delifrance for a plate of lasagna. I’m taking an early lunch because I am so freaking hungry. Anyway I’ve just hooked the phone with my father. He asked me to buy lots and lots of buns, Gardenia buns. I don’t mind buying buns but I do mind the ridiculous amounts that my dad asked me to. Buns are relatively lighter than my own laptop bag. Buy lots of them is not an issue. But what the heck does he wants the huge amounts of it? Is he conducting experiments on those buns? Probably tackle the ingredients they used for those buns. Beats me. On the scene with me now is another ridiculously large number of Indian tourists arrived at the airport. It’s as though the whole family is flying all the way to somewhere (probably India) to attend a wedding. On one side, they would just probably a bunch of tourists in a tour group.Backlogs (duh!):1:25p.m.: I checked in earlier after strolling around the main terminal for awhile. So after my brunch, I gave a go to buy those buns, lots of them. I guess I was not feeling satisfied by my current scenario. Thankfully I having enough buying power. I pampered myself with a new toy – a Sony earphone H.EAR series. That should ease the pain a little. In case you didn’t notice, this is a backlog. Why? Isn’t that KLIA is WiFi covered? Hohoho… I proof you wrong. Okay, there is free WiFi here but the waiting area where I am at is not covered. Heck! It did not bother much though. I still got several episodes of anime to watch. I haven’t reviewed my first impression on Claymore yet. That one will come very soon.1.45 p.m.: Forgot to mention this earlier. I’ve just noticed that KLIA has opened the other runway. Meaning to say that both runways are used to the fullest and the bad traffic that KLIA experienced before has been greatly reduced. Well about time. I guess the MAHB (Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad by the way) had a sudden boost to their IQ, thanks to Enfagrow! Another thing is that I was mistaken that my flight is a direct flight. I was so wrong. I had to stop over Kuching before heading back home. This is one long trip back home. Damn!1.50 p.m.: When I saw one hot leng lui, I was reminded that I met one good looking air stewardess, which rare to see in MAS domestic fleets. I begin to enjoy MAS lesser known services now – eye candies! Oops! Better stop this backlog. Time to board the plane.4.01 p.m.: I’ve just Kuching International Airport. Next stop Miri. Despite undergone upgrading, stil find the airport below international standard. The terminal itself is modern and well-designed. However the runway and certain lots of the terminal are an eyesore. Anyway I was relieved to see the Coffee Bean in the airport. And I tell you, it has the best view facing the runway. Very cool. Howeverr I must critise the barista though. She was slow and the coffee she made sucked. Imagine those coffee residues that did not dissolve in an iced mocha. Eww… What’s more is the Coffee Bean has no WiFi! The horror! And more backlogs)6.15 p.m.: I’m home! Finally! And I’m very tired. Will be posting next time very soon.

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