Romeo x Juliet (Episode 14)

I know that I am running late with my reviews lately but I vowed to keep up with more updates soon. It was fortunate for me to have an extra day for my weekend and this allows me more free time to spare – at least some time to do my reviews. I have a couple of new anime titles to work on, in which I will give my verdict and of course, Darker Than Black episodes 15 and 16. Putting those aside, Romeo x Juliet is surprisingly improved its plot as it begins with a new chapter. Not much for Juliet this time but Romeo is facing new obstacles ahead of him and more truth unknown to him would be revealed. I can’t say this could be my favourite episode in the series but it is definitely one of the good ones that makes you wanted to see more of this story. As we all know, Romeo and Juliet is having quite a persistent relationship and no one is able to stop them. It is good to know that bloodshed is not necessary to make up for a good story all the time.

Romeo x Juliet
Juliet got girl power!

Romeo x Juliet
Naughty Willy

The episode begins with a short recap as narrated by William. Juliet and the rest were preparing to move location to Mantua where William’s mother Lady Ariel owns a house there. It appears Cordelia is staying behind with Benvolio. Meanwhile Romeo arrived at the Gradisca mines as he was sent there by the authority of his father. Earlier Montague scolded Romeo for letting Juliet go although Romeo claimed to do it for the sake of his love for her. His father ridiculed him as he wanted her dead. So Montague ordered Romeo to be in charge of the Gradisca mines and not to return until he managed to double its output. Romeo was then introduced to the workers of mine as their new boss and he gave a speech, urging them to work hard together. However no one seems to care about him – this gave quite a shock to Romeo for the first time. The mine supervisor Paolo advised Romeo to have a rest but Romeo insisted to visit around the mine. Paolo explained to Romeo that the mine workers are actually criminals who had been outcasts of Neo Verona as of to pay for their crime. Then Romeo noticed a weak fellow among the workers. The guy was ill-treated by the nearby officer and Romeo wanted to lend the poor fellow a hand. However he was stopped by Paolo as he said that the mine has its own way to deal such matter.

Romeo x Juliet
Gradisca mine

Romeo x Juliet
“I am Darth Montague!”

Romeo x Juliet
“Please vote for me for the next presidential election.”

Romeo x Juliet
“We all look scary, ain’t it?”

Later that night, Romeo decided to check on the workers’ dinner and argued about about the small amount of food they received despite of their hard work. Paolo simply answered for the lack of fundings. Romeo then noticed the weak fellow whom he saw earlier getting extorted by the other workers. Romeo tried to help but gotten elbowed instead. The workers were surprised to know that it was Romeo and yet Romeo pardoned them. Despite of being nice, Romeo got a cold response from the guy. So not all people like a nice guy like Romeo. Later Romeo was offered to take shower but he refused it, saying that the water there is precious. Also he offered himself to work in the mines. Back to Juliet and her entourages, Francisco asked Juliet to forget about Romeo. However Juliet’s answer was stern – she is committed to be with Romeo and recalled their vows to live together in life and death. That’s so sweet. The next day, Romeo began working as a common miner with the rest of the workers. Work is tough as Romeo would always exhausted himself at the end of the day. One day, several pieces of woods began to fall down towards the weak fellow whom Romeo met earlier and Romeo once again came to his rescue. And yet again, the guy was not appreciative for Romeo and told him to leave him alone. What a bad ass attitude! He criticized Romeo for trying to look good in front of the Duke. He added that the Duke threw him to Gradisca after he had offended him. Romeo accepted the remark in defeat but when the guy whose name is Petruchio talked bad about Romeo’s mother, Romeo was raged by those words. Petruchio then told him to go back to Neo Verona but Romeo was resolved on accepting his fate and not to run away from it.

Romeo x Juliet
Knockout for Romeo

Romeo x Juliet
“Too can do labour work.”

Romeo x Juliet
And now Romeo learns how to pick a fight.

Days had passed and Romeo had been working equally hard with the mine workers. Finally he was approached by Petruchio who then apologized for what he had said to him before. Soon after the two became close to each other. Later on, Petruchio revealed his intentions to return to Neo Verona someday and Romeo gave his support. One day, Romeo went to the dining hall to join Petrucho but he could not find him. One of the workers informed him that Petruchio was placed in the quarantine house as he was caught ill. They continued to explain of the harsh living condition in Gradisca and is no place for weak people to live. Weak people like Petruchio. Romeo rushed over to the quarantine house to check on Petruchio. Seeing Petruchio in a bad shape, Romeo demanded Paolo to send a doctor over to check on Petruchio. He later rejoined Petruchio by his bedside. He promised Petruchio to bring him back to Neo Verona to meet his siblings and his mother. Sadly Petruchio told him that his mother was already dead and only have his sister and brother left behind in the city. The next morning, Romeo found out that Petruchio is already dead. One of the workers named Giovanni who came by saw this as well. After burying Petruchio, Giovanni revealed that Petruchio was sent over to Gradisca for a petty crime of stealing bread. He compared the stark reality of the extravagant life of the nobles with the hardship of the commoner. Upon hearing this, Romeo let out a loud cry.

Romeo x Juliet
“No! Don’t go towards the light.”

Romeo x Juliet
“Hehehe… I taking a sick leave so I won’t need to work.”

Romeo x Juliet
Petruchio is dead. Dead.

What seems to be a recap episode in the beginning, the writers made a smart choice to not go for such lengthy details about the events from the previous episodes – recap. Instead another story is introduced and to my relief, it was a good one. For once, we are not going to look into the love life of Romeo and Juliet but to Romeo (we didn’t get to see much of Romeo in the beginning anyway) when he was about to encounter the little known story of Neo Verona. It may be personal to some extend but sure enough this will be an eye-opener to Romeo who is willing to against his own father. Though I doubt he wished for his father’s death since Romeo is such a nice guy, I bet he felt upset and probably disappointed by his father Montague who ruled Neo Verona with such pain and suffering. As far as the story goes, Romeo x Juliet is getting better by the episode.

5 Responses to “Romeo x Juliet (Episode 14)”

  1. 26 July 2007 at 2:08 pm

    Did you watch Honey and Clover? 😀

  2. 2 Brian
    26 July 2007 at 5:07 pm

    Yeah, I do. In fact, I’m a big fan of Honey & Clover. Hagu is so cute… and Mayama is so cool… Anyways I hope you have already watched the anime – both season 1 and 2. Currently I’m watching School Days and it kind of reminds me of Honey and Clover. A bit.

  3. 26 July 2007 at 6:12 pm

    No i haven’t! I wanted to though. I’m on Chobits at the moment. 😀

  4. 4 Brian
    26 July 2007 at 6:36 pm

    owh! chobits. chobits is good. it’s very cute (and a little touching anime to watch). but Honey and Clover will give teary eyes. trust me on that. or maybe i am just too emotional.

    if you’re watching chobits, i bet you like to watch cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa chronicle/chronicle of the wing.

  5. 27 July 2007 at 2:39 pm

    Thanks for the tips!

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