Darker Than Black (Episode 20)

I’ve just updated the download page, adding a few more songs into the collection. Do please check it out. On another note, I had just got myself episode 16 of Romeo x Juliet (finally). A full review will come soon.

What an eye opener! This episode has revealed the truth behind contractors, not for its history but the difference that put them apart from humans. Keep a fact in mind that contractors are no different from human because they are humans to begin with. Exception for Mao who has an animal body but with a human conscious. I like the fact that the episode posed a strong emotion without going through those emotional ups and downs. Don’t worry, you feel depressed watching this but you will be able to connect to the character emotionally. Surprisingly even Huang is included to this equation. In fact this also would be the first for his character to develop and for him to show his lesser known softer side. By now, we have all the main characters covered, all except for Mao. I wonder if there will ever be a feature episode for Mao. The poor fellow has not been in the limelight just because he is an animal. Come on now, we don’t like animal cruelty go about around here.

Darker Than Black
Huang may not be typical Prince Charming material but he’s there to save our fair lady.

Huang had a meeting with Hei and Mao, passing the instrucion to make another assassination attempt on Alma and to dispose of Shihoko. For this particular task, Huang is joining along as well. After Huang left, Mao also passed another order from the Syndicate to kill Huang if he is unable to complete that task. Then it’s action time. They had easily infiltrated the religion centre and secured Shihoko. After asking directions from her, Hei made haste towards Alma’s location while she and Huang made their escape. Hei confronted Amagiri as he tried to convince Hei to join their side as requested by Amber herself though he intended to kill him instead. Hei took cover and suddenly a secret trap door opened up with Alma calling Hei in. Amagiri then completed his remuneration by eating hard-boiled eggs, giving orders to quit chasing Hei and give more priority on getting the dolls. He added that the Prophet Alma is no longer useful. While driving Shihoko away, Huang expressed his thoughts of her that she used him to get information on Isozaki whom she assassinated six years ago.

Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black
Amagiri loves hard-boiled eggs for snacks.

A flashback reveals Huang asking Shihoko what are her future plans though it was hinted that he intended to take care of her. She said that she is happy as long as she is with him. That night was the first time Huang gotten drunk although he kept on denying it. In that drunken state, he asked her to stay with him. Later she asked her an odd question. Back to the present, Huang continued and wondered why she asked him about the picture found by him and Isozaki. The question maybe work-related but he spilled it all out, given that he was drunk. Ever since that night, Shihoko never showed up to him again. Yet Huang never figured why did she killed Isozaki. Following Isozaki’s death, his wife’s memory of him was erased and every available data of Isozaki was erased by the government. However she replied that Isozaki was lying about his identity and is actually a member of the religious group which they were after. The picture they found that day was actually the true form of the Prophet Alma. At the same time, Hei made his way into a chamber where an old lady was found lying on bed. The old lady is Alma. Shihoko revealed that she gotten close with Huang in order to pinpoint which was the undercover member of the religious group. Back to Hei, Alma revealed to Hei that her price of the contract of transformation is aging.

Darker Than Black
Huang’s happy time.

Darker Than Black
Hei don’t do old ladies.

Huang brought Shihoko to an abandoned room and was about to made a move to kill her. Before pulling the trigger, Huang asked her why his memories were not erased. Then suddenly she jerked and went into an emotional roller coaster literally. She began to freak out in fear. Meanwhile Alma began to talk about the religion that she founded as a way for contractor to show their pride though she used it as a place to hide at first. She said that contractors has the ability to kill as a weapon, which is convenient for humans who always take advantage of that. She differentiate contractors from humans as those who can decide rationally and are evolved form of humans, adding that she saw a dream here contractors and humans exist in ideal form. In her dying moments, Alma transformed in a younger apparition and finally breathe her last. Back to Shihoko, she revealed that her remuneration was to have her human emotions back. Because of that, she understands how it felt like have murdered someone. However Huang simply concluded that she was just acting and did not want to be fooled by her. She claimed to have memories of him and confessed to remember clearly of that night when he told her to stay with him. She did not want to have that memory erased from him because to her erasing a person’s memory is equivalent to killing.

Darker Than Black
“You see this? I got a gun.”

Darker Than Black
Anyone would freak out if there is a gun pointed at them.

Darker Than Black
“I need my botox fix now.”

Darker Than Black
Alma just found herself the fountain of youth.

Hei and Mao came by and Hei acknowledged that Shihoko is an acquaintance of Huang. He denied it so he went on pointing the gun at her. Huang is human after all as he held himself from pulling the trigger. Finally something for a change as Huang shows his softer side. This has to be one of those best moments in this series. In fact, he gave the gun to Hei and asked him to kill him and her together. In a way, Huang confessed to have feelings for Shihoko. Even Hei was moved and decided to not to kill both of them. Mao on the other hand cowered and warned him that they too will be killed if the two were let escape. Hei gave an excuse that Huang saved their lives too many times, somehow feeling thankful for him. The fact that the Syndicate knew about Huang’s relationship with Shihoko seemed that the Syndicate was plotting a penalty for a mistake which he did in the past. I bet that it was the failed attempt to assassinate Yin in episode 14. Hei, surprised by this, then suggested to them to run away together. Afterwards they made their way to the warehouse at the seaport as Huang left to find arrangements to get a boat. Nearby someone was spying over them. While waiting, Shihoko was puzzled that her contractor side was supposed to appear yet she was still feeling happy. Then Hei who was there, told her that contractors are humans too. They were about to make their way to board the ship when suddenly Shihoko activated her powers to Huang. Naturally Huang is terrified so she took the chance to make a run for it. Unfortunately she jumped into a passing lorry and was killed by the impact. Another first for Huang as he began to cry, grieving for her death. Hei noticed someone looking over them nearby and realised that the Syndicate had already intervened into the matter.

Darker Than Black
“Get me another gun. This one squirts water.”

Darker Than Black
Oh no! Shihoko is dead. I’ve just started to like her.

Darker Than Black
Not a problem for Huang. He still another lady for company tonight.

Next episode: We got ourselves a nude lady (she is hot by the way) and November making a comeback with Misaki as she landed herself into trouble.

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