Myself; Yourself (Episode 3)

This may not much for me to offer but I would like to dedicate this to my dearest friend – happy birthday. Also happy thanksgiving!

The episode title of “Cookies and Pebbles” is symbolic to the events leading up to this episode this time. It is mainly about rekindling the bruised relationship between Sana and Nanaka, though Nanaka seems much forgivable. Nanaka’s affection towards Sana is yet to be confirmed but it is all too obvious about her crush on him, aside from Sana’s ignorance for her. Nonetheless at the end of this episode, it is pretty clear that she really like Sana. It is regrettable that Sana has no knowledge of it, not to forget that he totally ignorant about it. To spice up this silent competition, Asama came into the picture. Somehow the usual childhood gang might get a new addition with Asami’s participation. Now that’s a solid slice of life sort of story.

Myself; Yourself
Sana literally makes a wrong move.

To mend severed friendship of Sana and Nanaka, Shuri came up with an outing trip for the river (where they usually hang out during their childhood years) and later a spa. Getting all excited about it, they went to tell Nanaka about the plan. Nanaka was in the class and dropped her compact (mirror) when at the same time, the gang entered the classroom and Sana being the much unlucky fellow, accidentally stepped on the compact. Of course it broke into pieces, so Sana offered to replace one for her. Nanaka refused the offer, saying that it’s not that expensive. With my knowledge on girls, when they say something like that, they obviously wanted that person to buy it for her. Anyways after class, it appears that Nanaka had to endure more pain when she saw Sana shopping with Asami. No matter how you look at it, it really seems like a date. The next day, Sana came up to Nanaka and gave a new compact to her, explaining further that he had Asami with him to choose a good looking compact for him. Well I agree that always to bring a girl out for shopping. I tell you, they have a more sensible sense of fashion when comes to shopping. With that, Nanaka agrees to go out for the trip with them. The past also reveals that Nanaka had once brought cookies for that trip before when they were little. So she committed to do the same this time. That day comes and everyone arrived on time. Just about they wanted to make a move, Sana told them to wait for Asami as she too joins along with them for the outing. I feel Nanaka’s heart being pierced in cold blood. Really, does Sana had to ask Asami along? Nothing wrong there, it’s just that it won’t serve the purpose of the plan. Nevertheless they have no intention to push her away anyway. As Shuri said, “the more, the merrier.” Inside the bus, Asami took out her compact and Shuri was surprised to see that it is the same compact Sana bought for Nanaka. By now, I sort of feeling sorry for Nanaka.

Myself; Yourself
“Here’s a compact and let’s go fishin’ together.”

Myself; Yourself
“ZOMG! She has the same compact as mine. Copycat!”

They have arrived and got everything prepared. Shuusuke was all pumped for fishing and began to tell stories of their childhood memories when Sana was insistent to make a campfire, simply by rubbing wood. You know, the way cavemen used to do it. His stubbornness cracked some laughters. Shuusuke gets ready for fishing when Sana gave the lure which Shuusuke gave as a present five years ago. In fact he still keeps all the presents and the memories that also reminded Nanaka how Sana still remembers the violin piece she played for him. Sana and Shuusuke started fishing with Aoi joining along with them, though Aoi was a matter of wardrobe malfunction. However Sana managed to reel in a fish and unfortunately for them, that was the only fish they could ever catch. This was expected and Aoi was prepared for it by preparing some BBQ she brought along; showing a zero confidence for Shuusuke’s fishing skills. While Aoi was preparing the fish, Sana caught sight of the bloody knife whilst Aoi cuts out the fish’s gut. Not a horror flick parody here. Sana looked terrified with the bloody knife and immediately went down the river to regain his composure. Over there he noticed a pink pebble at the riverbed and Shuri who found Sana sensed the odd look on his face. They all then have their riverside meal and it was time for desserts. Nanaka took the opportunity to share her self-baked cookies like she did before. Asami was a step further when she took out a tart she made herself. Nanaka helped from feeling alienate by her own friends.

Myself; Yourself
Shuusuke’s farewell present. Croak!

Myself; Yourself
“Bah! This is not the Superbowl’s halftime show.”

Myself; Yourself
School Days parody?

Myself; Yourself
But that sure scared the shit out of Sana.

Now it’s time for spa. Everyone was in their bathing suits, errr… bikinis and Aoi was obviously the main attraction. Then came in Nanaka. In her school swimsuit. It is such a turn off. If she is dead serious to get Sana’s attention, she should step up to the competition. And it was all about the pool and slide as they chill out in the spa. In particular to Aoi, she was initially afraid to ride down the water slide but then gotten too excited to use the slide over and over again. After all the fun, they relaxed at the poolside table when Shuusuke brought up the question why Sana still wears his wristwatch even for a swim. Sana told him that the wristwatch is waterproof but when Shuusuke asked for the watch, he refused to take it off. Nanaka wondered if the watch is dear to Sana and Shuusuke tried to poke fun at him about it. Finally the fun-filled day came to an end. Nanaka was following Aoi and Sana. Aoi asked Sana if he still remember their previous trip when they were kids. Sana acknowledged this and came to recall about Nanaka’s cookies she used to bring to those trips. Only then Nanaka told them about the cookies she brought earlier. So Aoi invited them to her house for tea. Aoi and Sana chowed down the cookies, though Aoi took them the most. Both of them complimented the cookies, with Sana adding that it tastes the same as before. As a thanksgiving gesture, Sana gave her the pink pebble he found earlier at the river. Nanaka was more than happy to receive this gift as it was a gift made special for her.

Myself; Yourself
This is how to make a turn-off for a beach/spa outing.

Myself; Yourself
Is Sana gave Shuusuke that gay look a wink?

Myself; Yourself
It’s cookie time!

Myself; Yourself
Pebble as a gift? Talk about simple gestures.

Myself; Yourself
But as they said, those small gestures are what matter the most.

Let’s get things in perspective. Sana’s terrified reaction on the bloody knife. Also in case you didn’t notice (because it was subtle), Sana responded awkwardly when Shuusuke asked him to take off his wristwatch as though he was hiding something underneath. Then he tried to divert the topic of attention. Not to forget that his mother calls him every night, checking him out. Of course this is not cause for an alarm. Any worried mother would do the same when she have a child living away from the family alone. But don’t you think that she is a little overprotective? All these clearly points to a horrible past in Sana’s life, probably taking place before he moved back to his hometown of Sakuranomori. My conjecture would be Sana attempted suicide and was sent to his hometown to recover from his bloody trauma with sweet childhood memories. Call it a therapy. On a bizarre point of view, he might have witnessed a cold-blooded murder and the killer is on hunt for him, forcing him back to Sakuranomori for refuge, though this seems to be the unlikely scenario. However we cannot ignore the fact that Sana may have a dark past.

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