Myself; Yourself (Episode 6)

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I still have a lot to catch up with but I’ll be taking the one at a time. So another review for Myself; Yourself before I get back to Kimikiss pure rouge. So for this episode of Myself; Yourself, we get another Hinako feature episode and this is just after her debut on episode 4. What I initially thought is that Hinako would only serve as a filler for the story rather than undertaking main roles to the story. I can’t see how she is related to them but for now, I can’t simply ignore her existence. This episode did not pick up from what was left from episode 5, so we can only guess what had really happened to Nanaka in the past and sure enough, we won’t be getting the answer anytime soon. In regards to Hinako, episode 4 (her debut appearance) was entitled “I’m Not a Child” and episode 6 this time is entitled “I’m an Adult”. We do know that Hinako is desperate for other people to acknowledge her as an adult but having these two titles sounded very similar, are we getting a similar story here? I hope not. So what’s next for Hinako? I’m a Grown-up?

Myself; Yourself
Hinako is home alone again. I can’t help to feel sorry for her.

Hinako walks into a lavish apartment building, which probably figures that she is from a wealthy family. She made her way to her empty apartment and found a note from her mother that she won’t be home until tomorrow night. It was revealed that she was always alone at home but this time, she seems quite saddened and lonely. So then she showed up to Sana’s apartment and decided to stay overnight at his place. Already she felt like home; she chased him out so that she could change her clothes. Oddly Sana obeyed but then realized that something is not right, only to barge in and saw Hinako in her undergarments. After that the two argued about her staying with him and of course, Sana opposed to the idea. In the heat of the argument, Sana tripped over a magazine and fell on top of Hinako on the bed. And as expected (well I did predict this would happen again), Aoi happens to come in to bring Sana some food but instead, saw them both together on the bed. So she panicked with her misunderstood thought. Don’t be silly, this is no child porn show and I’m sure Sana is not a lolicon, right? Sana explained the situation to Aoi, including about Hinako’s plan to stay overnight with Sana. Aoi was no help at all. She agree with Hinako’s suggestion.

Myself; Yourself
Sana’s own project to make child pornography.

Myself; Yourself
This is how the panel members of the censorship board would normally react.

Myself; Yourself
Age 11. Height 125 cm. Breast size not verified.

Myself; Yourself
Not exactly what Sana had in mind of his first time sleeping with a girl.

That night Hinako intended to cook dinner for both of them but Sana’s bad experience with Hinako’s cooking before made him trying to stop her from cooking. However she convinced him that she had improved. And improved is what she’s worth. The food looks much better than before but improved is not what Hinako got entirely correct. The food still sucks so eating out is the better choice. After dinner, Hinako informed Sana that she’ll be taking her bath and sternly warned him to not to take a peek on her. While she spends time at the bathtub, Sana decided to do some investigating himself. Going through some of her stuff, he got hold to her student ID and got her contact details. So he called the number and got received by the answering machine instead. Well that goes to prove how lonely Hinako is. Sana left a message to explain himself about Hinako’s stay at his place. It was then Sana noticed her birth date and realized that her birthday is today. Then he called Aoi for some help. It was already late and they both feel sleepy. Since there was only one bed, Sana had to sleep on the floor but moments later, she allowed him to sleep on the bed with her with the reason that she used to have a huge Yeti-kun plushie with her on bed. So she wanted him to substitute her Yeti-kun. She revealed that the plushie was a present from his father and she would notmally sleep with the plushie. Having realized that she is no longer a kid, she can’t be sleeping with the plushie anymore. Even so, she needs Sana for that purpose and asked him to keep it a secret.

Myself; Yourself
Don’t you just hate nosy neighbours?

Myself; Yourself
“Date in trouble? Fret not, I, Shuusuke, am here!”

Myself; Yourself
Nothing personal but I hate framed pictures.

The next day Sana brought Hinako out for shopping and as they left the apartment, Aoi who spied on them at a distance reported in. I sense that a plan may have set to motion. Sana explained to Hinako that he’s planning to buy a present for a girl and asked Hinako for suggestions. After spending some time at the departmental store, Hinako found a clock and suggested Sana to buy that clock as the present. However Sana thought it was expensive and by coincidence, Shuusuke met up with them although the meeting was already planned. The meeting was supposed to be accidental but Shuusuke being too showy doesn’t seems coincidental at all but at least Hinako bought it. Showing the clock again, Shuusuke agreed to pay half of the cost for the clock. So they spent the rest of the afternoon watching movie and hanging out before heading back to Sana’s place. Once inside, Hinako received a surprise (belated) birthday bash from Aoi, Nanaka and Shuri. In that gesture, Sana presented the clock they have bought earlier to Hinako. They have fun for the birthday party to the extent of having karaoke when Shuusuke brought his mini karaoke set. Finally the fun came to an end and Hinako had to return home. Sana walked her along the way and Hinako asked for a leave at the traffic light junction. Sana said to her that she will always be welcomed to his place anytime and before they parted ways, Hinako gave him a peck on his cheek.

Myself; Yourself

Myself; Yourself
“Happy birthday, Hinako!”

Myself; Yourself
It seems that American Idol is coming soon.

Myself; Yourself
“And here’s my thank you for last night…”

A birthday party for this dear princess. To put things in Hinako’s perspective, this birthday bash would probably the most fun of many of her birthdays.Having working parents can be very lonely at times and fun-filled days like this one would be memorable for her. So the kiss would be a gesture of her gratitude for everything Sana did for her. Nothing personal, of course. She have a crush on Shuusuke, remember? But then again, Sana’s kind nature and charm would likely attract some of her feeling for him. Come to think of it, Sana is the type of guy who is very nice especially to girls and has this peculiar habit of giving out anything to girls. Recall the pink pebble, the Yeti-kun doll and the flower bracelet. He simply gives those away without any thought. Well he may have some feelings when he handed the bracelet to Nanaka when they were kids but all the presents he give now seemed… how to put it… meaningless. But to the least, he is sincere. And this made him a nice guy, except for his ignorance.

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