Darker Than Black (Episode 17)

I will be away for the whole week (you can do your own math) to attend for convocation week in Penang. I am not graduating, I’ll be there to take charge of an exhibition booth. Penang is cool but missing out my blog and assignments is quite depressing. Ill take this trip as an escapade and a brief time for me to relax. See you next week.

I’ve been missing out on my anime review updates. I tried my best to catch up but the ongoing assignments and reports drag me down. So come with episode 17 (that’s 8 episode to go for Darker Than Black) and surprisingly there is no other contractors besides the usual – Hei and Mao. Basically this will be all too easy of a mission for Hei to complete. This arc will be the first in the series of such feature. Also a familiar voice lead the cast in this arc – Sakurai Kenji. Well the seiyu is Yoshino Hiroyuki. You might know him from Blood+, Kekkaishi and Vandread. Well he always sounds well as a delinquent anyway; he fits the job. As far as the story is concerned, there is nothing much to scream “MOE” about neither to have the urge to feel interested in. The mood is going downhill!

Darker Than Black
May I speak Engrish?

Darker Than Black
Hei wanted to have his own groupies.

Misaki received the letter of claim from Hourai (Misaki’s boss) sent by the Evening Primrose as they claimed the responsibility for the bombings in Tokyo recently. They demanded for recognition and more authority in the public. Hourai then gave classified information to Misaki, stating that the leader of the Evening Primrose is former MI6 agent February with Messier code UB-001 who was involved with the Heaven’s Gate war 5 years ago (this happened in South America). At one point during the war, UB-001’s star began to shine along with more other stars – including BK-201. Then a wide area of South America vanished. Creepy. Meanwhile Huang met with his superior as he was curious about Hei and Amber. The guy simply told him that Hei was betrayed by her and his whole team was wiped out. At Hei’s apartment, his neighbours were throwing a party (at broad daylight) and this angered the landlady. Hei however did not joined them. That night at the the night club where Hei is working, one of the customer is causing a scene for not paying. The man was about to leave when a young man stopped him. Claiming himself as Sakurai Kenji from the Nakazawa group, he demanded the man to pay or else, he’ll get hurt. So much of a threat, the man blew him a punch and this threw him off the ground. Then he bumped into Hei who presented him the bill but the man was raged by this and wanted to punch Hei as well. Hei was able to defend himself and swiftly eluded his punches. In the end, a man referred as the big brother (aniki) came to subdue the no-paying customer.

Darker Than Black
Sakurai Kenji

Darker Than Black
Hitotsubashi is a real gangsta!

Later in the alley, the man was beaten up well by the thugs. Kenji and Hei introduced each other (remember that Hei always introduced himself with his alias Li Shen Shun) then Kenji’s big brother gave Kenji some money to treat Hei for his good job. After gave him a good treat, Kenji offered Hei a ride back home. As the bike started to spew smoke, the bike eventually broke down though they managed to reach Hei’s apartment in time. The day began to rain and this forced Kenji to take shelter inside his apartment. In the room, Hei’s neighbours began to make some loud noises and this annoyed Kenji so much although Hei did not care about it at all. Showing his concern, he decided to teach them some lesson. Blasting through their doors, Kenji threatened them with a yakuza manner. He managed to display quite an act in front of them but the landlady single-handedly stopped Kenji from more ruckus as she demanded him to fix the door. With the help of others, Kenji managed get the door fixed and the landlady offered them lunch together. It was then Kenji get along with Hei’s neighbours, hearing each of their stories. One of which is a girl from Philippines, another trying to spread rock music to Japan, the other is an otaku from Israel and a quiet black guy. Somehow Kenji felt the apartment is a homestay for multinationals. After the meal, the group decided to have a drink and invited Kenji and Hei along. Kenji was excited but Hei refused them as he promised to meet with someone. As Hei walked away, later on Kenji felt pity for Hei who looked lonely.

Darker Than Black
“I can see you’re kung fu fighting.”

Darker Than Black
Hey! What had happened to Kyoto Protocol?

Darker Than Black
Ooshita and Nakazawa

Darker Than Black
“I am sorry but we don’t have loli for you.”

Later Kenji’s big brother, Hitotsubashi had a meet with his boss Nakazawa as Nakazawa tried to settle dispute between Hitotsubashi and Ooshita, another yakuza member. Meanwhile Hei rendezvous with Mao and Huang about a deal about to be made in the store where Hei’s working after Hitotsubashi made his appearance. Mao was concerning about the boy with Hei – Kenji as he did not want any trouble in their mission. Back at the apartment, Hei saw Kenji fixing his bike. Later when the rain stopped with his bike fixed, Kenji was on his way back. Before that, he thanked Hei for giving him shelter from the rain. That night Hei headed to work but his manager told him that the store had to be closed for several days for repairing works on the toilet. But of course, Hei knew something was up. Inside Kenji was told by Hitotsubashi that they are separating from the yakuza. To have this happen, Hitotsubashi requested Kenji to join him in his new group he intended to create. He showed him a box containing a doll but Kenji was surprised to see this – probably that he was not familiar with dolls. Hitotsubashi began to play around with the doll’s private parts, saying that the doll is an important piece of item. After leaving the club, Hitotsubashi was certain that Kenji does not have the guts to betray him, expecting him to take care of the doll well. To Kenji, it was curiosity that draws him to the doll. Later on, Hei infiltrated the club but only to find that Kenji and the doll are missing. Hei decided to pull back from the mission but Huang insisted that they have the consensus from the Syndicate. Once Hei reached his apartment that morning, he noticed Kenji’s bike and rushed over his room. To his surprise, Kenji and the doll are right in front of his doors (just when he wanted to find them) as Kenji begged Hei to get them shelter.

Darker Than Black
Hei’s birthday present

Darker Than Black
Touching (harassing) is a violation.

Darker Than Black
I like this scene. Kind of reminds of The Departed.

Darker Than Black
This is unexpected – found in front of your door when you wanted to find them.

Next episode: Kenji is in deep trouble but what will happen to the doll?

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