Romeo x Juliet (Episode 16)

Tonight is Merdeka eve. Let the nation’s golden celebration begins as Malaysia ushers its 50 years of independence. This calls for patriotism. Even I am celebrating it with my blog. Merdeka greetings to all Malaysians.

It has been a very long time ever since I reviewed Romeo x Juliet to the extend that I had forgotten the names of certain characters, other than the obvious ones. I cannot guarantee you that I will hasten my review for Romeo x Juliet as I have other commitments to attend to for this weekend. What’s more, it’s Merdeka Day soon. Putting that aside, the story has reached a surprising turn as we had witnessed the possibility for the bitter ties between Hermione and Juliet might get better. As far as the story is concerned, the story’s development in this episode is only a little – considerably slow. Basically we get to see Hermione committing to idiotic decisions which reaches to the sudden change of her thoughts of Juliet. I can’t say if she would reconcile to Juliet but things might get better between the two. Also there is another imminent possibility. With Mercutio growing closer with Montague, he might be slated to replace his own father Titus. Maybe in the extreme scenario, Montague might consider to have Mercutio to resume Romeo’s position. Well those are speculations only.

Romeo x Juliet
“I am so lonely. Please take me to your bed tonight.”

With the news of the earthquake in Gradisca, Hermione went after Mercutio to ask about Romeo’s well being. Mercutio told her the facts that Romeo is away from harm. Even so, Hermione begged to Mercutio to persuade the Duke to bring Romeo back to Neo Verona and blame it all to Juliet. Then she decided to go to the Gradisca mine herself to go after Romeo. Well Mercutio could not care less anyway. Meanwhile Juliet was still on the way to Mantua with the rest inside the carriage, then had a rest stop. At that time, Antonio approached Juliet to ask her if she truly loves Romeo. The answer is obvious but she added that it was not timely for her to be together with him just yet. Francisco on the other hand talked over with Curio that he might have lost his chance to be with Juliet as she was won over by Romeo. And of course, Curio denied such a feeling towards his beloved maiden. While Mercutio who is with Montague, was asked about his opinion of his father Titus. He was quite frank to say that his father did not use advantage of his authority most of the time, wasting himself with wine. Montague then suggested a stiff action to be taken against Titus. Suddenly Hermione’s parents came over to meet the Duke, informed of Hermione escaping from the Keep. Meanwhile Hermione was riding the carriage.

Romeo x Juliet
Hermione’s parents

Juliet and her entourage had finally arrived to Mantua. After scouting around the town, Antonio informed Juliet about the accident at the mines. Juliet was concerned for Romeo but Francisco reassured her that he will be safe. Then they proceeded to go to Lady Ariel’s summer house. Over there, the house butler Balthazar who was expecting them, greeted them with his granddaughter Regan helping along. Meanwhile Hermione gotten hijacked by bandits. Talk about rotten luck. Back to Juliet, after showing the house around, Balthazar explained about the withered rose as the symbol of the Montague house. Now to Hermione, she was fortunate to get herself a carriage passing by her and was offered a ride, not without some payment. Meanwhile Juliet followed Regan to do some shopping with the company of Curio. Then in the midst of the crowd, someone collapsed and caused quite a scene. Juliet rushed to the person to help. Approaching the lady, Juliet was shocked to see that the person is no other than Hermione. Hermione’s reaction was rather surprising as well. She began to freak out after seeing Juliet and wanted to throw a rock at her. Fortunate enough for Juliet, Curio was there to stop her with Regan swift to cover for Juliet. As for Hermione, she was not holding back to express her hatred towards Juliet.

Romeo x Juliet
Antonio’s futile attempt to woo Juliet.

Romeo x Juliet
Advice to Curio; don’t buy dead roses for Valentine’s Day.

Romeo x Juliet
Balthazar the butler

Romeo x Juliet
His granddaughter Regan

Romeo x Juliet
Coincidentally Juliet meets Hermione.

Romeo x Juliet
For sure, Hermione is not happy to see her.

Soon after, they brought Hermione back to the summer house and allow her to have some bed rest. Francisco and the rest were worried to have Hermione with them as she posed a threat for their secluded refuge. Later that night, Hermione regained her consciousness and was shocked to see Juliet taking good care of her. Despite so, she reached for the knife and tried to stab Juliet. Juliet stopped her by grabbing the knife. Of course she is injured. Wrapping a towel to her wound, Juliet told Hermione that if she hurts (physically) someone, she would only hurt herself – she felt the same way before. Furthermore Juliet felt relieved to see Hermione by the excuse that they both love the same man. However Hermione stated her intention to meet Romeo and told that he is good well being. Juliet was grateful to hear this and broke down to tears. The next morning, Hermione came over the dining table and wished for a ride back to Neo Verona. Being so demanding, the rest were annoyed by her and Francisco even suggested to have her dead. A little payback. However Juliet stood up for Hermione and calls her a guest of the house. Thus she asked Balthasa to attend to her every demands. Juliet is just too kind, same goes for Romeo. They make such a great couple. Before leaving, Hermione asked Juliet to keep her visit a secret as she did not want Romeo to know of her misbehaviour.

Romeo x Juliet
I’d rather to have her dead than just lying on the bed.

Romeo x Juliet
This is suffice to know that THIS hurts a lot.

Romeo x Juliet
“No, no, no. There’s no way Romeo is gay!”

Romeo x Juliet
After all that TLC, Hermione will always be a bi**h.

Next episode: Tybalt is back. Romeo, be jealous.

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