Myself; Yourself (Anime Preview)

Myself; Yourself has a good start for the first two episodes. And as always, this anime preview will be based on the first two episodes. Here’s another common anime genre – romance. Ever since Honey and Clover, I would seek nothing less emotional as compared to it. I am setting my expectations high each time I’m watching new anime titles. Quite often I am disappointed by weak plots and odd character designs, though most of time it would the former. Now Myself; Yourself is basically about friendship of a bunch of high schoolers and how their emotions towards each other evolved over time. The love chemistry is not excluded but I am expecting more engaging conflicts in those relationships. Now that’s real drama.

Myself; Yourself
Myself; Yourself

So we have a group of friends – Hidaka Sana, Oribe Aoi, Wakatsuki Shuusuke, Wakatsuki Shuri, and Yatsushiro Nanaka (obviously Shuusuke and Shuri are brother and sister, in fact they’re twins!). They’ve been together since childhood until Sana’s family decided to move out of town. The opening scene was Sana’s farewell party with them. Nothing there I could consider special, so I ignored most of the scene (as for paying less attention, not skipping them altogether). The hint here is that some moments here are symbolic when Sana rekindled his past. Anyways, Sana came back to his hometown of Sakuranomori from Tokyo after five years and eventually met up with most of his childhood friends. Since he’s staying in the town alone, he had to stay in a rented apartment. Before he went on to get his keys to his apartment, he made a stop at the shrine and recalled a festival in the past when he gave Nanaka a flower bracelet. Aha! Childhood romance. There he met a dark-haired girl in those shrine outfit. He had no idea who she was but strange enough, the girl hurriedly went away from his sight. Even when he was about to leave the shrine, he caught a glimpse of her staring at him.

Myself; Yourself
Best Friends Forever

Myself; Yourself
Hidaka Sana

Myself; Yourself
Mystery girl from the shrine

Myself; Yourself
Puppy love. Sana and Nanaka look cute together.

Moving on to the landlord’s house to get his keys, Sana met with Aoi who happens to be the landlord’s daughter. Sana noticed the town had changed a little but was much surprised to see Aoi to change a lot (ahem) in a physical way. In fact he nearly forgotten her when he look how much she had changed with those spectacles and busty figure. After having dinner with Aoi’s family, he retired to bed and wondered how Nanaka would look like after seeing Aoi’s (impressive) physical change. Then he got a phone call from his mother. However from his tone when speaking to his mother, there was a sense of trouble and I began to ponder if his move back to his hometown is related to conflicts at home. The next morning, Sana went to school with Aoi (FYI, Aoi is a year senior than Sana) and was introduced to his class by his homeroom teacher, Fujimura Yuzuki. Shuusuke and Shuri who happens to be in that class, reacted upon hearing the teacher’s announcement. The twins and Sana chatted to catch up with missing time and then the same girl whom Sana met at the shrine the previous day came to them. Sana who was still clueless who she is, then introduced himself to her as they met each other for the first time. Big mistake. She slapped him hard on his face and noticing the flower bracelet on her wrist (the same one he gave to Nanaka), he was surprised to know that the girl is actually Nanaka.

Myself; Yourself
Oribe (ahem…) Aoi

Myself; Yourself
The Wakatsuki twins – Shuri and Shuusuke

Myself; Yourself
The homeroom teacher, Fujimura Yuzuki

Myself; Yourself
“Hey there, mystery girl from the shrine!”

Myself; Yourself
“It’s Nanaka, you bastard!” *slap*

The next morning, Sana went to school with Aoi and was later joined by the Wakatsuki twins. Then Nanaka came along to say hi to them, except Sana and walked off. Well he deserves it. During lunch break, the crowded cafeteria left little choices of bread and Sana had to bear with them. He had lunch with his old buddies (obviously without Nanaka) and Aoi who wore an apron then revealed that she needed them as to avoid her uniform from being dirty. She’s a messy eater, not to mention that she is clumsy too. The class resumed and Fujimura-sensei elected Nanaka and Sana as the class representatives. Nanaka kept on giving Sana the cold shoulder and told him that he would go to the student’s committee meeting at the AV room on his own. She immediately went to the library, probably to chase him off. However Aoi who was at the library, told Sana that Nanaka would come to the library before every meeting in the afternoon. Aoi is there due to her duty as the librarian. No surprise there because she does have passion for books. Sana tagged along and did some reading on his own but then, lost notice of Nanaka who had already left the library. Sana did not know where is the AV room and caught up into a dilemma. Fortunately for him, another class representative came up to him. She introduced herself as Hoshino Asami and took Sana with her to the AV room. That night, Sana reflected on Nanaka’s treatment towards him earlier and then, got another phone call from his worried mother again.

Myself; Yourself
Ice queen. It’s freezing… Poor Sana.

Myself; Yourself
Hoshino Asami

The next day, Sana talked with Aoi, Shuusuke and Shuri over lunch about Nanaka’s behaviour towards him. He was confused about how much Nanaka had changed – probably because of Nanaka’s cold treatment towards him but the twins blamed Sana because of not recognizing Nanaka the other day. That’s the whole point! Sana remembers all of his childhood friends after meeting them but failed to recognise Nanaka instead. Later on, Asami showed up in their class to return Sana’s notebook that was left behind after the yesterday’s meeting. She passed it to Nanaka since she is the class representative along with Sana. When Sana wanted to get the book from her, he was half-expecting a bitch slap from her but nothing came out. Not even a word. However when Sana went on explaining to the extent of how Asami was helpful to him in the committee work, Nanaka commented how the two gotten well with each other. Then came music class. The class was listening to a violin piece and Sana recalled the gift Nanaka presented to him five years ago. Nanaka played a violin piece, specially composed for Sana during the farewell.

Myself; Yourself
“Can I taste some of your boobs bento? Oops!”

Myself; Yourself
Nanaka was inspired by Chiaki-senpai.

After the class, Sana discovered that he left his pencil case in the music room and noticed a piano at the adjacent room. Coincidentally Nanaka was asked by the music teacher to get some handouts on her desk. Sana began to play the piano and Nanaka who was at the nearby room listened to him playing the piano. Though it was one of the lousiest attempt to play the piano (there I go, comparing it to Nodame Cantabile), Nanaka realised that the tune Sana plays is the piece that she presented to him at the farewell party years ago. Sana was surprised to receive a clap from Asami who happens to pass by the room and heard him playing the piano. Sana explained that he had not played the piano for the longest time but somehow only to remember the piece that he had played just now because it was precious gift for him. Nanaka who heard, can’t help to feel touched by his words. The next morning, when the usual gang walked to school, Nanaka who passed them, finally gave a faint morning greeting to Sana. Oww… that’s sweet.

Myself; Yourself
Hey! You suck at piano. I like you… playing the piano.”

Myself; Yourself
“Press here… then here and here.”

The second episode is the key event that changed the whole atmosphere of the story. The first episode started strong and this is followed by the complimentary episode. Another character was introduced, most likely an important one. Somehow I sense that there might some dilemma between Asami and Nanaka because it is possible that the two might have feelings for Sana. Even for Sana, he seems to be dealing quite an emotional conflict of his own and without his notice, he had to deal with the girls around him. Likely. Nonetheless, I can only give random guesses without knowing for sure what would happen until I get to the coming episodes. There is a chance that I would continue on blogging this anime but there is no telling for sure if I would do so. Even so, it is a good story to follow.

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