Myself; Yourself (Episode 5)

From the preview of episode 5, I figured that this episode would be made into a horror flick. Or so I thought. Much of the buzz are nothing but false perception because the episode is nothing close of being horrific, not even to the extend of scaring off the cats away. Lame indeed. It was even obvious from the first few minutes that there is no way that it’s going to be scary to watch. Though some of the scenes maybe suggestive but those are more the dark past rather than being so ghoulish. Speaking of which, I was surprised to know that Sana may not be the only one with a dark secret. Nanaka, of all the people, have an unfortunate past related to violin and it was yet not known. I believe as the story progresses, Sana would learn about this and eventually help her, together with the rest to overcome her fears. Otherwise we won’t be seeing her playing the violin in the OP. Now I wonder what’s fire had to do with any of those dark past?

Myself; Yourself
“Cat speaks human language. Cat wants food!”

Nanaka was in practice for her dance performance during the upcoming Sakura Festival at the local shrine. Due to this, she was not able to join her friends for karaoke. In fact the sakura dance will be performed for the first time in 10 years. I guess Nanaka must felt the pressure to get it all perfect since it is about reliving dying tradition. Nanaka admitted of no intention to do the dance but feeling obliged to his uncle whom she stayed with. Sana asked her the reason she is staying with his uncle but Nanaka avoided the question. Later that afternoon, Sana bumped into Asami (yet again) and asked him to accompany her to buy a cat collar. She denied of owning a cat but said that the cat belongs to the retirement home (old folks home) where she works as a volunteer. While at it, Asami invited Sana to volunteer himself with her in the retirement home since a guy is needed there. Nanaka happens to pass by the pet store and saw Sana together with Asami. Feeling envious, she tried to run away but stopped. It was then Sana and Asami came out of the shop. Immediately he explained that he ran into Asami and helped her to choose a cat collar. Then Sana asked Nanaka to join them along to go to the retirement home but only to realize that she have dance practice. However jealousy of seeing Sana with Asami overwhelmed her thoughts and she agreed despite of the dance performance she have to worry about.

Myself; Yourself
Never underestimate the oldtimers in gaming.

Myself; Yourself
Muddy hands are creepy? I beg to differ.

That day arrived and both Sana and Nanaka showed up at the retirement home together with Asami. Seeing the cat coming, she gave the cat the collar she bought the other day. Sana and Nanaka were surprised to see Shuri at the home. Apparently Shuri was the first one to do volunteer works at the home, before Asami joined her a little later. Then Sana get to know the reason why he was needed there – video game partner. Hey old people are not half bad! While they were having fun with the residents of the home, Asami asked the home caretaker about Grandma Kaji. She was told that Kaji was feeling a little down but that was the least of the concern. The caretaker told Asami that ever since Kaji had lost her granddaughter, she had been acting strangely. On one account, Kaji was missing from the home but later came back to the home with hands covered with mud. So she suggested for Asami and the rest to pay Kaji a visit. And so they did. Despite of what the caretaker explained earlier, Kaji seems to be nice old lady. But that was until Sana and Nanaka came into the room. Kaji got up and began to call out for her granddaughter Motoko. She mistook Nanaka for her dead granddaughter! But the caretaker rushed to Kaji to wake her up to her senses and then Kaji apologized for the intrusive behaviour. Kaji described her granddaughter as a nice, gentle girl and good at violin. Kaji even kept Motoko’s violin as a memento of her. Coincidentally Nanaka can also play the violin and Sana suggested Nanaka to play the violin for Kaji’s sake. Even Kaji insisted her to play. However she refused to play with a hint of flashback showing flame. This probably suggest of bad memories that made her stop playing the violin. That afternoon after the volunteer works, Sana apologized to Nanaka for asking her to play the violin earlier though she did not blame him for it.

Myself; Yourself
Memoir of the dead girl.

Myself; Yourself
“Can’t… control hand… must stop… hand… strangle… myself…”

Finally it’s the day of the Sakura Festival and Aoi was more than prepared in her yukata. They were very excited about the festival and came there quite early although Nanaka’s performance is at night. So they started their fun there at the festival site at the shrine with Shuusuke challenged Sana to a duel. Sana emerged the winner and gotten himself a plushie as his prize. That plushie looks like Yeti-kun, the ones collected by Hinako. They spotted Nanaka at a stall and Sana stopped over to her place. Since Nanaka still have time before her performance, she decided to help out at the stall. Sana showed the plushie to Nanaka and it appears that Nanaka wanted it from Sana (since he and the rest did not want the doll) but then Hinako came. What a timing! Sana remembered that Hinako is collecting the plushies so he decided to give the plushie to her instead. Poor Nanaka. Not wanting to disturb Nanaka working, Sana then left with Hinako. Crowds began to gather in anticipation for the upcoming dance performance while Nanaka prepares herself. Before the start of the performance, Shuri asked Sana if he knows about the legend of the Twin Hills. Sana verified if it is about the sakura blooming on the elder and younger hills, then one’s wishes will be granted. Shuri asked again about the sakura dance and at that point, Sana was clueless. Shuri explained that the dance serves as an offering for the sakura to bloom on the Twin Hills. However ages ago, it is believed that human sacrifices were used instead of dances, where human offerings were buried alive at the base of the sakura on top of each hills. Then out goes a rumour that human skeletons were found during the construction of the school years ago. Aoi was spooked by the story but Hinako handled it well, convinced that nothing would have happen even if human remains were to be found there. Shuusuke commented Hinako as mature though she figured that he did not actually mean it. The knowledge came to Shuri from Grandma Kaji whose husband had researched on the local customs and history. Then it was showtime for Nanaka.

Myself; Yourself
Aoi in yukata, her festival uniform.

Myself; Yourself
“Ooo… plushie. I liek plushie. I wanna plushie.”

Myself; Yourself
“Not when I get it first. Gimme my Yeti-kun!”

Myself; Yourself
Dancing with the stars? Dancing under the stars? Go figure.

After the dance, Sana went to see Nanaka to check her out. Sana complimented her performance and well, expectedly Nanaka was all blushing. Then Sana invited Nanaka to walk through the stalls for old time sake. Suddenly a dark figure rushed past Nanaka and this caused her to jump in terror to Sana’s embrace. She hugged him so tight until Sana felt uncomfortable. Sana assured her that the figure is nothing but a raccoon. Then they were in the moment. Yeah, the moment and they began to reach out to each other’s hands and all of the sudden, Hinako came out to them. Well to the least, all well ends well for Nanaka this time. At times, I felt pathetic looking at Nanaka’s jealous reaction whenever she sees Sana with Asami. Why can’t she come clean with him and confess her true feelings already? I’m sure Sana felt the same way as well. The scene where Sana and Nanaka have some private moments together was evident enough for their unrequited feelings. Thought the central theme this episode was supposed to be horror, I can’t help to see a little romance with solid character development along the way. But then again, there’s this final scene with Grandma Kaji watching the TV alone with her cat in the dark. Is that suppose to be the suspense factor?

Myself; Yourself
You know what they say about passing by a black cat.

Myself; Yourself
“Harrass me sexually please!”

Myself; Yourself
Grandma Kaji just recently found the porn channel.

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