School Days (Preview)

Ah! The high school life. All those puppy love that is all too innocent. Oh yeah! All too familiar scene of boy meets girl. But it won’t be something like Romeo x Juliet. Definitely no. School Days centralized on the nostalgic life of the high school years although from what I observe, the setting seems to be actually a middle school, not high school. From the surface, the scenario introduced here is a typical love triangle when a boy likes a girl and the two gotten together with a help of another girl. The girl who brought them together is actually in love with the boy and yet the boy is too ignorant to notice it. From what I can interpret from this is that the boy is one lucky SOB! Two cute girls are willing to get laid with him and yet he was so clueless with the other and felt awkward with the other instead. Well I am not encouraging the guys to be two-timers but to advise them to stay loyal and stick to your committed partner instead, all that I am saying is that the scenario of the story is similar to something that we are all familiar with.

School Days
School Days

The opening scene begins in a school where a male high student named Itou Makoto checked out his name on the class list distribution and that is when she noticed a cute looking girl who shares the same train ride to school with him. All this while of getting to know something about her (just those petty stuff), he began to have a crush on her. Yet he never tried to talk to her. That is when he took a picture of the girl he admired – Katsura Kotonoha, using his mobile phone. The belief about this mobile phone charm is that if you keep a picture of someone you like as the wallpaper inside your mobile without anyone knowing it, your love will come true. Now, now, if only Neo Verona uses mobiles, then Romeo should keep one for Juliet so eventually they will together. Back to the story, Makoto was casting doubt about this mobile charm and wanted to delete the picture already. Not until someone (this someone is a girl anyway) saw the picture inside his mobile. Not only he was caught in the belief for this mobile charm (which is kind of cute and innocent, if you know what I mean), his secret crush was know to that girl as well. This girl is actually Saionji Sekai, Makoto’s classmate who sits next to him in class.

School Days
The first encounter

School Days
They meet again…

Later, Makoto warned Sekai to not to tell anyone about his crush. After the class, Makoto was confronted by his friend Taisuke. He said that Makoto is getting along with Sekai – a popular girl in the school. Although Makoto denied the allegation, Taisuke still considered him lucky to get close with a cute girl like Sekai. Then Sekai came and brought Makoto to the rooftop to have a talk. She informed him that she is becoming a friend of Kotonoha while showing a picture of herself with Kotonoha during gym class. Then she began to feed him with what she knows about his crush. However Makoto was raged for the fear of Sekai to tell someone about his secret crush that he pushed her over to the railing of the roof. She assured him that she did not tell anyone about it yet. Letting her go, Sekai offered help to Makoto with his unrequited love and Matoko accepted it.

School Days
“And your penis is only this big!”

School Days
“Ain’t she’s the cutest thing?”

School Days
“Let’s make love. Now!”

The next day, Makoto and Sekai were exchanging notes and she came to tell him that she invited Kotonoha over to have lunch together. However Makoto told Sekai that he was not ready to meet her yet. Sekai persuaded him again, saying that Kotonoha has someone she is interested in. But knowing that Kotonoha has nobody else with, Makoto was satisfied to know just that. Sigh! Luckily Sekai forced him to come over to the rooftop to meet her. Over the rooftop, they have introduced each other then later they exchanged their lunch boxes. Both of Sekai and Makoto tried the sandwich that Kotonoha made – they were not prepared for what is about to come. The food Kotonoha made was not palatable and Makoto was right to figure that it was her first time to attempt on preparing a meal. Trying to be nice, Makoto chowed down all the sandwiches that she made. After almost choked on those sandwiches, Kotonoha wiped Makoto’s mouth and bot of them gotten embarassed. Sekai took that chance to leave those two alone. Makoto acted awkward in front of Kotonoha but he explained that he is usually calmer than he is now. Later that night, Makoto called Sekai to thank her for the favour that she did. Then he told Sekai to come clean with Kotonoha and confesses his feeling for her.

School Days
“Let’s eat first. We need energy for an orgy.”

School Days
“I can’t wait. I’m eating as fast as I can.”

School Days
“Sucker! No sex. But phone sex will do for now.”

Next morning when they met each other at the same train, Makoto made his move. During the gym class later, Kotonoha informed Sekai that Makoto had made a confession to her and she had accepted his feelings. She also revealed that the person whom she was interested in is actually Makoto. She was happy for the mutual love that they are having and thanked Sekai for introducing him to her. After the class, Sekai met with Makoto at the train station. Figured that he was waiting for Kotonoha, she informed him that she will be running late for some committee work. Makoto questioned Sekai for her help to match him up with Kotonoha and she explained that it was fun. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Makoto felt like he owed her one and was determined to pay her back. He said that he was willing to do anything to return her a favour and all of the sudden while the train just arrived, she leaned towards him and kissed him. Before he could respond to it, she quickly ran into the train and wished him luck. However once the door was closed, she began to cry.

School Days
“But you promised to do it now!”

School Days
“Now how about this?”*Kiss*

School Days
“Yuck! His breath is so disgusting.”

Throughout the story, I was able to predict of the development – the story is just too predictable. And the familiar scenario that I have mentioned earlier is actually a hentai game. Yes, eroge! This story is somehow inspired by a certain adult game (you know, those love match-making games). Not so inspiring for a great plot after all. However unlike a game, you won’t get to decide the fate of the main character of the story – Itou Makoto. Despite of this, the all-too-innocent love story is so mellow to the extend of that the story is good to watch. Although I said that it is good to watch, it is not worth reviewing. Definitely because of the predictable plots and probably excessive *ahem* erotic scene that is to come in the story. All I want to be sure is that to make this blog safe for children.

3 Responses to “School Days (Preview)”

  1. 3 August 2007 at 7:35 am

    cool. nice rev here man. can’t wait for your rev on ep 5! thanks!

  2. 2 Brian
    3 August 2007 at 2:52 pm

    Sorry man. There won’t be a review for the consequential episode. I think I made that statement here:

    “Although I said that it is good to watch, it is not worth reviewing.”

    But anyway, thanks for comment.

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