Darker Than Black (Episode 15)

This will mark the 100th post of my blog in WordPress. After nearly 10,000 hits later, this accidental anime blog of mine is receiving quite a support especially in recent days. I extend my gratitude for the readers’ support and hopefully with your help, I can improve better. Now what should I do to celebrate this? Thinking of cheese cake already.

The subtitled version of episode 15 which I have is not so good, leaving out some untranslated lines. Nonetheless this did not hindered me from reviewing. For starters, a whole different story begins to unfold – hinting the disappearance of the Gate in Tokyo. This disappearance will also cause the nearby area to disappear as well. With the involvement of another organisation and also the CIA and MI-6, the developing crisis is brewing quite a chaos. This particular development of the story really gotten me more interested with the story. Although much of the mysteries in the story including Hei’s past are relatively unknown, the writers kept on feeding curiosity to viewers with this revelation. What’s more, Amber is finally being introduced. Her significance is to the extend of revealing about Hei’s past and also the Syndicate that she used to work with. And finally the MI-6 agents returned. Among the featured characters, I like November and his team the most and this episode is living up to my expectation. Let’s just hope that they won’t be bringing back Gai and Kiko into the story.

Darker Than Black
“Do you want to taste this body of mine?”

April left the host club, feeling rather disappointed with the hosts who accompanied her. Outside she saw a blond girl (Amber) with a young boy who has mismatch-coloured eyes. She rushed to get to chase her but the two left by taxi. At the same time, she called November 11 to confirm the target as February. Taking another taxi, she tried to follow them but the taxi exploded along with her inside. What an explosive start! Later on, November reached the hospital where April was treated. Fortunately April survived and is in a stable condition. Later they went to the rooftop of the hospital (July is there as well) as his superior began to query November about the incident. November still have the matter investigated and then his superior explained that Amber was a double agent who feeds information about the Gate to the organisation she served for. Due to this, the UK lost its advantage to do researches on Contractors. However what his superior is concerned about is February’s appearance that coincides with the Great Dark Spot cycle. So capturing her will be November’s top priority for now. At the observatory of the Astronomy Division, Kanami explained about the Great Dark Spot as a phenomenon taking place every several years and is the largest class of sunspot. The astronomers are still clueless about the Great Dark Spot but Kanami was certain that five years ago, the same phenomenon occurred and the Gate in South America vanished.

Darker Than Black
Try to guess the chance for anyone to survive this.

Darker Than Black
Well April barely survived it.

Meanwhile the boy with Amber earlier was trying to reach for his necklace charm that was stuck on a tree. By luck, Hei was there and grabbed it for the boy. Hei offered these words to him: “May this protect your smile forever.” The boy gotten confused by this but then thanked Hei and introduced himself as Maki. Obviously Hei introduced himself as Li Shen Shun. Hei asked him how did the charm went up to the tree but Maki kept quiet and thanked him instead. Then he ran away. Heading towards the opposite direction, Hei reached the scene where the explosion occurred earlier. There he met up with Mao and Huang. Mao informed Hei that the explosion has something to do with the meteor fragment. Hei went inside the car and asked Huang who was the culprit. Huang told him about the victim as an MI-6 agent codenamed April and ordered Hei to retrieve the meteor fragment. He also suggested that PANDORA is also involved. Maki came to a place that seems to be an abandoned bar and a man named Amagiri waiting inside questioned Maki for going back to the scene. He mentioned about getting back his charm and about Hei whom he had met. He told Amagiri that he was nice to him and it felt weird for him. However Amagiri returned to their agenda to resume their operation. Maki asked for Amber but Amagiri told him that she was looking for the last key. At the same time, Amber came out from the train station and bought herself an umbrella.

Darker Than Black
Maki got one green eye and one red eye.

Darker Than Black
Look! It’s Nifty and Pizza Hut.

Darker Than Black

Back at the Astronomy Division, Kanami and her subordinate were talking about the Great Dark Spot. Just when she was about to mention about the Stargazer’s connection to the phenomenon, she was called to return to the observation room immediately. To her surprise and also the rest of the researchers, the Stargazer began to speak. Meanwhile in the city, a floor of a high-rise building which houses the Tokyo branch of MI-6 exploded. With such delicate conflict began to progress, Misaki and Hourai (her superior) received information about the explosion and that a CIA agent was also involved. Suddenly it became a diplomatic confrontation. They were on their way to have a meeting woth the Foreign Affairs Department chief but was surprised to see the PANDORA chief Eric Nishijima instead. Eric informed them that a certain material from the Gate was stolen recently and although CIA was involved, there was another organisation intervened and got the material. The CIA speculated that it was the MI-6. Misaki assumed that the CIA blew up the MI-6 office in order to get back the material. Suddenly another explosion was overheard from afar. This time, it was the CIA office. The whole crazy matter just went berserk. Nearby the scene, Mao thought of the MI-6 retaliating against the CIA but Huang figured that another organisation is involved.

Darker Than Black
The Stargazer speaks.

Darker Than Black
Tokyo suddenly became a terrorist hotspot.

Darker Than Black
Gai and Kiko made their cameo.

At the same time, November was on the phone asking about the bombing. The information was still pending and he was ordered to continue on pursuing February. Just about when November tried to drive off with his car (and with July inside), he faced off with Hei as Hei demanded the meteor fragment back. However November didn’t know anything about it and yet welcomed the chance to go against Hei again. Then he asked Hei about February who shares the codename Amber but Hei too was not able to provide him any answer. November considered the possibility that Amber had also betrayed the organisation Hei’s working for. Hei gotten emotional and warned November to stay out from the matter as he wanted to deal with her by himself. November sped on his car while Hei leap over it and jumped off the building. November called in to his operation centre and he was informed that the Chinese Ministry of National Security has gotten involved as well (could this be the Syndicate? because Hei’s alias is a Chinese name?). Hei quickly took off his suit and dressed up as Li while November hit the street and rushed his way to the Chinese embassy. Hei chased after them. At the embassy, the bombings began and he tried to get close to the exploding embassy. Fortunately he managed to stop before hitting another explosion. Once the smoke has cleared, November noticed a boy at the scene who matches April’s description – Maki. Before going after him, he left a note to July to contact the referred person in case of an emergency. Likely this person is Misaki. November confronted Maki and he began to ask him about Amber. Maki refused to tell him anything. Using the water from the gushing broken pipe, November froze Maki’s legs and rendered him immobile. It turns out that Maki is also a Contractor as he used his power to explode the area around November.

Darker Than Black
November wanted to race in WRC.

Darker Than Black
Hei should have joined the Olympic team.

Darker Than Black
November covered July from a blast. Ah, such brotherly love.

Darker Than Black
This is basically a trail of disaster.

Darker Than Black
“KABOOM! You’re dead.”

Once again to the chaotic Astronomy Division, Kanami gave out orders to her subordinates. She then said that this was the second time she heard the Stargazer speaks. The first time was when the Great Dark Spot appeared five years ago and a part of the South America disappeared. Eerily, the Stargazer also mentioned the beginning of the end. Meanwhile Hei was still racing and then a flashback. Amber borrowed Hei’s knife to slice a bread and she suggested to him to run away to somewhere far away with him and Pai. Handing over a necklace charm – the same one owned by Maki, Amber said those same words: “May this protect your smile forever.” Somehow Amber looked older in this flashback. Back to the present, Amber arrived at the tobacco shop where Yin is. Then the day starts to rain.

Darker Than Black
Amber, when she was err…. younger.

Darker Than Black
Amber meets Yin.

Suddenly I am lost in the chronological order of the story. At the end of the episode, Hei had a flashback about Amber and Amber looks a lot hotter older compared to how she looks now. Is Amber a loli or a lady of 30 going 13? Putting that aside, we all know about the new opening and ending theme. Hopefully once I got the songs, I’ll have it available for download on this blog soon. Besides the theme songs, I noticed more new BGM from Yoko Kanno. I’m not really sure about the anime OST for Darker Than Black but I noticed those new tunes and it was pleasing to the ear, kind of reminds you of her earlier works for Cowboy Bebop. Overall I was happy to know that the writers are still able to put up a good story, especially after making the touching story of Yin. Another alarming thing from this episode is the aggressive appearance of Pizza Hut throughout this episode. Apparently more is yet to come.

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