Myself; Yourself (Episode 4)

Another member of the cast is introduced in this episode. Surprisingly not of somebody from their school. More ironically is that this girl is a lot younger than them. I suppose having a chibi among the cast is popular (or rather a must) in most anime these days. And some cases involve some love interest between the child characters with older ones. Somehow it seems like paedophilia. Bah! I’m just being too conservative and old-fashioned. Why not spice up the story a bit with such forbidden harem? So far, the character development is taking shape. Also I must compliment the animators for their flawless works up to this fourth episode. I just hope such good drawing and animation quality is maintained because it’s shame to tarnish such a good story. I admit it, I gotten hooked to their story. Even so I am still going through more anime titles for this fall anime listings. I’m not quite done yet and still is checking those good animes amongst them.

Myself; Yourself
Shuusuke helps a young damsel in distress.

Shuusuke was on the way home from his kendo practice at school when he stumbled upon a bunch of brats bullying a girl of their age. I tell you that these guys would regret doing this 5 years later. Anyway Shuusuke saved her and she was lovestruck at his heroic gesture. He dropped his student ID, which was later picked up by the girl. She decided to return the ID back to him at his school the next day and while at it, introduced herself to them as Mochida Hinako. And that was not the end of her. She kept on showing up to Shuusuke and the rest after school as though Shuusuke was stalked by her. Not stalking really. No stalker would actually engage their target. One night, Sana was preparing his dinner when he realised that the rice cooker was not turned on. Out of options, he had dinner outside. Coincidentally he found Hinako at the same restaurant and then joined her. It was revealed that she’s taking dinner all by herself because that her mother was away for work. Should be something routine for her already. Sana pitied her for being alone but she said that she is old enough, all because she is 10 years old already. Right… then she’ll be getting her driver’s license by 11 and vote at 12, then get married by 15. That’s very “adult” indeed. She even bragged about herself getting good grades in her middle high school. The joke’s back at her when her meal had arrived – one set of the kid’s meal. How’s that for ironic reality? Sana can’t help but to laugh it out. Hinako is no quitter. She defended that she’s getting the kid’s meal simply because of the free collectible toys. Yeah, whatever. Surprisingly Sana placed his order of a kid’s meal himself, offering her the free toy.

Myself; Yourself
Shuusuke found himself a kid stalker.

Myself; Yourself
Adults with kid’s meal?

Myself; Yourself
Gotta the kid’s meal for the freebies.

One day after school, Hinako went over to Sana for an advice. An advice for love. She confessed to Sana of her crush for Shuusuke. Sana couldn’t possibly takes her seriously but in the end, agreed to help her out together with Aoi. Sana protested against the relationship – the age gap issue. However Aoi was totally supportive of her love (Aoi got a love bible?!). The first step was to know what Shuusuke looks in a girl. Sana popped that question to Shuusuke and I was less surprised to know that Shuusuke loves girls with large breasts. Typical but oh-so-true! Strange enough he glanced over his sister for that reference. Anyways Hinako was desperate to get her boobs enlarged and asked Aoi her secret to a busty figure. Let me see, special breast massaging cream? In Aoi’s case, it was a natural. It’s in her genes. Hinako even went over to the extreme length to receive Aoi’s mother’s blood for the genetic transfer (?!). That is so not possible. However Aoi’s mother gave a piece of advice to Hinako to eat well, sleep well and grow up normally like any other healthy kids. Well that’s reasonable. Back to Shuusuke, other than the boobs, he revealed that she likes girls who can cook. Again in reference to his twin sister who failed miserably in cooking. In that perspective, Aoi was able to lend a helping hand to Hinako by teaching her how to cook. The outcome of the training however is incomprehensible. How often do you see a purple-coloured curry rice? So-call love-filled curry. Now this really reminds me of Honey and Clover. As poor Sana had to be the first one to taste Hinako’s homemade curry rice. Sana, you’re the hero!

Myself; Yourself
Sana caught in the act. Oh the obscenity!

Myself; Yourself
“What I like about girls?”

Myself; Yourself
“Well big boobs, for starters…”

Myself; Yourself
“And great cooking. And I do enjoy creativity in food.”

Then later Shuusuke’s softer side was revealed. Surprisingly he likes gentle and caring girls, more of the family type. Shuusuke is the real grown-up here. It turned out that he was “tortured” by his sister, a stomp to the groin. Ouch! With every plan backfired (it failed before it could even started), Aoi came up with the final option – Hinako confessing her true feelings to Shuusuke. To do the trick, Sana invited Shuusuke out to the aquarium together with Hinako. She came later so as to make it looks like a coincidence. Sana will then use the opportunity to leave the two some moments alone. And Sana did so by escaping to the toilet and even turned off his mobile phone to avoid Shuusuke calling for him. Eventually Shuusuke and Hinako caught up to Sana. Sana noticed her look in the eyes and called it a day. On their way back, Hinako told Sana that Shuusuke rejected her. Shuusuke was serious when he told her that he have that special someone and yet never considering any romantic relationship just yet. Hinako claimed that she is not sad because of Shuusuke treating her as an adult. But as much she tried to hold back the tears, Sana grabbed her and said to her that adults would cry too if they’re heartbroken. Finally Hinako let out her cry. That night as always, Sana was on the phone with his mother. He came to ask his mother about confessing. His mother wondered if he had someone in mind but Sana denied of having any.

Myself; Yourself
“Behold! Aoi’s bible of love.”

Myself; Yourself

Myself; Yourself
“Sorry. I don’t date minors. That’s so illegal.”

Myself; Yourself
Big girls don’t cry, don’t they?

Yet another addition to the story and somehow there are more comedy factor in this episode. Judging from the previews, there will be more laughters to come. I guess it is a common romantic spin-offs in anime to have some humour in the story. However I can’t help to compare Myself; Yourself to Honey and Clover. The story haven’t reached the climatic events yet but so far the story is good to follow with. Pushing the story aside, the character development element was not ignored when we get to know Shuusuke’s love interest. It is odd to see him comparing his taste for girls with what his sister is lacking. And is also odd enough that all of the criteria he pointed out are strikingly similar to Aoi. There is not definitive proof if Shuusuke actually has a crush on Aoi but romance among friends is all too common. I’d must say it would not benefit the originality but it’ll be just as interesting. Let’s just see how things would go on from now on.

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