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Darker Than Black (Episode 11)

Finally the final episode of Death Note. Review coming up soon and this follows by with Devil May Cry. Hands tied up, better start typing now.

As more mysteries of the Gate and about the Contractors (also Hei’s past) about to be raveled, hopefully this would make up a great episode. I am impressed of the development of the story as the writers initiated character building and more storytelling about the mysteries revolve in this anime. This time PANDORA or Physicalqantity Physicalquantity Alternation Natural Deconstruction Organized Research Agency was in focus and sure enough, the episode this time is very promising. So this time the review would be a little too long. Possibly that I am all pumped up for the review of the final episode of Death Note. Yes, it’s the finale already and with heavy hearts, I will review it. But first, I need to settle on Darker Than Black.

Darker Than Black
Hei meets Corinna. Wait, I thought Hei likes lolis.

Hei was sitting inside the bus when a girl sitting next to him asked him if he believes in an urban legend about a person can retrieve what was lost inside the Gate, which comes with a great price. She wondered what would that price be. And I am not talking in terms of financial currency here. Hei’s silent response gave her the idea that he did not actually believes in it and she admitted that she did not believe it as well. She then introduced herself as Corinna Maku, a third year student of the Beijing University. Of course Hei introduced himself with his alias, Li Shen Shun. While at it, the rest of bus passengers were at awe at the sight in front of them. Later they too caught sight of the view outside. It was the PANDORA research centre – located at the huge wall which covers the Hell’s Gate. And the wall is big. Very big, bigger than what the passengers had expected. Later on, Hei was seen coming out from a huge machine that looks like an MRI. He was undergoing strict body checks, possibly as security measures. Security must have been tight inside the PANDORA. It was revealed that Hei was assigned to infiltrate this research centre. Mao called out the dangers of the task as the PANDORA is situated next to the Hell’s Gate and that contractors can lose control of themselves. Adding that Hei won’t be able to pass the initial security checks, Mao thought that it is an impossible task to perform. Yet the Syndicate was dead serious about it and wanted Hei to do a retrieval job inside the PANDORA centre. It was known that an explosion occurred inside the facility where two security guards were killed. The PANDORA blamed the accident to faulty wiring. However a CIA agent uncovered that the explosion was intentional rather than accidental so that a gate-extracted substance known as “meteor fragment” can be obtained. Knowing that the meteor fragment is still inside the PANDORA centre, the Syndicate wanted to have their hands on it. In order for Hei to accomplish this mission, Huang provided Hei a transparent film strip.
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Romeo x Juliet (Episode 11)

I have delivered what I have promised. Two episode reviews back to back. I need a break but that won’t come just yet. Still have Darker Than Black and Devil May Cry to cum come.

Everything about this episode is like a fairy tale. Alas the plot of Romeo x Juliet took a turn for a better as the story is reliving to its standard of making a romantic tragic tale. However in this episode, happiness and love are celebrated as these two young loves ventured out to the wild world, unknowing where it will lead them next. A notable feature here is the lighting effects that gives that fairy tale-like effect. For a second, I thought that I was watching Cinderella or Snow White or something. No spoof intended it seems.

Romeo x Juliet
Romeo and Juliet are eloping?

Romeo and Juliet were seen flying on top of Cielo. Both of them are clueless of where to go but they wanted be in a place unknown to them and where no one knows who they are. They ended at the lake house where Romeo first found out that Odin’s real identity was Juliet. Cielo flew to the surface of the lake and wet them a bit. Romeo told Juliet that he never ventured beyond the mountains seen from the lake. Juliet asked him to bring them there and when Romeo asked her if she is afraid, she said she is fine as long as they have each other. Oh my! This melts my heart, it’s so mellow. So they flew past the mountain range. When they have flew past a forest, Romeo recalled that animals of Cielo’s kind (pegasus) live freely in the forest beyond the mountain – the forest which they are passing through now. So they have decided to land to the forest below. They were amazed by the sheer wilderness of the forest. Juliet spotted wild strawberries and wanted to pluck them all. Romeo handed over the handkerchief that was made by Juliet for him to gather the strawberries. Juliet was pleasantly surprised that Romeo actually kept the handkerchief as he said that it reminds him of her. Feeling touched and high in spirits, Juliet planned to sew a shirt for Romeo next time. Romeo was not dumb in his fashion sense and was reluctant to have her sewing a shirt for him. But being a gentleman, he said he is looking forward to it – reluctantly. Only then Juliet gathered the strawberries. They tasted a few and Romeo commented the fruit as sour.
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Romeo x Juliet (Episode 10)

Let us countdown to the final episode of Death Note, shall we?

I really hoped for a good development after this episode because this one has not been really helpful, unlike episode 9 that shows their determination to delve further in their cause to fight against Montague. All I am saying is that we are back to the usual romantic scene, which is not wrong since this is a story about their love together. O Romeo, O Juliet! Grow up already. Wait a minute, they just 16. I don’t expect them to be wise enough to think of the good of others. However Portia have more prominent role this time, unveiling the truth to her son Romeo about the real history – about the Capulet and his father. For any characters to develop, I would like to see how Tybalt is doing. That guy is mysterious to me. Even Curio and Francisco have something in their sleeves.

Romeo x Juliet
Tybalt likes to date girls in the sewers.

Continuing from the previous episode, Juliet and Antonio were making an escape from the fighting to the sewers. They managed to meet up with Tybalt who was waiting for them. Juliet was reluctant to leave the rest behind but after some convincing by Tybalt and Antonio, Juliet agreed to leave with Tybalt. Antonio decided to stay with them and they parted ways. Tybalt brought Juliet to a section of the city, somewhat looks like the red-light district. Neo Verona’s version of Las Vegas. Tybalt explained to Juliet that this is where the nobles and the rich hang out at night. They checked in to a hotel as Tybalt explained further that one can gain information almost about anything with money, nobles and commoners alike. The next day, Montague received the report about the attacks made to the Capulet loyalists. When he asked for Capulet’s daughter, the man informed Montague that she was not found. So he gave an order to make a search for the girl instead. Romeo who had just arrived there, invited his father to the High Council meeting. In that session, Montague propagating of the good that he brought by overthrown the Capulet’s ruling that he claimed to be brutal. He called out the Council members that the remnants of the Capulet had caused a rebellion in Neo Verona with Juliet as their leader. The Council house was in a surprise of the news about Juliet who managed to survive. Montague proposed for a more thorough “girl hunts” with the help of the townspeople and conducting more searches. With that proposal, he asked for more funds to support the cause. However Romeo stood up and decided to take over the speech. Romeo in the other hand, called for forgiveness to the Capulet’s survivors including his daughter. Unfortunately for Romeo, no one agreed to his proposal. With that, the session was concluded. Later on Mercutio came to Romeo, cheered him up and said that it is difficult to convince elderly people such as the council members.
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The Keiyakusha Conspiracy

Globalisation. Commercialization. Marketing. Advertising. This has nothing to do with the Syndicate or the Pandora. I am not talking about the Contractors and the Gate. I am talking about the significant presence of a certain organisation of the real world, not of which found in the fictional world created in Darker Than Black. I am referring on Pizza Hut and Nifty that made obvious appearance throughout the story. The conspiracy which I call as The Keiyakusha Conspiracy.Alright, enough with those gibberish and down to business. It sounds pretty nonsense because if Pizza Hut is actually sponsoring for the animation production, there is no wrong in their action to post their logo everywhere in the story. One thing for sure, Darker Than Black is “infested” with Nifty, an unknown organisation. We all know what is Pizza Hut but I am not certain about this “Nifty”. Nonetheless I have managed to record the existence throughout the story up to episode 10. Here are some visual evidences of this:

Darker Than BlackNifty and Pizza Hut are sighted together.

Darker Than BlackFirst appearance of Nifty in episode 1.

Darker Than BlackAll the Nifty inside the train.

Darker Than BlackThis one is in episode 3.

Darker Than BlackNifty is making a big show in episode 7 and 8.

Darker Than BlackNifty. Enough said.

Darker Than BlackPizza Hut had a humble start.

Darker Than BlackAnother Pizza Hut sighted in episode 9.Also making appearance is Aniplex but it is more of a cameo rather than an outstanding presence like Nifty and Pizza Hut. You might recall this from episode 10. I think I did mention this in my review. Anyway here’s the proof.

Darker Than BlackAniplex also does elevator maintenance?


Death Note Episode 36: 1.28

There will be a delay for the review of Romeo x Juliet for this week as I have not downloaded the episode yet. However I promise to play catch up with it by next week – hopefully. Also I will have to suspend the download page as most of the links are broken. I will attend to it as soon as possible. Correction. I haven’t start my summer anime viewing yet. I was mistaken Devil May Cry as a summer anime but it is actually a spring anime title. My mistake.

As we all know, next week will be the final review for Death Note (Duh! The final episode). And it also seems that next week is an important week. Let me explain myself. Next week, I will have to act as a cameraman for a certain event. Along with this is a birthday party for my cousin that I need to attend to. It is going to be a busy week next week, adding with the reviews of two episodes of Romeo x Juliet, reviews for Darker Than Black and Devil May Cry. And of course, the final episode of Death Note, which I promise to have more screenshots and overall reviews of the outgoing series. Come to think of it, it sucks to know how will the story ends because the ending is dramatic and shocking. It is wrong to say that it is shocking since the ending should be that way. By the way, I like the title of this episode.

Death Note
Light vs. Near

In the wake of Takada’s death, many of the television stations were competing to replace her position as Kira’s spokesperson. Light was confident that nobody has suspected him for Takada’s death. Then Near called in, confirming their meeting on the 28th at 1 p.m. Matsuda and Ide were rather excited but unnoticed by them, Aizawa knew the situation too well as it is possible that everyone will die. At SPK, Near bid his team members good luck. Finally the appointed time has come. It was soaking with rain as Near informed the Japanese police that Amane has been released. Light confirmed this by calling her. Amane informed of well being inside a suite of Teito Hotel. Thankfully this idiot is out from the showdown. Otherwise she would likely spoils the mood. Light asked for Mogi for his password for the safebox that contains the notebook. The systems works by entering all the passwords kept by each members of the investigation team. Finally the last person to open the safebox was Aizawa and he took it out. Aizawa was the one responsible to carry the notebook and Light considered it as the best decision for Near’s sake. Inside the car on the way to the Yellow Box at Daikoku wharf, Light was confident of his plan to work out perfectly and to rule the world as Kira. Once arrived, Aizawa confirmed Near’s arrival and they made their way into the warehouse. Opening the door, the Japanese police team revealed themselves to the SPK members and Mogi with Near wearing a mask that looked like L. During this moment, the soundtrack was pretty intense and this craved me more to have the second OST album for Death Note.
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Devil May Cry (preview)

The first episode or pilot episode is mainly introduction. Not much details to it, so the synopsis will be brief (hopefully) and with more screenshots for viewing pleasure. Devil May Cry is my first summer anime review and hopefully another title will be added soon as I have an empty slot for the outgoing Death Note. This may be slated to Baccano, which I see great potentials to it.

Alas, the most anticipated summer spring anime for this year has finally debuts with the first episode. For those who are not familiar with Devil May Cry, I reckon them to play the game first before watching this anime. That includes myself. My experience on anime tells me that game-based animes are usually oriented on the game storyline rather than the anime itself. To truly understand the whole story, you must play the game. But why should I bother about it? Devil May Cry is a remedy for adrenaline junkies who hooked up to shounen anime and surely enough, this anime title is nothing like your usual demon-killing genre anime. Closest we get to this is Hellsing. Hellsing fans would likely love this anime in an instant but probably reject it due to the possible vague storyline. Come on, this is a game-based anime. One thing for sure, with the release of this anime, there is a window of possibilities in store for other game titles to make it to anime.

Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry

A man was seen walking to a pub and ordered a strawberry sundae. The bartender laughed at his request but this man in red got serious when he talked about a bar that take human lives for payment instead of money. A man who was playing poker nearby began to charge towards him but the man in red already had pointed a gun and shot him. The two men who were playing poker turned out to be demons. After finishing them off, he went upstairs to get the bartender. Using his huge sword, he strike to the door and killed the bartender. Just as the man was about to leave, the bartender changed into a demon but the other man was prepared for that. Saying “bingo”, he shot at the demon. This opening is one of the most intense among most animes that I have watched. And of course, seeing the man in red already requires no introduction for him. To gamers, it is noticeable that this man is Dante.
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Darker Than Black (Episode 10)

Summer anime season has begun. I kicked start my summer viewing with Devil May Cry, this year’s anticipated anime. First previews will be done soon. So far from the list of summer animes to watch, most of the anime titles did not excite me much. Only Devil May Cry made the cut. But I expect more of the good ones will come soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Pizza Hut is not the only conspirator of Darker Than Black. Even the label “Nifty” was shown throughout the story since episode 6, which Hei hunted for the body snatching Contractor. Of course, there were rip-offs. This episode witnesses McDonald food franchise being used as McDoness. In fact, this is not the first appearance made by McDoness. This fictional fast food chain was also featured in episode 3 when Hei had to deal with the newly conceived Contractor who can manipulate fire, Mai. One thing for sure, Pizza Hut was not made as a rip-off but rather that it was featured as though the company partly sponsors for the production of this anime. It seems that globalisation have made better marketing using amine. Likely in the future, we will be seeing more Pizza Hut, Nifty and McDoness in Darker Than Black.

Darker Than Black
Femme Fatale

The episode began with a flashback of Misaki’s high school life. Misaki was seen eating together with Kanami and Alice at a fast food restaurant – McDoness, hence the conspiracy. By the amount of food that Misaki was taking, Alice criticized her for loving to eat such greasy foods. The excuse Misaki gave was the same, she moves around a lot. Alice found out that Kanami was filling a career survey. She was doing it as she was not sure about her future. When they talked about Misaki, Kanami told Alice that Misaki had already decided to become a police after graduating from Tokyo University. She gave her reasoning that there are people who take advantage of others to achieve their goal to the extent of hurting them and she cannot tolerate those kind of people. Kanami called Misaki as the defender of the weak. Alice who heard about this felt uneasy about it. Back to the current scenario, Alice reloaded her gun as she tried to hunt down Misaki. Alice fired a shot and Hei gasped in surprised. Thankfully Misaki covered his mouth and asked him why was he there. Hei told her that he was ordered to bring drinks to Wang at the roof garden but found out that Wang was dead instead. Hei panicked and persuaded Misaki to do something to escape. Hei surely knows how to put up an act. I want to see the look on Misaki’s face when she found out that Hei or Li which she came to contact with is actually the notorious Black Reaper or BK201. Alice caught another and let it sting her as she continued on talking, saying that there are things that won’t disappear even after the bee stings. She hoped to end it all by tonight – her father and the triad. Wei at the same time killed another member of the triad’s group of bosses. Approaching to his last victim, the poor fellow tried to escape but the guards who were at standby outside the room turning on a deaf ear. Spilling his blood all over the last man, Wei finished him off. Back to Alice, she was grateful for Wei for working for her while on shooting frenzy. Misaki told Hei to run on her signal. Alice telling Misaki that she should died for her sake to set her free. Misaki gave an okay and both of them made a run.
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Death Note Episode 35: Murder Intent

Death is the main highlight in the closing chapters of Death Note. Pun not intended though it seems that way. Throughout the story, a lot victims have been claimed including Light’s father, Souchirou and L. Speaking of L, his real name is still not revealed until and this remains a big mystery of the story. For this week’s episode, death is indeed the main event of the story. To be exact, three deaths. Matt who was short-lived, Mello who is Light’s nemesis and Takada who serves as a tool for Light to ensure him a definite conquer as Kira. The episode this time is thrilling as ever. Closest we can get to the episode 23 and 24 because Death Note is reliving its high speed drama and the final showdown with L. This time is yet another battle with L and L is defeated once again as Mello was brought down by Kira. However the fast pace of the episode rendered the viewers clueless of some details of the story. Questions were brought up but it remains unanswered.

Death Note
Light figured everything goes according to his plan.

I must say, I really like the opening of this episode of Death Note. It is rather dramatic in that sense and possibly feeling a little at peace as the opening shows the daily activities of all the characters spanning for several days. When I referred to Memento, it is called a montage. Then a montage it is. Among the focus was being watched (by Mello), Giovanni tailing Mikami who is about to carry out the next step of Near’s plan, Mello who refuses to eat chocolate at one point (possibly by the tremendous stress of his work). As this montage continued on without dialogs, the silence was broken by Giovanni who reported of his accomplished duty as told by Near. Later Mikami scrutinized the notebook under a microscope. Then after that, Takada (Kiyomi) contacted Mikami and passed on Light’s message to him. Mikami confirmed to have received it and also mentioned “I have confirmed it.” Takada who was a little surprised, understood that message. She straightly sent a text message to Light, saying “I want to meet you again.” Actually that was an implicit message (as mentioned from the previous episode) to confirm that Mikami was “confirmed it.” It was unknown but I speculate it as that Mikami was being followed. But it could be something else. All Light needs to wait for is a call from Near for a meeting. Light was very sure to have predicted how Near will act. Meanwhile Giovanni reported in to have checked the notebook and confirmed that Mikami has written one page a day for the past three days. Other than that, Mikami has not acting suspicious. Hearing this, Near decided to commence his plans.
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