Romeo x Juliet (Episode 7)

What is so good about Romeo x Juliet is the ever consistent drawing quality, which suggested great emphasis on quality control. This is no surprise considering that Gonzo animation studio had proven to be good in those aspect. On another note, the episode this time has bring forth another level of development, specifically on the relationship of Romeo and Juliet. This story is typical of any tragic love story. Forbidden love for one another but their bond grew closer by the day. And if this ends just like any predictable love story, they will live happily ever after. Come to think of it, the main idea of the story is rather blunt and dull, though I really respect the efforts of the producers to make up a good story for their tragic love tale.

Romeo x Juliet
Tybalt is hero of the day

The appearance of the unknown man is rather shocking, not just to myself but to Juliet and the rest of the people at the scene. With some awesome maneuver, the man managed to subdue the knights. He then approached the assassin but allowed him to go free with the instruction to him to inform the Duke that Vittorio and his family are dead. Then as he was about to make his leave, he acknowledged Juliet’s identity that surprised everyone there. He revealed his name as Tybalt and left with his Pegasus. The next day while Romeo was bringing Celio for a ride, he kept on thinking of his inability to help Juliet and Benvolio. Finally they landed to the Capulet graveyard where the iris field lies. He walked around and noticed the name on the tomb was scratched off. Back to Juliet, they had found a hideout for Vittorio and his family. Vittorio thanked them and asked their reasons for their rescue. Francisco revealed to Vittorio of their intention to revive the Capulet House. He also told Vittorio that they received an information of their assassination plan from a spy. Vittorio questioned about the surviving member of the Capulet family and if Juliet is truly the one mentioned by Tybalt. Francisco allowed Juliet to reveal her true identity to Vittorio and the ousted nobleman was in a shock for the truth.

Romeo x Juliet
Vittorio and his family are safe… for now

Romeo flew to visit his mother. Her mother Portia reminded him about the Flower Festival on that day, when one gives a flower to the person they love. However Romeo shrugged the matter and asked Portia about the defaced tomb he found in a graveyard. He went to look for the family name prohibited to be inscribed on a tomb and found out only one name. And that he also met a young woman there at the graveyard and asked his mother of the name of the sole survivor from the Capulet House. Portia was hesitant to tell him but Romeo was very serious about the girl and so she revealed everything to him. Back to the hideout, the Vittorio family were told about Juliet’s identity and how Juliet survived by disguising herself as a boy. Benvolio too was in for a surprise, saying that she is the daughter of the tyrant and oppressive Duke who previously ruled Neo Verona. Francisco denied him but was not surprised by it, considering that Montague had tried to cover the real truth from the people of Neo Verona. Vittorio then revealed to his son about Montague’s true notorious nature. In the castle, a man reported to Montague about the assassination attempt that a carriage was spotted with no bodies found.

All around Neo Verona, the festive mood has made the city alive as the Flower Festival is coming on the way. Conrad and Antonio headed to the hidden safe house. Vittorio greeted Conrad as they are old friends and Juliet was surprised by this. Francisco then decided to go out as the Flower Festival has begun. With the festivity going on all around the town, Juliet and the rest were still at the safe house to help Vittorio and his family to clean up. Conrad told Vittorio that Benvolio had to live somewhere else away from them. Vittorio gave an okay to it. Speaking of Benvolio, he was still clueless about the everyday tool for home chores – the broom. Cordelia asked him to move and continue cleaning but gave up on his antics. So she told him to carry some boxes to the store room. Even that found to be a problem for Benvolio who tried to carry everything. Cordelio said that it would be easier of he carries the stuff little by little. This part with Benvolio here is funny. It clearly shows that the simple life is never meant for those accustomed to luxury and comfort. You can ask Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie about that. Meanwhile Conrad with Francisco and Curio were still baffled about Tybalt’s identity. At the theater house, Emilia and William were on a heat of an argument as Emilia decided to quit from the theater acting. The real deal was that Emilia furious about her noble partner John to bring other girls out to the Flower Festival instead of making time to spend with her alone. So she decided to drag Odin (who is Juliet) along to the festival. Back in the castle, Lady Hermione asked Romeo to go out with her later at night to watch a firework display that was expected to be more spectacular in conjunction of their recently announced engagement. She wondered if he had other plans and Romeo said no. Not waiting for his answer, she quickly assumed that he agreed to their date and asked him if he likes roses. Obviously the flower which he really like love is no other than the iris… indiscreetly Juliet.

Romeo x Juliet
Emilia wants to bring Odin to the Flower Festival

Romeo x Juliet
While Lady Hermione asks Romeo for a date

In the jovial crowd during the Flower Festival, Emilia and Juliet (or Odin for this scenario) were there enjoying their time. In the midst of the festivity, there are several guards on standby. This annoyed Emilia but Juliet settled her down. Among the crowd, Juliet spotted a person who looked like Romeo from the back but to her misfortune, it was not him. Oh what a cliche! So typical of this story. While Juliet was occupied for awhile, Emilia had already found a date for herself. She sure knows how to get a guy. So she allowed Odin to go back as there was no need for her him to accompany her any longer. But this leaves Juliet all alone for the event. Now pay attention to the coming details as things are spicing up. Somewhere in the festival, Romeo was strolling around and stumbled to an irises flower booth. Meanwhile Juliet pondered on an iris held on her hand. She accidentally dropped it to the ground down below (as she was at a balcony). Romeo who was also there picked up the fallen iris and gazed above to the balcony, reliving the infamous scene of the original Romeo and Juliet. Oh yes, Romeo with a flower at his hand looking up to Juliet at a balcony. Lovely indeed. But to my disappointment, it was so typical as this part of story is expected to ravel soon and I certainly did expect this to happen somewhere along the line. What about to happen next may be touching to some but yet it was appalling to the extent of feeling no thrill at all. Why? The same reason as before – predictable. The story goes as what had been expected. Still it does not hurt to feel a little touched and mellow about it.

Romeo x Juliet
It’s always good to have a hot hunk by your side

Romeo x Juliet
Juliet wonders if her flower business is good enough

Romeo x Juliet
Well Romeo is buying it

Romeo saw Juliet and possibly by the fear of facing him, Juliet ran away. Romeo gave her a chase. This part of the story I call running (a line taken from The Pursuit of Happyness). They ran and ran until dark. Just when Juliet thought she had chased off Romeo and stopped to catch her breath, Romeo was being insistent and was not giving up on her had finally reached to her. So while this scene was playing on, the opening song Inori ~You Raise Me Up~ was playing on the background. Corny isn’t it? Juliet tried to run again but Romeo grabbed hold of her hand to stop her. Pulling her to his side and her wig fell off to let out of her lustrous hair (if it was appropriate of me to say it). With Juliet in Romeo’s warm embrace, he kissed her. Add the song here… and to the scene where Lady Hermione feeling rejected as she watched the fireworks all alone… and back to both of them kissing. The song continued on. Then Romeo returned the flower to Juliet. With the fireworks on the backdrop, they watched it together on the beautiful night. Seriously with this review, I am revved up to write a love story myself. And it also makes me wonder if they will show the making out scene in the coming episode. Come on, of course they will make out sooner or later right? This is Romeo and Juliet we’re talking about here.

Romeo x Juliet
The marathon begins!

Romeo x Juliet
I got you babe…

Romeo x Juliet
Romeo learns mouth-to-mouth breathing with Juliet

Romeo x Juliet
“Romeo dumped me… sob, sob…”

Romeo x Juliet
That two-timer Romeo is dating Juliet while engaged to Hermione

So the story delved further the way as many has expected. I wondered why people liked this anime title. I enjoyed some romance of the story along with its thrilling actions but the story is all too typical. Don’t people get bored by this? If you ask me why I still watch this, I can simply answer on my curiosity of how the Capulet House to rise against Montague. Some questions had been answered already as an unsuspected ally came to their aid earlier in this episode. The love scene is also something to look forward to but the story is just too predictable, making it so dull and boring. What I hope of the producers are some unexpected twist of events that put viewers like me back to the edge of the seat. Another thing is the opening song also dubbed for the insert song for this episode while Romeo is chasing Juliet. I have to say this, the song sucks – I don’t like it. It’s like another rip-off for a rip-off story. So come on producers, surprise me.


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  1. 1 yooy
    3 April 2009 at 5:31 pm

    can you say me the name of the flower by Juliet and Romeo??

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