Darker Than Black (Episode 16)

As the story progresses, the contractors featured for each coming episodes are getting better (obviously) and some are with cool powers. Maki for instance has the ability to explode any object which he had touched. And of course there is Amber. Also the involvement of yet another organisation (apart of the intelligence agencies and the Syndicate) spiced up the plot. Somehow the episodic plot is all too apparent and it seems to me that the story has finally shown some light to the uncertainties. I can’t really predict the story but I do might be able to figure out how will the story goes from now on. The issue here is whether the story will keep me interested with the series or will it wilt out from the limelight? For now, I am impressed of the writers to be able to keep the viewers entertained even after the touchy (personal) episodes 13 and 14 featured on Yin.

Darker Than Black
The highly sought-after treasure – the meteor fragment.

The recent development at the Astronomy Division when the Stargazer began to speak has hinted the possible incident of the South American Gate disappearance to repeat itself in Tokyo and this pushed the authorities from various departments to take action, including imposing night curfews. Meanwhile Yin woke up to find herself with on Amber’s lap with Amber holding the meteor fragment. Mao and Hei inspected the tobacco shop where Yin was, only to find her missing. Hei found a letter from Amber and read it. He quickly scrambled off after reading the letter’s contents but Huang came in time to pick him up. At the same time, Kanami informed Misaki about what had happened inside the Astronomy Division even though she was not authorized to do so. Also she had speculated that the recent bombings are retaliating accords of the intelligence agencies involved, though Misaki suspected something else. While on her way, she spotted July walking alone. Approaching him, July told her that November asked him to see her in case of an emergency. Misaki gotten worried about November and asked him to take her there as he had put his comrade on his line. Misaki was startled of how July referred November as his comrade (friend, whichever nakama would be translated. Back to Hei inside the car, Mao asked Hei about Amber. Suddenly he responded to Huang instead, telling him to stop the car.

Darker Than Black
“Tonight, you’re coming with me.”

Darker Than Black
How November survived a bomb attack.

Inside the abandoned bar, Amagiri brought Maki a cup of hot milk that he needed for his remuneration. Then November who was held captive also requested for a cigarette. However Amagiri refused him, saying that he is a skilled contractor as he was able to counter Maki’s explosion earlier. Finally November had showed his cool stuff – his true nature as an excellent contractor. Yet November insisted to take a puff but he was being lectured about the dangers of smoking by Amagiri instead. But of course, November was fully aware of the health hazards. As if he had a choice, he needed it to fulfill his contract anyway. Amagiri responded to his curiosity of a contractor not completing his/her remuneration, speculating if they really do melt like butter. Luckily for November, Amagiri was just fooling around and he was intended to get a pack of cigarettes for him. Maki who was still studying the Japanese vocabulary, was praised by November for juggling study and bombing buildings. In a cold tone, Maki said words are meaningless. Yet he was inspired by Amber’s teachings about the real significance of words. In fact, he was so devoted to Amber that he was willing to do anything for her including destroying the city. Creepy and even creepier if he is a stalker. Meanwhile Hei stopped inside an abandoned warehouse as Huang conveyed his intention to stop him from seeing Amber – a directive from the Syndicate. Hei was stubborn to listen and made a run for it. Huang shot him at the leg and stooped Hei from his tracks. Now things are getting complicated as we are seeing actual internal conflict here. Yet Hei was persistent and began to run to the side to grab hold a metal wire. Using that, he moved the crane to come crashing to the car and Huang fell to the metal beam. Having the wire as the conductor to the metal beam, Hei electrocuted Huang. Freshly baked.

Darker Than Black
November got himself all tied up.

Darker Than Black
Hot drinks are hard to swallow for a remuneration.

Back to November, Maki asked him why he served the humans. He considered the contractors (including himself) as a superior being and with their powers, they can lead the world. November wondered if this is too one of Amber’s teachings but Maki denied it, saying that Amber would not say such things. However he knew that Amber is trying to cause the same thing that happened in South America 5 years ago though he was not clear of the motive. Amagiri began to propagate his organisation the Evening Primrose and invited November to join them. Suddenly November began to laugh as he recalled to have said similar words to a contractor before (Hei) although he responded to resist and attack him. Amagiri asked him if he is just like the contractor but November said he has the pride as a contractor. And yet his answer is no. A ghost suddenly appeared on the glass ashtray and November took cover when the SWAT team began to move in. Surprisingly Amagiri and Maki did not offer much resistance. Misaki rushed to November to release him and asked him about the two. November tagged them as the perpetrator of the series of bombings recently. Although they were surrounded, Amagiri and Maki still maintained their cool while Maki began to use his ability to blow some stuff around. They took that chance to escape as more explosions followed through.

Darker Than Black
“Hey Hei!”

Once making their escape, Maki wanted to know where Amber is. Amagiri told him that she was looking for the final key but Maki pressed on as he wondered if she was meeting some else more important than he is. Suddenly I think that Maki is gotten a little too obsessed about Amber already. Instead Amagiri ordered him to go to the second meeting place. Meanwhile Amber was talking about how a guy ever truly smiled at him and she thinks Yin feels the same way as well. The person she was talking about turns out to be Hei. Speaking of Hei, he was walking limply and ran into Maki. Maki was surprised to see him but then realised that he is Hei as referred by Amber. Then he came to realise about his true feelings for Hei – envy. Using some pebbles, he began to bombard (cluster) bombs all over Hei but Hei managed to elude those. Now that is one cool move. Maki thought he managed to kill Hei (Hei won’t die THAT easily) and he began to run to chase Hei. However he was stopped on his tracks as ice freezes his legs. November is back. Maki was able to escape, so November told Misaki to go after Hei (the one Misaki who had been chasing after – BK201) while he deals with that insolent brat Maki. November made his way to a rundown building and made his entry. Fortunate enough for him, he got July on his side to warn him about the traces left by Maki to explode. Frantic as he is, Maki left his hand prints all over the place, rendering November to not be able to use his powers. He challenged November to go after him as he sees himself a suitable contractor for Amber. Maki began his bombardments although November was able to avoid all of them. After literally blowing up the whole building, Maki considered himself as the best as he was assured that November was not able to survive such explosion. Once he opened the door, to his surprise, November was standing in front of him with rain pouring down at him with an ice spear in his hand. Maki, game over for you.

Darker Than Black
November is back with a vengeance.

Amagiri had reached the shrine and Hei came soon after. Looking at Hei’s injury, Amber rushed to check him out. However Hei pushed her over and with a murderous intention, he began to ask about his sister. Amber was trying to be playful with Hei but got a slap from him instead. Then she persuaded him to join her as she promised to let him see his sister Pai again. Misaki who just came with her gun drawn was about to see Hei using his powers. Remember Hei almost got his alias Li Shen Shun revealed when Misaki was there. Yin tried to stop Hei from killing Amber and Amagiri too was about to use his powers on Hei. Sadly none of them was quicker than Amber as she was the first to activate her powers. And she can stop time. Reminds you of someone, isn’t it? Using that opportunity, Amber expressed her feelings for Hei and kissed him. She began to move towards Amagiri and released him from her time binding powers. Amagiri warned her of the time limit to use her powers. At the same time, the Stargazer said about a journey had just begun – somehow she was speaking to Amber, I suppose. Once the time bind was over, the Stargazer stopped speaking and everyone resumed on their actions. At the meeting point, the Evening Primrose members gathered (two other women and a man). The guy questioned if “that man” is necessary for their agenda and the other woman said that he was needed in order to ensure the Evening Primrose bloom (I am not sure if any pun is intended here). Amagiri began to ask for Maki but Amber said that he won’t be here as Maki began to mutter his final words – his goodbye. That’s the end for Maki and another job done by November, July and April who are completing their contract. Now we know that the rain came from April. No wonder those two are partners. As for Huang, he survived the shock but he felt a little buzz from the shock. Meanwhile Hei who was inside his apartment, opening his drawer revealing the necklace charm gave by Amber 5 years ago.

Darker Than Black
“Damn you bitch!”

Darker Than Black
Amber can do what Hiro can do.

Darker Than Black
And she knows how to take advantage of it.

Darker Than Black
Goodbye, Maki.

Darker Than Black
Chilling out after a hard day at work.

Finally a romantic connection between the characters. Although initially I thought something might work out between Hei and Yin but to pair a contractor with a doll (come on, an expressionless doll and I’m not saying that I am being discriminative here) won’t seem to be a good idea after all. Then along came Amber. Obviously there was a love connection between the two before but an incident occurred and Hei was completely pissed off with Amber about it. I bet he caught Amber having sex with Maki. Urgh! Loli sex. Unlikely. But just kidding anyway. Yet Hei still keeps the necklace charm given by Amber and that is enough to show that Hei still have feelings for her. Now the Hei-Misaki pairing seems to be a great idea as well although I prefer to have Hei with Amber. Yet Misaki looks better if she was paired with November. I can sense the connection with those two. I would really love to see those two together if possible. Apart from the romantic relationships, there is also Amber’s contractor ability. She can stop time and that is way too cool. However when Amagiri said that she got a time limit of using that power – meaning to say that she can’t use it too frequent or otherwise she would reach her contract limit. This can also indicates her remuneration which I speculate that she will get younger each time she uses her powers. This is reasonable enough to explain how she keeps on getting young and sooner or later, she might vanished into thin air if she overuses her powers.

2 Responses to “Darker Than Black (Episode 16)”

  1. 1 satsukixriceball
    8 February 2009 at 2:15 pm

    maki is so cute..
    i dun wan him dead!!!!!

  2. 9 October 2010 at 1:12 pm

    maki is awsome i want to be him for halloween but i dont realy know what his pants look like anyone know were i can see what they look like ?

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