Music Review

Another music review and this time, I’m taking on Japanese music. I am a fan to the Japanese pop culture but not to the extreme side. Even so, I find very few Japanese music to my liking but somehow I am much attached to J-Rock. I suppose that their rock genre is well suited for me. And here are two Japanese rock bands that received fairly widespread popularity.


L'Arc~en~Ciel - KISS

L’Arc~en~Ciel must be the best and the most popular Japanese rock band after B’z. I look B’z as Japan’s own Rolling Stone but nothing can be synonymous to L’Arc~en~Ciel. Bold if I may be but I believe L’Arc~en~Ciel has reinvented rock, if not J-Rock. Not only they received huge popularity in their homeland, they have also have a huge fan base in many other countries. And includes myself. Sure enough, their latest KISS is their most anticipated release this year after teasing fans with various singles releases.Despite the title, KISS have a rather festive mood to it with tracks like Hurry Xmas, Seventh Heaven and Link. And yeah, just like any other Japanese album out there, most of their tracks are already on release as singles. So I’ll be getting to the new ones. In general, each of these new tracks are distinctive but some have adaptive flair from their older album such as REAL and SMILE. However among them, my favourite is Spiral, which is another original tune from them. As I have mentioned earlier, KISS may have that festive mood kicking but it is not a holiday special release although you might consider that particular Christmas song.

Must listen: Umibe
My ratings: 5/5

abingdon boys school
abingdon boys school

abingdon boys school - abingdon boys school

abingdon boys school may be a new rock band but their lead singer is a veteran in the industry who is formerly known as T.M. Revolution. abingdon boys school have tried hard to make the big break by making songs for various animes. From stay away for NANA and INNOCENT SORROW for D.Gray-man to the much popular anime Darker than BLACK with HOWLING. Indeed they did a good job for a decent publicity exposure. The underlying issue is whether they will be perceived well by millions of listeners in Japan and across the globe or not. One cannot simply rely on the huge fanfare generated from anime alone. In regards to their self-titled debut album, they did well in producing original tracks. However each of them are not so different to each other. At times, it is hard to differentiate which track to which. Suffice to say, they all sounded the same but it is not too boring to listen to. Although most of the tracks are average to me, there is one particular track gained my attention. abingdon boys school attempted to make their own rendition of Dress, made popular by BUCK-TICK. And honestly, abingdon did better for this song this time. So that’s one point advantage for them.

Must listen: Dress
My ratings: 3/5

In the spirit of giving this holiday (I know it is still early but it felt like Christmas comes early this year, don’t you think?), two of these awesome albums are available for download – KISS and abingdon boys school. Files are hosted on sendspace so the download link may be available for limited period only. So grab ’em while they’re hot.

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