Death Note Episode 32: Selection

Last week, I had expected that this week’s episode would be boring. Little that I knew I was wrong. I never thought it would be so exciting. In fact the moe factor of this episode is of course Mikami Teru. But what I want to point out is fresh background music that seemed stylish and perfectly suited for the reigning Kira – Mikami Teru. Counting down to only 5 more episodes, Death Note would probably ends with a bang.

Death Note
Killing by Death Note was never colourful and flashy as this one

So the episode started of with Mikami Teru executing the people of Kira’s Kingdom. Mikami is introduced as a boy with strong sense of justice, differentiating good from evil better than any average adult Japanese. However he had seen a lot of unhappiness in his life and faced death many times. On a normal day, he woke up through his morning routine. Inside the train, he saw a boy bullied by his friends. He pointed out that the truth he discovered since he was small that the world is either judged as evil or on the side of justice. In junior high school, he was the class representative and aimed for high goals for the class. But of course there are always people who oppose him. Whenever there is someone bullied in his class, little Mikami was there to help although he ended up being ragged in the end. Nevertheless he felt appreciated and happy when people thanked him for his deeds. This made me wanted to help people even more and his efforts paid off. In the end, he had strong support from his classmates.

Death Note
The young Mikami Teru

Back inside the train, he laid his hand on the shoulder of the bullies and the bullies stopped. Another reminiscence of his past, he learned that the truth that he believed was only true in his childhood. His fight against evil made more enemies to him. Even the victims became his enemies and the witnesses sided on his enemies. Then he began to think that justice alone is not enough to fight evil. To eliminate evil was also considered as an option for him. The only person who stood by his belief was his mother. However one day, his mother told him to stop from all those fighting against evil and that made him looked like an idiot. He still believed that his mother was wrong and she no longer on the side of justice. Then on a fateful day, the bullies died in an accident due to reckless driving and this claimed another life of a passerby – his mother. All at once, the people whom he wished to eliminate were dead. He was convinced that the elimination made some people happy. He was not wrong about it. The entire class were at peace when the bullies were gone. That had firmed his belief that all evil deeds must be punished. Yet no matter where he is, evil still exists.

Death Note
Mikami had wardrobe malfunction with his Superman costume – and got bullied

Then came the day when he realized that the people whom he wished to eliminate were ended up dead. Either it be a coincidence or that he is special, he noticed that someone was passing judgment to all those people. With that purpose, Mikami Teru became a prosecutor. As he read a newspaper headline, he knew that God had descended and that God is watching him as he stood up against evil. He knew of this because he made efforts and time to go to place where God possibly watching him. It was evident enough when he received the Death Note as a testament of God’s approval for him by giving him the power to pass judgment to evil. This God he refers to is Kira. That is about all into Mikami’s insight of justice. Really, I knew thought that this introductory would be exciting. What follows next is even more exciting.

Death Note

At the Japanese police, Light was thinking over the killing of Demegawa by Mikami even without his instruction. But that leaves him with no spokesperson for Kira. Light was in a bind to not to make any moves and Mikami noticed this. Mikami decided on the new representative for Kira. The outcome is surprising. The new spokesperson is Takada Kiyomi, Light’s ex-girlfriend from university who now is a reporter for NHN network. Mogi realized that Kiyomi’s former relationship with Light and informed Aizawa about it. However Light justified Mikami’s decision as not bad altogether despite the arousing suspicion from the investigation team. With both Light and Kiyomi knowing each other, it is an advantage for Light to have her on his side. Meanwhile Mikami recalled Kiyomi as a person who detest evil and a strong supporter of Kira, making her a perfect spokesperson for Kira. back to the Japanese police, Aizawa was thinking about Takada Kiyomi as the new spokesperson of Kira and that would be reckless for Light if he is Kira. Yet he has not send any message to her, rendering Light’s innocence. Light then suggested to involved Kiyomi into their investigation on the grounds that Kiyomi was his ex-girlfriend. The move he had considered best as Kira is using her to deliver his message. He also have her phone number anyway. But to have her cooperation to catch Kira is difficult because Kiyomi is a supporter of Kira. Knowing the facts that the police has aligned to Kira, Light uses the advantage of him being a police to ask instructions from Kira on what the police should do.

Death Note
When Mikami meets Kiyomi

Death Note
Light calls Kiyomi to have a date

Light contacted Kiyomi to meet up in a hotel. Kiyomi agreed but wondered that if it is alright to him as he is now living together with Amane Misa. He replied that Misa lacked the intelligence to be his partner. Meanwhile at Light’s place, Misa in her usual antics and complimented Mogi for his good cooking and his runs for errands in the house. She wanted this to be kept a secret from Light as she wants Light to trust her, though too much trust does not seem to be normal. Mello was listening the conversation from the bug installed in Light’s house and was in disbelief by Near’s suspicion for Misa as the second Kira upon hearing this stupid conversation from Misa. Now shifting to Mikami, he began to feel relentless as Kira is yet to contact but to do so, Kira needs to use Takada first. In the news broadcast by Kiyomi, Mikami acting as Kira had already considering to pass judgment to lazy people. I know sloth is one of the deadly sins (according to the Christian law) but to have the act of sloth for death penalty is too ridiculous. This made Light to go weary of Mikami’s haste decisions and is desperate to contact him.

Death Note
Perverts get to see Light and Kiyomi making out

The investigation team had wired the hotel room in which Light and Kiyomi will meet. And the plan proceeded. Kiyomi came to room and the atmosphere has become needlessly romantic. This is new as this is the first time that such romantic mood is portrayed in Death Note. It was short-lived though but it was intense. Kiyomi suddenly got a call from Kira. Mikami to be exact. Kiyomi told Kira of her position now – to meet a friend in private. Mikami deduced this and wanted to talk to this friend of hers. Mikami asked him who he is, Light then talked nonsense about 26 November and five pages. It was a clear hint to Mikami that he is talking to Kira – the God he worshiped. He asked if Light is under surveillance. Light casually replied yes. Light asked Mikami is he truly is the real Kira. Mikami understood this and killed someone from Sakura TV as an evidence of him being Kira and rendering Light’s innocence. This also gave Light the opportunity to force the team to uninstall all the bugs inside the room. Now with all the bugs uninstalled, it was safe enough for Light to make his move as Kira. He confessed to Kiyomi that he is Kira. He then warned Mikami not to ask Kiyomi for his identity. Kiyomi was overwhelmed with joy to hear this. After the meeting, Light contacted the police team and decided to act as Kiyomi’s boyfriend on that point onwards to pursue Kira.

Death Note
“Turn off all those hidden cameras and let us have sex in private!”

Death Note
The scene that follows next is not shown for discretion

Death Note
Mikami is crazy and too excited to meet his God Kira – starting to kill everyone

Frankly speaking, the real feature of this episode is the meeting of Light and Kiyomi. Light managed to tackle surveillance technology once again as he did before with L in episode 8. Not only that, he was able to verify himself as Kira to Mikami without the team noticing it. But above all these was the brief romance at the meeting. The mood was certainly there. Then it all came to me. To be in Light’s position is definitely difficult. Only a genius as himself able to take both position as Kira in the shadow of the team that fight against Kira. On another note, the script for this episode is exceptional though at certain points it was repetitive. And as predicted, braced yourself for another exciting episode next week as Light will soon challenges Near head on as he did with L.

1 Response to “Death Note Episode 32: Selection”

  1. 1 Michael
    8 September 2009 at 6:27 pm

    Thanks for this. I finally understand why they uninstalled the bugs as the fansub I watched didn’t translate the note that Light made for the team to see.
    “Let us have sex in private”..


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