Fall 2007 Anime Anyone?

Last Thursday, I had a brief trip to KL as I have hours to spare while waiting for my transiting flight to Miri via AirAsia. Anyway I made it clear to pay Pavillion KL a visit and it was love at first sight. As much as I wanted to blog about it, given that I snapped a few shots inside Pavillion, I decided to share about it later because I did not bring my camera cable back home. So no photos, no blog post. Also I want to make it official that J.Co Donuts and Coffee is the best – their doughnuts I mean.

I know, it’s fall season and more new animes are out for viewing. I was dire to get the list a few weeks back and got it. Sadly to say, I was disappointed by the anime title. None of them excites me, though we are seeing some sequels in store. Not to mention that Summer 2007 Anime has more better titles compared to this season. Regarding the second season of Suzumiya Haruhi, it was confirmed to be slated for the coming winter season, around January 2008. Well, that shoots down all rumours about the series’ comeback for fall season. Nonetheless I do plan to follow some anime titles, have some preview of those and make my verdict. Here are some titles that were marked on my list:

Kimikiss pure rouge
Not exactly the Mean Girls that you’ve been expecting.

Kimikiss pure rouge
The reason why I am interested with this anime title is the fact that the director of this series is the same guy who directed for Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile. I expect this anime is a well written story and hopefully with great character developments as what we had seen in Honey and Clover. I also expect it might have the same feeling to it but originality is an added bonus if possible. Also expected is some funny scenes that would match to Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile. Did I just mention these two anime titles frequently here? Sigh! However due to the overly attention to the female protagonists, one might mistaken Kimikiss pure rouge as a yuri themed anime. Well a little yuri wouldn’t hurt, won’t it?

Three sisters, three different story to tell. As if I’d care.

Yet another high school story. Wrong! Actually this story follows through three sisters as they go through elementary, middle, high school life respectively. Each with their own story to tell. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that is how the story goes. Call it, slice of life and I enjoy watching stories with such themes especially in high school life. No, I am not being reminiscent. Nothing ecchi here I hope but I hope it’s going to be funny as well. And the writers were thinking ahead, they had decided to make it a two-seasons series. If it works out well, I expect the second season will be better and would tell the whole piece of the story.

Shakugan no Shana II
Shana is back.

Shakugan no Shana II
We had an exciting story for Shakugan no Shana in the first season and a movie to complement it. Now Shana and Yuuji are back. Heck! What am I babbling about? Honestly I did not even watch the first season yet. I know Shakugan no Shana is a great anime to watch but my anime viewing list was too much for me to bear. Shana was not fortunate enough to get my attention… until now. Well to be sure that I am not in total lost, I’ll be watching the first season before watching the second one. Wow! More things to watch. Obviously I can’t follow up a review here but if possible I will catch up and probably start the review somewhere in the middle, only if I find this anime title worth my time.

Original anime titles are not the only ones making it to the fall anime season list. Sequels were slated and among the notable ones are You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle, Genshiken 2 and Da Capo II. I had followed You’re Under Arrest series before but looking back and looking at this title tells me that I should grow up and move on. This series is gotten too old (if not, too dragging). There is also a chance for me to watch Genshiken 2 as I used to enjoy watching it. I have no idea if otaku-oriented animes would spark any interest in me but I will give Genshiken a shot to it. Some anime titles also stood out and this includes Clannad (for those seek innocent romance kind of story), Bamboo Blade (a.k.a. shinai, those “swords” used in kendo), Myself; Yourself (I like the drawing and highly recommended), ef – a tale of memories (harem, anyone?) and Rental Magica (a cross of D.Gray-man and Code Geass, I guess). Oh! Did I mention Gundam and Maple Story? Yes, I’d be damned to know.

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