Romeo x Juliet (Episode 5)

This episode will probably serves a good lesson to Juliet. It might be unfair to Juliet but she needs to face the facts of her reckless actions especially being the sole survivor of the Capulet family. She needs to understand her situation that she is hunted by Montague and she will lead the remaining loyalist of the Capulet House to fight against Montague. Not only that the Red Whirlwind had bring further trouble to the commoners as Montague is growing desperate to capture the Red Whirlwind. What is unfair to me is that is she is madly in love with Romeo but it is a forbidden love as Romeo is Montague’s son. At least they managed to get some private moments together.

So Romeo was stunned to see Juliet whom he thought as Odin earlier – and she is lying under him. Cielo intruded that moment and Romeo snapped back to his consent, gotten embarrassed and moved away from her to attend to Cielo. Juliet put back into her Odin costume and offered Romeo her cloak as to replace his burnt shirt earlier. Romeo wanted to ask why the heck is Juliet in boy’s clothing but Juliet refrained him to ask her that. Back at Juliet’s home, everyone was worried for Juliet for not knowing her whereabouts. Being the princess and the head of the Capulet House, they needed to make sure that she is safe. At the iris field, Juliet apologized to Romeo for burning his shirt but he said that it is okay. Romeo asked her if he will ever meet her again and she hummed yes. Then both of them parted ways. At the town, Cordelia was walking down a street and noticed a middle aged lady begged for food from a shop owner. The shop owner however refused her plea. Cordelia asked about the problem. Montague has ordered a food ration in order to apprehend the Red Whirlwind. Suddenly three soldiers came and they announced that the person who gives information about the Red Whirlwind will be given some food rations from the stockpile.

Romeo x Juliet
Romeo was not turned on by Juliet’s sex appeal

Romeo x Juliet
The folks back home are worried sick for Juliet’s absence

Back at the theater house where Conrad and the others stay, Conrad was furious about the imposed martial law and the food ration. Not only that, those who are suspected to the Red Whirlwind are captured immediately. With this, Conrad told Cordelia and Antonio not to reveal this to Juliet. Juliet who rushed back home was found by William and he asked her about the date (or so called). Though she denied it (Juliet is Odin at this part), William claimed to have heard her throbbing heart but then he did not pressed further and wished her a splendid love. Surprising enough, Juliet who had just arrived was not scolded by Conrad. In Juliet’s room while Cordelia was combing Juliet’s hair, Juliet told her intention to sew a shirt. Cordelia was curious about her sudden intention and Juliet told her that the shirt is for “him” and “him” refers to Romeo of course. And yet again, it was surprising enough that Cordelia allow her (without objections for her love for Romeo who is a noble man) and told her to sew a handkerchief instead of a shirt as it is easier. She added that she should embroider his initials onto it. Now to Romeo, he was wondering why Juliet dressed up as a boy. Then he began to link her as the Red Whirlwind but he pushed that idea away as he thought that someone as pretty as her won’t be the Red Whirlwind.

Romeo x Juliet
“I’ll promise I’ll be quiet and keep it a secret”

Romeo x Juliet
The Three Stooges

At the town, the food ration has taken a toll to the people as they grew desperate for food. Random people were blindly accused as the Red Whirlwind just so as the informants are able to get extra food ration. Lancelot saw this but he did not blame the man but having Montague responsible for it. Back at the theater house, Curio was wondering abut Juliet’s whereabouts and Cordelia told him not to worry as she won’t be going out as always. Instead Juliet was absorbed to her new found passion for knittiing (more to embroidering to me). Curio was surprised that Juliet is interested in those kind of things. Away from the carefree mood at Juliet’s residence, suspects of the Red Whirlwind were gathered at the town square and are locked up in a cage. Lancelot who was there overheard a conversation among the soldiers. He found out that the friar was affiliating with Lord Cerimon and the soldiers.

Romeo x Juliet
“Somebody save me!”

While Romeo and Benvolio were flying over Neo Verona, Romeo sensed a strange mood in the city. Benvolio told him about the martial imposed by the Duke to capture the Red Whirlwind. Romeo tried to take things into his hands but he was stopped by Benvolio and asked him to endure it until his time to reign the throne. Another interesting thing point here because Benvolio’s thoughts are the same as what I have suggested earlier from the previous review. At the church, the friar was caught up by Lancelot. He barged to the friar and accused him of betraying the townspeople. But the friar just laughed at his as all of them are commoners and they don’t have the power to oppose the Duke. They were all doing it in order to survive as that is what human nature is. So they all have obey to the rulers. Lancelot was frustrated by this fact and left the church. At the town square where the prisoners were held, Lancelot spotted Curio and Francisco. He approached them and asked for the man who sheltered and raised the iris. Later during sunset, Conrad met with him at a bridge and questioned Lancelot why he knew that the iris has not withered. Lancelot simply believed in it and hope for its return. He asked if the Red Whirlwind is the remnants of the iris and Conrad admitted to it and said to have protected her for the past 14 years. With the iris being referred to Juliet, it was known that Juliet is the Red Whirlwind. Conrad was planning to reveal this to him and thanked him. Lancelot then made his leave and asked Curio to tell the Red Whirlwind to take care. Francisco wondered if Lancelot is planning something.

Romeo x Juliet
That nice priest turns out to be an evil jerk

Romeo x Juliet
Juliet may be good in kicking ass but not so good at needlepoint

Juliet had just finished her embroidery when Antonio came knocking to her door. Antonio told her that Conrad had met with Lancelot. Juliet then faced Conrad and asked him what is going on. Conrad refused to tell her. So Juliet and Antonio went out and was caught by Cordelia but she decided to follow them. At Lancelot’s house, he was looking over his sleeping children. His wife came to him and wondered how long will the uproar to be over. He then suggested for them to move away from the city to give room for the children to grow. He then asked her to sleep. Juliet was running when she noticed a fire at the town square and decided to go there. She was horrified to see the prisoners as the guards began to pour oil under the wooden cage. The soldiers are planning to burn them to death. Antonio revealed to her that the prisoners are arrested on the suspicion of being the Red Whirlwind. Juliet tried to this but Curio and Francisco came out and asked her to quit her intention as they are outnumbered. Well Juliet being herself on her path to righteousness insisted to give a fight. She tried to run past them but Curio gave a swift yet hard smack to her. Curio was cruel enough to say this to her – Juliet was to indulgent with her love to a nobleman and forgot about the town and yet only when the mood strikes, she decided to save them. He added that this is not the princess whom they protected. Francisco in his usual softer tone told Juliet that they have sacrificed a lot to save the future of the nation by protecting her. However it was unbearable for Juliet to see and hear the plea from the people at the town square. Again being stubborn and insistent, she still wants to save them but Lancelot appeared and stopped her. He told her that this is not the place for her to wager her life and to give Neo Verona a future. Juliet began to notice his intents but Lancelot then ran away. Lancelot changed to the Red Whirlwind costume and jumped onto the wooden cage with all the guards waiting for him.

Romeo x Juliet
Neo Verona’s night club scene, fires are included

Romeo x Juliet
Juliet has been a naughty girl

Romeo x Juliet
Lancelot trying to be the Red Whirlwind

I must say the scripts for this episode is much better. However this story this time tends to get boring in the beginning. However an unexpected turn of events at the event really spiced things up. In fact the episode this time themed on the sacrifice made for Juliet as the remaining survivor of the Capulet family and to lead to a better future for Neo Verona. I can’t really tell how will the story goes from this point on as the story is set to a roller coaster now.

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