Romeo x Juliet (Episode 22)

As the story progresses, each episode of Romeo x Juliet gotten simpler and simpler. The episode this is plain simple – the end of Montague. And that’s about it. At this point, I can’t stop wondering if the writers are in a pinch to stretch the story to episode 24, which leaves the series two episodes away from the finale. I have to say, they made the story kind of dragging at this closing arc. As from now, we will know what would happen next as we know that Juliet need to make that ultimate sacrifice for the good of Neo Verona. What is left in the dark now is whether Juliet can actually overcome this and live happily together with Romeo, typical of a fairytale ending.

Romeo x Juliet
Now this is what you call as an air strike.

Romeo x Juliet
Montague is waiting in his throne.

Tybalt came to Juliet and conveyed his intention to kill Montague before Juliet gets to do so, though Juliet discouraged him for killing with hatred. She then told Tybalt about Escalus and her own fate that she needs to sacrifice herself to Escalus in order to save Neo Verona. She felt easier to break the news to Tybalt simply because he is Romeo’s elder brother by default, asking him to look out for Romeo when she is gone. At the monastery where Portia is, Romeo showed up to her and ask for her forgiveness as he plans to kill his own father. Portia apologised to Romeo too, saying that Romeo had to suffer because of their family conflict with the Capulet. At the break of day, Juliet prepared herself with an army of Capulet loyalists to confront Montague at the Keep. And they took charge to bring change to Neo Verona. News go around the noble quarters about the approaching Capulet army. With the remaining forces in shaky position, Tubal felt that Montague’s reign would be over soon.

Romeo x Juliet
Tubal is two-timing Montague. Slut!

Meanwhile Mercutio was frantic as he got worried of he would be killed either by the Capulet or by the Grand Duke. Unknowingly Tybalt made his way to meet Montague in person. Once reaching the throne chamber where Montague is, Tybalt with murderous intent introduced himself to Montague. Refreshing some lost memory, Montague came to recall of who Tybalt is. At the same time, Juliet confronted Tubal and told her that she had not wished to hurt anyone and allow them to enter without any struggle. Back to Montague, Tybalt took charge towards Montague but stopped by knife point to Montague’s neck. He then asked him where the Escalus is and how to stop Juliet from turning into the mystical tree. But Montague too was clueless about it, then came to remember about Juliet at the garden before. Suddenly Romeo barged in and sprinted towards Montague with his sword pointing at him. Meanwhile Juliet and her army were on their way to see Montague. With all the players on the table, Montague had nowhere to go.

Romeo x Juliet
Tybalt wants to kill his father.

Romeo x Juliet
Romeo wants to kill his father.

Romeo x Juliet
Juliet is not there to kill him. Such a nice daughter in-law Montague have.

Montague came to realise that Juliet having the blood of the Capulet had always been related in sustaining the Escalus by the will of Escalus itself. Juliet walked towards Montague, asking him to surrender without killing him. However Montague took the opportunity to swing the sword to Juliet. Surprisingly he did not kill Juliet, only to have hit the sword to the floor. He then said that all his effort to bring himself to glory all comes to nothing in the end. Without warning, he was stabbed from behind by Mercutio using a poison dagger. But then, Mercutio gone insane soon after. Mercutio fell to Juliet’s embrace and Romeo came to him. After muttering his final words, he finally breathed his last. Juliet pitied Montague, saying that he was afraid to love as he was not able to bear the loss. Turning away from Romeo, she felt sorry for Romeo for now be able to keep their vows – to live together in life and death.

Romeo x Juliet

Romeo x Juliet

Romeo x Juliet
It’s Mercutio. He killed Montague.

Romeo x Juliet
Act crazy and pleads insanity to avoid death sentence. Nice trick, Mercutio.

Romeo x Juliet
Family reunion? Not quite.

Romeo x Juliet
The end of an era.

It’s an end of an era and Neo Verona paves way for a new age of peace and tranquility under a better leadership of the Capulet. Okay, it is not the Capulets but rather under a new ironic bond of the Capulet with the Montague – Romeo and Juliet. Or will it be only Romeo? Juliet needs to give herself up to Escalus in order to avoid Neo Verona from absolute destruction. Fate doesn’t seem to her side now. Neither with Romeo and even the writers. They must have been running out of plots before the final episode. How desperate will they be to push the story to another episode before breaking out the news? That, we have to wait for the coming episode.

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