Romeo x Juliet (Episode 23)

I am well aware that it is the closing chapter now and duh, the next one will be the finale. Obviously this last two episode will reveal the untimely fate that Juliet (and Romeo) have to accept. We know what’s going to happen to Juliet but the question is will it be inevitable and if so, how Romeo would cope with it? Should things work out the way Shakespeare intended, Juliet will die (becoming a tree and that is not much of a dramatic end that I want) and Romeo kills himself. A bloody end indeed. Juliet’s death is within my expectation because she don’t sacrifice herself to Escalus, Neo Verona would be gone. Not unless there’s some kind of miracle that things won’t need to end up that way, Juliet have to offer her life for the sake of the people of Neo Verona whom she cared a lot. Poor Romeo have to live with that fact. As far as expectation goes, that’s about it. There not much left for the writers in their story telling.

Romeo x Juliet
“I hereby declare Lady Juliet Fiamatta Asto Capulet as the Grand Duchess of Neo Verona.”

With his father’s death, Romeo was more than willing to pass on the throne of Neo Verona to his beloved Juliet while he intended to return to his village that he built. Unknowingly it was not over for Juliet as she gave her silent goodbye to him. Shout of cheers and rejoices are proclaimed through the streets all over Neo Verona when the Capulet flag was raised. It was a new day for a new hope for the citizen. Even Cordelia and William were hoping for a good end for Juliet’s love. However unknown to many, the Escalus is dying. Somehow this was portrayed through Ophelia that shows a part of her dying, which looks like wood. And without anyone’s knowledge except for Tybalt, Juliet had to face her death to save Neo Verona from imminent destruction. In contrast to the glorious day, the earth kept trembling. Moving on, Romeo finally brought his father’s dead body to his resting place. That’s when Tybalt comes in and revealed to Romeo that he is a son of Montague. Tybalt asked him if he is going to return to his village. Romeo admits it, saying that he did not want to interfere Juliet in her ruling duties as the Grand Duchess and came to better understanding to bring back fertility to the land because without it, comes grave consequences. Ironically that is exactly what is happening to Neo Verona and that end is soon to come without anyone realizing it.

Romeo x Juliet
Sunbathing turned ugly.

Romeo x Juliet
Medically, this is called angina or chest pains due to heart complication.

With Tybalt as his brother by default, Romeo asked him to do him a favour to give Petruchio’s coloured pebbles to his siblings and also a ride on a pegasus. Tybalt was raged to hear this and criticized him for being selfless, only to take concern for others. However Romeo looked clueless and Tybalt began ask him about Escalus. He do know about Escalus but what he did not know is about the relationship of Escalus with the daughters of the Capulet. The Capulets have long taken care of Escalus and to revive the old tradition in order to save Neo Verona, Juliet had to sacrifice herself to Escalus. Now Romeo looked really dazed. At the same time, the tremors gotten stronger and then, Conrad and the rest were informed that Juliet is missing. Conrad could have only thought that she is eloping with Romeo though actually she is on her way to Escalus. Back to Romeo, he still found it hard to accept that Juliet is going to die. Wondering if there is any other option to save Neo Verona, Tybalt couldn’t give Romeo an answer but he is sure that the only person able to stop Juliet is Romeo. This is where things gotten interesting when there are conflicting opinions. Let Juliet die, Neo Verona is safe but stopping Juliet marks the end of Neo Verona. Hard to chew, easy to digest. That’s when Romeo recalled on the old man’s words about sharing the burden with Juliet. Thus he was committed to go after Juliet.

Romeo x Juliet
This could make a nice pin-up poster.

So both Romeo and Tybalt rushed towards Escalus where they will find Juliet. But the collapsing structures separated the two and Romeo had to move forward on his own. Finally he caught up to Juliet. He asked her why did she not tell him about Escalus but she shrugged him away. Romeo told her of their vows and Juliet had to bite her tongue to tell him that she had forgotten those vows. Even so Romeo insisted to stop her from going. Juliet said that it is her fate and she will resort to aggression if he tried to stop her. Then Romeo was more willing to have her life by his sword rather than to have her burdening all the sins of men. Those words are rather powerful, complementing to this romantic story. Romeo did not want her to suffer alone since succumbing to Escalus brings eternal pain. So they both duel with their swords. However Romeo was stronger and cornered her with her sword flung away. And like any other romance story, the two locked their lips after the fight. Suddenly the worsening tremors caused many structures at the garden to crumble and caved in the top. Conrad with the search crew discovered this opening and went in. That where they found Juliet with Romeo.

Romeo x Juliet
After a big fight…

Romeo x Juliet
…it usually follows with a make up.

Romeo x Juliet
Oh no! Juliet’s boobs are bursting.

Romeo x Juliet
Got wings. Can fly.

Suddenly giant roots shoot out from the lake below, damaging the bridge in the process and separated them both. Conrad was clueless over what is happening but then Ophelia began to call out for Juliet. Juliet who is now floating (?!) had her armor broken, revealing a flower symbol on her chest. Then wings sprouted out of her and she flew forcibly towards Ophelia. Tybalt went towards Romeo to bring him his sword as he told him to get Juliet back. Thanking his brother, Romeo went to rescue his love. He was quick to reach there in time and began to leap towards Ophelia to make an attack with his sword. The giant root covered Ophelia, sending Romeo flying back away. Now that’s gonna hurt. As though Escalus is talking, Ophelia commented Juliet is beautiful. Bear in mind, Escalus is male (by nature) as revealed by the old man several episodes back. And so the unexpected happened. Ophelia kissing Juliet. However that kiss was a kiss of death. Juliet then slipped out of consciousness.

Romeo x Juliet
“Bring your manhood along to a fight, will you?”

Romeo x Juliet
It’s going to be painful for Romeo for a fall at this height.

Romeo x Juliet
Ophelia is one scary bitch!

Romeo x Juliet
Hot lesbian kiss Kiss of death

All accounts of this episode is well within expectation, except for that kiss though. This gives concrete idea of how desperate the writers become to stretch the story further to its final episode. Even so, I must admit they did well on the script. The scripts are powerful, exhibiting well the romance in this story and in particular of this episode. Speaking of exhibition, Gonzo showed their best-known traits of excellent CG. It was evident in Romeo x Juliet and in this episode, the part when the roots shooting out to the sky shows well the good CG works of Gonzo studio. So the thrill is on. Is Juliet dead already? If not, how will Neo Verona be saved from destruction? However if she dies as expected, how Romeo would react to it? Will it be the same ending as the classical end of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? Bloody will not be the theme of the ending but rather eternal love, which is pleasant and warm for an ending.

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