Romeo x Juliet (Episode 17)

Just three weeks since I have bought my iPod nano, Apple has announced the new generation of iPods, including the amazing fully touch-screened iPod touch. Suddenly I wanted to buy a new iPod already.

I know that there has been a huge delay in my anime reviews these days. This is due to the ongoing assignments that needed my immediate attention. Expect more delays for the whole month. Worse comes to worst, I might call for a hiatus. My reviews on Darker Than Black is right on track but I am falling behind on reviews on Romeo x Juliet. I am hastening this with my best effort. So in regards to the episode this time, it’s about time that Tybalt’s share of the story is told and it was definitely intriguing. Much of his mysteries were untold, some were unexpected. I am glad that the writers were able to put the story in the best possible manner. Also what we had been expecting since the previous episode has finally foretold in this episode. Now that one point deducted for plot predictability.

Romeo x Juliet
Giovanni seriously needs some anger management.

Romeo x Juliet
“Odin is cosplaying as Juliet? No? Juliet is cosplaying as Odin?

Romeo’s request to transfer all prisoners in the Gradisca mines back to Neo Verona was denied by his father. In spite of the desperation, Romeo then suggested that they start a new life somewhere nearby. Meanwhile William is heading to his mother’s summer house in Mantua with Conrad and Emilia. They have reunited with Juliet and the rest while Emilia discovered that Odin is actually Juliet. Conrad who had just recovered, returned the Capulet family sword back to Juliet as she has a renewed hope to fight against Montague. Antonio was doing some shopping with Regan and Balthazar when he spotted Camillo at the town market. He rushed back to inform Francisco and Curio about it. They suspected that Camillo was the one responsible who tip them off to the Montague soldiers and relegated their plan to oust Montague. So they had decided to confront him. They followed him all the way to his house of refuge. Juliet, Francisco and Curio were caught by surprise when Tybalt intervened. It turned out that Camillo is actually his father. He however chased out Camillo and this left Juliet and the rest bewildered.

Romeo x Juliet
A son abusing his own father. Probably he forgot the fact that the knife is really sharp.

Juliet went after Tybalt and saw her own family portrait. She began to wonder if they came to know each other before and whether if he is a Capulet. He revealed to her that his real father is actually Montague. The story goes that Montague impregnated Tybalt’s mother and dumped her soon after. Montague later got married to Portia. Tybalt’s mother unfortunately died soon after Tybalt was born and he was later taken under the care of Camillo. Then of course, being a renegade, Tybalt ran away from his foster family. Now to make some sense out of this would be having Romeo and Tybalt as brothers, Juliet and Tybalt as in-laws. The fact that Tybalt and Juliet were actually related in the beginning (both of which from the Capulet family) is causing quite a fuss. Oh what a family! So Tybalt’s basis of hatred for Montague is to avenge for his mother who was used by Montague to get close with the Capulets.

Romeo x Juliet
Try to spot Juliet and Tybalt in this family portrait.

Romeo x Juliet
“My turn to tell my part of the story.”

At the Keep, Montague unveiled a golden statue of a goddess, supposedly to bring everlasting prosperity to Neo Verona. After having a little chat with Ariel, Montague was then approached by Titus. He warned him about the influential Farnese family who thought to be sided with the Capulets. He continued on to speak off about having Montague to adopt his own son Mercutio, saying that he was trying to follow the Grand Duke’s footsteps. Given that he was aware about Montague’s history, he asked of him for consideration. This totally pissed Montague off. Titus brought Mercutio to meet Montague afterward and declared him as the Grand Duke’s adopted son. For such cause of celebration, Montague intended to have a sword practice with Titus instead. However Montague was serious about the fight, giving Titus several powerful blows. He was raged by the insulting remarks by Titus as Montague had no wish to bring up about his past. Back to Tybalt, he began to tell about the story about Montague. Montague was actually the son of a prostitute but was lined with noble blood. Back then he was facing the harsh reality of oppression and poverty.

Romeo x Juliet
Montague is a son of whore?! He’s an SOB!

Romeo x Juliet
A whore who happens to be Montague’s biological mom.

Romeo x Juliet
Playing dead is not so cute after all.

One day, her mother was on deathbed and she revealed to him that his father is actually a Capulet. Since then Montague swore to bring down the Capulet family. To achieve that, he let himself adopted in the Montague family and poisoned his foster parents to become the head of the Montague house. And then, dated Tybalt’s mother. However his ulterior motive was to edge himself closer with the Capulets. It was then he learned about the Escalus. Fueled by anger, Tybalt wanted Montague to regret for everything he had done and wished to destroy the Montague (does that include himself?). At the same time, Montague got Titus cornered and he delivered him the final lethal blow. Mercutio could only watch in horror. Montague turned to Mercutio and asked him if he still adores him. The frightened Mercutio could only say yes to him. So Montague gave him an advice that only terror and hatred can move about the world. Returning to Tybalt, Juliet commented Tybalt’s little speech to resemble with Montague. He questioned her if she still hates Montague. To his surprise, Juliet did not express hatred against Montague since she was in love with his son Romeo. Montague later then went to the Escalus to see Ophelia.

Romeo x Juliet
Montague is really one SOB, whoring himself with women.

Romeo x Juliet
Titus is such a sucker at sword fights.

Romeo x Juliet
“So long, asshole.”

Romeo x Juliet
“I must have dropped the ring somewhere around here.”

Next episode: Romeo trying to start a new leash of life.

3 Responses to “Romeo x Juliet (Episode 17)”

  1. 1 Danielle
    14 August 2008 at 10:59 pm

    Wait. . . so Tyblt’s mother was a Capulet? *confused*

  2. 16 August 2008 at 9:00 pm

    Nope. Tybalt’s mother is a Montague and that is how Montague got his name. He had actually married her so that he could be a part of the noble families and throw the Capulet out of reign.

  3. 3 joren a
    3 March 2009 at 4:57 am

    this is such a crappy fucking bullshit you guys are pathetic.
    get a life fucking noobs,

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