Darker Than Black (Episode 13)

It is a little tougher to get new episodes of Darker Than Black as this anime had been licensed. It is too soon but it had been done. This is why fewer fansubs are taking their chances to sub this series. Nonetheless there are people willing to sub this anime and I appreciate their efforts.

This is my favourite episode of the series yet. It is about time for the writers to delve into the emotional aspects of the character in order to keep the story alive. Otherwise it will just any plain story with lots of killing and screaming. In retrospect, the episode this time is focusing on Yin’s past background. Yin is the lesser known character of the story and to shed light into the character seems to work out as a worthwhile risk to ensure the viewers excited. And it surely works. Unlike the writers previous attempts on Hei’s past, it was all bland and leaves the viewers disappointed although I reckon that the writers were trying to put only glimpses into Hei’s history. Nonetheless that episode is yet to come and for now, the story of Yin will keep us entertained for awhile.

Darker Than Black
Kirshi’s mother

The story begins at a cottage with a girl playing the piano with the guidance of her instructor. This girl named Kirshi, looked similar to Yin. Putting that aside, her instructor told her to give more feeling to her music in order to build up a shape. Though Kirshi said to know how to differentiate shape and feeling, her instructor pointed out that by forming a shape, feeling can be projected. Her mother said that she is not old enough to understand, though Kirshi blared out to her mother that she is not a kid. Then she asked her instructor if the night is on full moon. He acknowledged it and Kirshi said even if she cannot see, she can feel the light. Yes, Kirshi is blind. This could also concludes that Yin is blind as well. For now, we can only speculate. To the present moment, Yin was seen standing alone at an alley. Meanwhile Mao and Hei received information from Huang about another party trying to infiltrate the Syndicate.

Darker Than Black

At the observatory centre, Kanami inspected the mediums. Noticing anomalies to one of the mediums, Kanami told her subordinate to increase the natrium (sodium) levels although the monitors are indicating normal values. Kanami explained that readings should not be depended solely as the mediums’ mind and body are delicate things – just like humans do. As her subordinate checked on the medium, she noticed that the lips were moving. Although mediums do not dream, Kanami simply said that they may be having a calm dream. Suddenly Kanami received a report of a change in the observation ghosts’ movement. The pattern showed as though they were lured to a specific location. Meanwhile a fat lady was under a bridge when a man drove to reach to her. Seeing a dead body nearby, he reminded her that they were hired to investigate their targets, not to kill them. Then they noticed the incoming observation ghosts. The man used his Contractor ability to suck the ghost – and that is one cool ability with nice visual effects. Back to the observatory centre, the alarm went off as the ghosts are moving radically towards the location as though the ghosts were being captured. Placing the stars activity into perspective, CY-463 was found to be active. Kanami wondered if it is the Contractor who can capture observation ghosts.

Darker Than Black
The Contractor who can absorb observation ghosts, CY-463.

Back to the Contractor, the man complained about his conscious was linked with one of the ghosts momentarily and it was not a pleasant feeling. Then he noticed another ghost on the water and began to suck out that ghost. At the same time, Yin jerked as her ghost began to be absorbed by the Contractor before losing her consciousness. The man confirmed to link with one of their targets. This was appropriate considering that Yin works under the Syndicate as being targeted by those two. The next day, Kurosawa Gai (yes, he is back… unfortunately… and I fear that this won’t be his last) received a visit from a new client. Pointing to Yin in a picture of a tobacco shop (he sure has keen eyes, even though that picture is from a travel magazine), the man turned out to be Kirshi’s piano instructor, Aries Kastinen. And of course, Gai being awkward and comical, he tried some English himself (well he is trying to communicate with a gaijin anyway). Meanwhile inside a hotel room, the Contractor who can absorb observation ghosts was seen writing in his notebook. The fat lady came and asked of their next move though the man told her not to be hasty. He explained that with such attack last night would render the doll acting like sleepwalking – which probably explains Yin behaviour after this. She then asked for cigarette as she needs them for her remuneration. Reading the notebook, the lady came to knowledge that the poem written by the man was his remuneration as well. At the same time, Hei and his team were chaotic about Yin’s disappearance. Huang added that someone from the Syndicate was murdered and they feared that Yin was abducted in that event. Then Huang told them that dolls are dispensable.

Darker Than Black
Aries Kastinen – Kirshi’s piano instructor

Darker Than Black
The comical duo are back with less expected annoyance.

Darker Than Black
Didn’t we all ever seen this scene from Bourne Identity?

At the city, Yin began to wander around aimlessly while Mao checked into the empty tobacco shop. Surprised to see Gai and Kiko coming to the shop, he hid himself away. As soon as they arrived, Kiko decided to make a leave as she promised to meet up with her friend. Meanwhile Yin heard a piano playing nearby at the open air auditorium. Yin began to reminiscence of her past with a flashback of her playing the piano. When Aries dropped his penlight, he began to search in the dark as Kirshi’s mother wanted to turn on the light. Kirshi stopped her mother, saying that she likes the moonlight. Tsukiakari. Kiko who was passing with her friend, saw Yin and bring her along to a cafe. Kiko intended to use Yin for cosplay but when she received a call and her friend went to get coffee, she left Yin alone for awhile. Kiko who got a call from Gai, gave him directions to the cafe but Yin began to walk away. Kiko tried to follow but was stopped by her friend who did not intend to pay the bill herself.

Darker Than Black
Yin is smiling. That’s cute.

Darker Than Black
Mao did not want to miss the action.

Yin walked her way to a construction yard when the male Contractor showed up. He began to call out for Yin but she began to run away. As the man tried to chase her, he was stopped by Mao and Hei. However the fat lady began to use her ability of amplifying sound towards Hei. The whole construction structure collapsed and Hei took cover of Yin. He told her to run away. Then Gai arrived with Aries. Back to the Contractors, the fat lady began to eat the cigarettes rather than taking puffs of it. She told the man that she did not swallow them and it was for her remuneration. Back to Gai’s office, Aries want to have Yin hidden as he fears for her safety after being chased by someone. Gai gotten all curious but Aries could not give him any answer. Aries was willing to pay more, so Gai agreed to his terms. Kiko suggest Onsen (Japanese hot spring) as a hideout. That night Huang was furious to Hei and Mao for letting the Contractors and Yin away. He wanted Yin to be killed. Mao suggested otherwise as he considered that it was the enemies’ plan to split them apart. Yet Huang never considered them (the Contractors) as comrades. Hei couldn’t bother less about it as he said that Contractors are not cowards as Huang is. Huang blared out to Hei, saying that he do not know the real terror of the Syndicate and pointed again to have Yin killed. Inside the train the next day, Aries asked Kirshi (Yin’s real name) to come back home but she refused to do so.

Darker Than Black
She’s no diva but she can punch up a tenor.

Darker Than Black
“Oh no! The fat lady sings!”

Darker Than Black
“Hei, you’re going too fast.”

Darker Than Black
Latest in quit smoking therapy – cigarette candy.

One thing at a time now. First, I like the ability of the male Contractor to absorb the ghost. Partly because of the mesmerizing visual effects. Second, there are more than enough reasons to love the ending theme, Tsukiakari. Sure enough we know that this song is specially dedicated for Yin. That is just too lovely. Third, knowing that Yin is a doll, it is hardly we ever to see her smile. And we did see that finally, in this episode. Although the smile was a make-up one, she certainly looked cute. Well this is no loli fetish, she really do looked cute. Fourth, as much as we love Yin, we will share the same hatred towards Huang. He is just another insolent coward who could only care all about himself. I only wish for the writers to cut him off from the show – not before showing some of his history. Fifth, we all know that when a doll is created, the previous host is usually dead. In other words, Kirshi is already dead and only having Yin left as the doll. Sad but true. We can only wait for the coming episode to know. Well I am late with my review as the latest episode released is episode 15. Not to worry, the review for episode 14 will come shortly in the coming week and hopefully, I can catch up once again.

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