Death Note Episode 31: Transfer

I am very late for my Death Note. Usually I give Death Note reviews on weekend but this time, due to unforseen circumstances and of course, my trip to Kota Kinabalu, I delayed this review for quite awhile now. What’s worse this is a backlog (urgh!) but rest assured, I have delivered.

Watching the episode number and the progress of the story, I was constantly reminded of close is the end for the best anime ever – Death Note. Believe me or not, I am writing this review while watching American Idol. About that one, I will blog it later. As for the episode this time, this has been another good one when Mikami is introduced. If you have read the manga, you will know how significant this character is to this story.And he is so cool – kind of reminds me of Yagami Light in some way. Despite being a good episode, I still go for the episode 28 as my favourite for this second arc of the story. Kudos to Madhouse, from animation to the drawing details, it is top notch quality – not surprising from Madhouse.

The episode begins with Mello just arrived at Tokyo airport while watching the live report from Demegawa who is leading a riot to the SPK headquarters. Light called to Near, suggesting him to retreat in a cynical tone. Actually they look comical in this conversation. Near’s suspicion on the second L as Kira grew even more but Light denied it as a false accusation. Near pressed on the team to the possibility that Kira is among them. Aizawa began to suspect on Light again as being Kira since L had also made the same accusation before. Back to the riot, it is gotten from wild to out of control. Near commented on them as useless and greedy. A member of SPK persuaded Near to withdraw immediately. Then Near decided to use the remaining inheritance of L and the SPK to carry out what appears to be Plan B for them. Outside in the chaotic crowd, money (and I’m referring to American dollar here) are flying all over the place. Light was shocked and not happy about this. With the crowd out of control and even Demegawa shifted his attention to the money, a shot of Near was impossible

Death Note
The crowd goes crazy for the money

Death Note
Even Demegawa is greedy

Then the police squad began to move out from the building to maintain order to the situation. It turned out that the SPK agents including Near disguised themselves in the police uniform. Very smart indeed. It was impossible for Light to give out an order to stop the police squad, otherwise it will raise suspicion of him as Kira especially Aizawa. So in the end Near and the rest of the SPK escaped. Came nightfall in the aftermath of the riot and Near contacted Light and the rest of the Japanese police. Near kept on persuaded the members of the investigation team to call him if any of them have any doubt on Kira among them. And of course this refers to Light. So Light stood up to it and allowed cooperation with SPK and stated his dissatisfaction to the situation. Of course he is not satisfied, his innocence is hanging by a thread. Aizawa was still thinking about his doubts on Light. Then came her daughter. She’s grown up a lot, probably in her middle high school. But I’m surprised that Aizawa had brought his whole family to Los Angeles. Later Light was also had his mind occupied, thinking about his next move. Then he decided to use his final option. He sent an email to Misa, giving out an instruction to her.

Death Note
Light has that WTF look on his face

Death Note
Near needs an extra hand to make a call

Finally Aizawa contacted Near. Meanwhile Misa was happy that she can live her life as a wife for Light. Back to Aizawa, he told Near that L put two suspects into confinement for two weeks and to prove their innocence, L also asked Souchirou to pretend to kill the two. Near asked Aizawa if one of them volunteered to confinement and Aizawa said yes. Then Near got edgy and asked the identity of the suspect. Aizawa refrained to tell Near that the two suspects are Light and Kira, saying that he still works for the Japanese police under L. So with that much of information, they ended the call. After the call, Near came to a conclusion that Souchirou is the father of the suspect with the statement “I will shoot Kira, then myself”, which finally pointed to Yagami Light. Near was more than happy with the revelation.

Later Aizawa confessed to Light that he had contacted Near. The whole team was surprised by this. Light assured them not to worry about it. Aizawa was frank enough to say that he wanted to make sure that Light is not Kira (by saying this would mean that he suspected Light as Kira. Thus he wanted to put Light and Misa under surveillance. He wanted to search their home to look for the notebook. At the door of Light’s apartment, Mogi and Aizawa surprised to see Misa in her sexy housemaid outfit (more to appealing that is). Aizawa gave an excuse that an explosive is suspected to be set in Light’s house to allow them to search the whole place. With stark confidence, Light did not care for Aizawa to search his house as the notebook is not there. Meanwhile at the Japanese police headquarters, Matsuda clocked in to watch Kira’s Kingdom. Demewaga on live TV pledged for donations for the completion of a shrine for Kira – Kira’s Kingdom. Light was obviously disgusted by this. Back to Light’s place, Aizawa and Mogi failed to find the notebook. He then ordered Mogi to go back while he stayed to watch over Misa. But Misa insisted to have Mogi since Aizawa had his hair cute and no longer looking cute. Some comic relief here.

Death Note
Aizawa and Mogi

Death Note
Misa is one desperate housewife

Now to the sickening Kira’s Kingdom, the team agreed that it was scam, working under the profits of Demegawa alone. Honestly I want him to drop dead at that time. Talk about good timing, a man was seen to write the names of the people of the Kira’s Kingdom in the death note. With shinigami eyes, it was all too easy for him. Finally it was Demegawa’s turn to die. Upon seeing this execution on live TV, Aizawa and the rest of the team was utterly shocked by this unexpected turns of events. Aizawa began to rethink of his doubts already. It was revealed by Light that the man behind has a mutual understanding of Kira’s thoughts and ideas with similar ideal, making him the perfect substitute for Kira. The plan was Misa to give up her ownership of the notebook so that she lost memory of the death note and send the notebook to someone else. This someone is from Light’s search from TV, choosing among the people who spoke about Kira and worship Kira. This man goes by the name Mikami Teru.

Death Note
Die, Demegawa! Die!

Death Note
Mikami Teru

Sparks of moe flame is in the house, ladies and gentlemen. Mikami Teru has arrived. For me, he is the coolest guy to ever hold the death note. The story will gain more interest by how will Light and Mikami will cooperate with each other along the way. However Mikami’s introduction to this story gave me a grim reminder – Death Note will be over soon. The next episode won’t be so great under my speculation but the next big one will the episode that will follow after it. I just can’t wait for it!

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