Kimikiss pure rouge (Episode 2)

What I like about Kimikiss pure rouge is the use of water colour in the colour range. This is definitely those similar with Honey and Clover. And what do you know, something we are familiar with here. Nodame Cantabile may have use this water colour effect but it is not too distinctive as compared to Honey and Clover. However in Kimikiss, it was pretty obvious. Or rather, it stands out. Sadly enough, the OP and ED songs are not so great or at least not of my liking. What I really like about Honey and Clover other than its story and the comical characters, are the insert songs. I have to say, I’m a fan of Suga Shikao and the songs used are just well placed. In fact the insert songs are all over the place, it seems that nearly all episodes must have one insert song. You can’t expect Nodame Cantabile to have the same since it was all classical music from episode one to the final episode. Even so, music have been the key element in the works by Kasai Kenichi and his crew. So I’d figure if the same is done for Kimikiss or perhaps they’ll trying something new this time? Well I really hope that the humour would live up to expectation because so far, it did not pick up some punches to the funny bones. This is where Myself; Yourself is better performed aside from the well-schemed plot, although Kimikiss would fare much better in voice talent and colour palettes. I’ve got to admit it, Aoi do sound rather quirky.

Kimikiss pure rouge
“Hmmm… taste like curry. Must be lunch.”

Picking up from where the story left off, Kazuki was still pondering on the kiss earlier and poor Nana was left out by her brother though she is excited on getting into the first year of high school. Kazuki have no idea what the kiss meant other than her saying that the kiss did not felt good as she had expected. Well no passion without romance I guess. Meanwhile Kouichi is worried about Mao not sleeping, worrying that she’ll be late to school again and that will give a bad impression for her. However she said that she had no trouble making friends with her classmates expect for one guy though. Then she began to talk about Kouichi whom she suspect that he have a girl in mind. Kouichi tried to avoid the topic but Mao was very insistent about it. The next day, Kazuki walked to school with Nana and gotten curious, if not ashamed, by the frog plushie hanging on her bag. Then they were greeted by Hiiragi who already started his promotional campaign for his movie club. Giving Kazuki copies of the PR movie (yeah, that gorilla movie), he asked him to hand them out. Came in a luxury car and out goes a student named Shijyo Mitsuki, apparently from a wealthy family. At least that is according to Hiiragi who have covered on all the girls in the school. As they entering the school, the public moral prefect stopped Nana for bringing the frog plushie. Never crossed my mind that bring toys to school is illegal. Anyway it turns out to be Kuryu Megumi, a student from their class. Even so Kazuki did not even try to bail her sister. At least Nana was not alone. It seems that rich girl Mitsuki also brought along her frog plushie (it’s a collectible, d’oh!).

Kimikiss pure rouge
“Oh no! I’m watching King Kong tonight.”

Kimikiss pure rouge
“This is no ordinary frog. This is Hermit!”

Kimikiss pure rouge
Frog destiny brought Nana and Mitsuki together.

Kimikiss pure rouge
Kuryu Megumi – iron fist of discipline

Having thought that Hiiragi hold more knowledge on most girls in their school, Kazuki asked him about Eriko. Well it’s pretty much what many knows, a gifted student from class 2-C and not in a relationship. I don’t know if that is news to Kazuki, I am not too sure about his intention as well. However she was on a totally different league, avoiding people most of the time. As expected, Mao and Kouichi are late to school and they came in dashing through the closing gate, only to be “greeted” by Megumi. Soon after, Kazuki tried to look for Eriko but she was nowhere to be seen. It’s recess time and Kazuki joined Sanada to distribute the CDs of the movie project they have made, in hopes to recruit the first year students. It was then he noticed a paperplane and figured that it would be from Eriko. Meanwhile Mao was walking down the hallway when she overheard a saxophone playing. She checked out who is playing and surprisingly it turns out to be Kai Eiji. Yeah, that arrogant bastard. However the moment she came up to him, he packed his saxophone and walked away. Mao asked him if he hates her or something but he gave the same answer he told him yesterday that they won’t get along together. Then he asked her if she is taking the entrance exam. Given that the answer is a yes, the shocker here is that Eiji is not taking that exam. He found that it is a bother to talk with others who have nothing else in mind but the entrance exam. Eiji planned to join a competition and place himself as a professional musician. Mao finds it awesome for him to have a dream like that and promised him not to talk about exam whenever she engages a conversation with him. So in such a way, the two become friends. No more asshole-faced attitude from Kai.

Kimikiss pure rouge
“King Kong vs. Godzilla. Buy one, free one!”

Kimikiss pure rouge
Eiji wants to becone Kenny G’s protege.

Kazuki made it to the school’s rooftop and found Eriko there. Kazuki thought that she was on a break because she was not attending class and the entrance ceremony. Instead Eriko said that he was not attentive enough. Kazuki wanted to discuss about the kiss yesterday and she simply said that it was an experiment, though he found it to be inappropriate. Due to his uneasiness, she put off the so-called experiment as abruptly as she started it. But I was more surprised to see Kazuki easily accepting it. Come on, you get free kisses (by kisses, I mean I don’t refer to those chocolates) with no question asked. Kouichi was still hot on his heels to promote the movie club and came upon (Hoshino) Yuumi. He acknowledged her and she thought that he did not even know her name because they never talked to each other. Gosh, he have a crush on her and he never ever talked to her? Dude! Your manhood please! Mao who saw this understand the situation pretty well. It must have that she figured who is Kouichi’s crush. That night, Mao talked over the matter with Kouichi and told him to be more confident of himself and then she was committed to train Kouichi into a man who Yuumi will like. Kouichi said he’s worried. Well he’d better be.

Kimikiss pure rouge
Mao x Eiji

Kimikiss pure rouge
Kazuki x Eriko

Kimikiss pure rouge
Kouichi x Yuumi

By now, all the possible love interests are laid down. First one, Kouichi and Yuumi. This is the obvious one and if only Kouichi brings along his manhood to make initiative for Yuumi, things might work out well for them both. Nevertheless their relationship is on positive forecast. Then there’s Mao and Eiji. The two had finally settled their conflicts and those unnecessary bitter past was put behind. Now they paved a better future in terms of relationship together. The question is whether they become ever closer and brings an eventual love blossoming. Hard to tell for now but chances are they might make it together. Finally an odd one, Kazuki and Eriko. He was well aware that this brilliant girl is possibly difficult and complicated to deal with. Her gifted brain makes it even more impossible for her be close with anyone at all. Surprisingly Kazuki was able to approach her, what more having an attraction for her. But honestly, it must be that kiss. If not for the kiss, I bet he won’t go all over her. Even so, these conflicting feelings make it worthwhile to have a watch on these two unlike other possible love interest. Come on, this girl takes a kiss as an experiment and what not a much more physical engagement to come.

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