Malaysiaku Gemilang

So much of a Merdeka celebration here in Kelantan. There was no obvious celebration being held, other than some random light display of fireworks. My neighbours can do that better during Chinese New Year. No countdown party. No special concert. No gatherings. Just a bunch of mat rempits cruising with flag poles attached to their mopeds, exclaiming “Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka!

50 years and still strong.50 years of glorious nationhood and monumental achievements.50 years of internal conflicts and political dilemma.50 years of togetherness in unity, despite of the hypocrisy.50 years of freedom in speech dignifying human rights.Happy 50th birthday to Malaysia.Even my beloved country Malaysia do has her own flaws but we did prove of our wits in ways that many did not expect. Malaysia is still young and got many to learn about especially in strengthening unity. Obviously the government denies this fact but we Malaysians are not lame people (well, mostly). If we are so united as claimed, why unnecessary issues such as racism, Negarakuku freedom of speech, and unquestionable special rights are still the talk of masses? Even the global observers whom most Malaysians dubbed as the unruly western media are aware of our petty crises. Whether we like it or not, we as Malaysians must accept the fact that racial unity is still a major concern to this fragile nation. Without equality, there will be no unity.Hey! I am not going to ruin the jovial mood of Merdeka spirit. I am saying this as a response to this news article, so don’t backlash me for no freaking reason. Anyway let us celebrate the day which we cherish in our heart and let us protect the peace which we had been defending for the past 50 years. Happy Merdeka!

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