Angkasawan Malaysia

Updated: Angkasawan is now in space. Dr Shukor made it to orbit and now enroute to the ISS. On another note, Celcom and ASTRO are playing cheap. Their so-called live feed are actually taken from NASA TV, something I can access freely from NASA webpage. For the record, channel 588 is such a rip-off.In the next two hours, a Malaysian will be sent to space. Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor will become the first Malaysian to venture to the next frontier, bringing along a renewed hope for the nation who had just celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence. Not to forget are his research materials, specially brought from UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) and allegedly roti canai. I don’t see the reason why should he brings such local delicacies to space. Worst case scenario would be him, sending durian to space. That would definitely kills all the crews onboard the Soyuz spacecraft and the ISS (International Space Station).

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar ShukorGood looking boys always get their candies.The blueprintHow things should work out later.What is so significant about this mission and the Angkasawan project by whole? The government hopes that this will inspire Malaysians to achieve higher goals and aim for greater dreams because the sky is officially no longer the limit (pun intended). Another reason would be the consenting agreement between both Russian and Malaysian government in a deal of buying lots of fighter jets from Russia in exchange of sending a Malaysian to space on board their Soviet spacecraft. My rationale of this mission is to motivate young Malaysians that everything is possible with effort and to excel in various fields in order to reach the higher echelons of the developed society. Malaysia is set to become one by the year 2020 and this project is a part of that vision. Kudos to all who are involved in the Angkasawan project.To watch the action live online, check on this page. ASTRO subscribers can also tune to channel 588 to watch the take-off.Graphics are courtesy of The Star.

More updates on our Angkasawan with his Expedition 16S team. Now you can watch replays of that historical launch here. Okay, I admit it that I feed it off from someone else on YouTube. Well credits to ISSSPACE for the video. Bear in mind that this video is taken from NASA TV. The narrator is from NASA TV and the female voice is the translator for the Russian conversation in the background. 

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