Darker Than Black (Episode 19)

I know that I am going over the top on this episode’s review but this episode is can be simply be expressed in one word – coolness. So we have the story about Huang this time. He’s a less preferred character in this story, known for his ass-wit attitude. However going over this episode, there is more than meets the eye for Huang. He is not such a bad ass after all. All I am saying that you don’t necessary see Huang in his mechanical nature but surprisingly his softer emotional side – something human for a change. But not much though. Also there are more things of his past had really caught me unprepared, for instance that he used to work for the Japanese police before joining the Syndicate. It’s too bad that not much is known about the Syndicate so far, even after this episode. To the least, we get a fair share of Huang’s history. Also the noir movie element is infused this time especially during flashbacks of Huang’s past. Not to say that the theme of the story this time is of dark nature but noir (black in French) feeling is there. Not bad for anime directing.

Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black
“I lust for blood…”

Huang went over to see a girl named Shihoko and noticed her the strange look in her eyes. Then she looked at Huang and activated her contractor powers on him, rendering his body pouring out blood. Awakening from his sleep, Huang realised that it was just a nightmare. Flashback to the past when the wall was built surrounding the gate, Huang who was known as Kuno back then was going to an office for an investigation with his partner Isozaki. It was alleged to be related to the terrorist group in South America (you get the solid timeline here as we know that the Heaven’s Gate in South America still exists then). Huang found a photo of an old lady in a drawer and Isozaki took it to hand it over to the superiors. Afterwards Huang/Kuno invited Isozaki for a drink but instead Huang was invited to come over to Isozaki’s place. Later at Isozaki’s place, Huang remarked about his beautiful wife and talk about the non-existent prospect for himself due to his fugly face. However Isozaki’s wife said that Huang got the charm and commented about his tolerance for alcohol. Huang simply said that his body seemed to be able to resist from getting drunk but she warned him that he might leaked important information if he gets drunk since he is a police officer.

Back to the present day, Huang was served by Isozaki’s wife and this time at a bar. She wanted to see him to get drunk for once but he shrugged it by saying that it is impossible for him to get drunk. Then she went on wondering if her husband is such of a person and he suggested that he was. The next day, Hei arrived home to find two ladies waiting for him in front of his apartment door. It turns out that these ladies are missionaries from a religion (not a deviant one I hope) of the Gate Fundamentalist Fraternity or better known as the Gate Friendship Party and they gave him a pamphlet in Chinese (as they figured him as a Chinese) as they are holding a festival to promote the gate. Later Hei was given orders from Mao to infiltrate the religious group and kill their leader Alma (who is a contractor). Showing him a photo of a lady, Mao told him that the lady had already infiltrated the group and he was asked to meet her up next week during the group’s meeting. Meanwhile Huang looking at the same photo, he recognised her as Shihoko (the girl earlier in his nightmare).

Darker Than Black
You know what happens next.

Darker Than Black
Someone actually fall for Huang?!

A flashback revealed that Huang caught Shihoko after accusing her for pickpocketing him. However she managed to run away but ended up getting hit by a car. In the end, she was hospitalized but nothing serious. She complimented him for being nice but he said that it was his responsibility. She was wrongly accused to steal his wallet but she decided to keep the matter away from court. However the accident prevented her from going for an audition for a play and wanted her to pay for penalty. Days after, she got frustrated for getting drunk while Huang did not. Then she went on calling him Kyupi. Her mood changes are quite drastic. Walking up the stairs, Shihoko fell over to Huang and kissed him. Accidental romance? Not romantic to my taste especially putting Huang into the picture. Huang thought that she was too drunk for that act but she claimed that she likes him. Fast forward again, Hei reached to the place where the Gate religion followers were gathering. Hei reported all the intelligence he knows about Alma to Huang and also told Huang that it will be impossible for him to keep contact. During one of the reading session, Hei received a note from Shihoko to meet her at the confessional. There she gave information about Alma’s meeting tomorrow. She intended to kill the Prophet now and then. She informed Hei that Alma is actually a contractor with the power of transformation.

Later at the bar where Huang is having his usual round of drinks, Isozaki’s wife told him that her relatives came over to visit her during her husband’s death anniversary. They talked a lot about Isozaki but somehow she couldn’t recall anything about her husband. She knew about what Huang (it’s Kuno in this conversation) said about the trauma of losing the loved ones may cause memory loss. Talking to himself, Huang believes it is better for her to forget those memories. Another flashback showed Huang was leaving Isozaki’s place when Shihoko came over. She then used her powers to kill Isozaki as blood began to ooze out from his eyes, nostril and mouth. Soon after, Huang sent in his resignation letter to his superior Hourai (then now you know that Huang used to work with the Japanese police) as he learned that the investigation for Isozaki’s death was closed. Hourai showed Huang the autopsy report, telling him that the case will be handled as a special case involving a religious group with special powers known as contractors, something which the police were not ready to handle. With that, Hourai felt that there is no reason for Huang to quit. Later Huang was wondering who Shihoko is and was approached by an unknown man. The man told him that anyone who sees a contractor will have their memories erased. He took Isozaki’s wife as an example of forgetting about her husband’s death. He had no intention of erasing his memory as he intended to utilise Huang who is a police.

Darker Than Black
“Honey, your face looks very ugly…”

Darker Than Black
“Even Huang looks better with hair.”

At the present time, Amagiri made his way to the religion centre with several members of the Evening Primrose (EPR) and went to a room which houses a number of dolls but he figured that the number is not enough. He then went over to meet the Alma, the prophet of the religion. Hei who was above the room, spied over them and recognised Amagiri whom he met with Amber. Alma noticed that Shihoko (alias Kishi) was able to see the observation ghost nearby Amagiri’s wet coat. This comes to the conclusion that Shihoko is a contractor. Without delaying any further, Shihoko quickly made her move to kill Alma. However she was a little too slow as Amagiri managed to stop her in time. Suddenly the lights went out. Once the flashlight was on, Hei was seen grasping Alma and was about to kill her. Somehow Alma accepted that fate but Amagiri activated his powers. So Hei had no choice but to escape. After hiding himself, Hei immediately contacted Huang and questioned him for sending out Yin’s ghost to spy over them. This ruined the whole plan and Shihoko was captured, having Huang to be blamed.

Darker Than Black
Dolls. Ready for export.

Darker Than Black
Amagiti with the EPR.

Darker Than Black
Alma the Prophet

Darker Than Black
Shihoko’s spanking new look.

Darker Than Black
“Die, b***h!”

Darker Than Black
Huang screwed up… big time.

Next episode: I smell gun powder and Huang gets to whack someone.

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