Dragonaut: The Resonance (Anime Preview)

We have astronauts, then cosmonauts and now we get Dragonauts. I know what many would think that this might be a cross of dragons and astronauts. Well only I began watching Dragonaut: The Resonance after some recommendation and no, I don’t watch it for the sake of those girls with huge breasts. I read this somewhere that if you want to want big boobs, you’d be rather watching hentai. Dragonaut is not the appropriate escapade for lustful desires. What I was interested about Dragonaut is that one of the characters looks exactly like Yin. Well almost; she got bigger breasts than Yin but putting that aside, it is rather odd if not interesting to see a copy of character design into this anime. It’s either the animators ran out of ideas or this could end up like another Lucky Star. When I did further research on this series, it happens to be that all of the voice casts from Suzumiya Haruhi are working on this anime. A shocker indeed. Yeah that’s right, the lovely Hirano Aya or Haruhi herself (also as Misa Amane from Death Note) who is now as a villain in this story, Sugita Tomokazu or Kyon (also as Mayama Takumi from Honey and Clover) who voices for Jin’s father and Howling Star, Goto Yuko or the sweet Asahina Mikuru who is the voice behind Makina, Chihara Minori or better known for Nagato Yuki who is now the voice of Toa (surprisingly she got the lead female for Dragonaut) and not forgotten is Ono Daisuke or Koizumi Itsuki who also takes the lead role as Jin. Yes, the wacky crew are in Dragonaut for now, before rejoining again for the highly anticipated sequel of Suzumiya Haruhi early next year. I’m not sure if the producers are plotting for the Haruhi effect for this anime but I doubt the story would be as twisted as Suzumiya Haruhi. Will they bring the same magic in Dragonaut as they did for Suzumiya Haruhi?

The Resonance
Dragonaut: The Resonance

In the future when men are able to travel to the moon by flight, Kamishina Jin spend some time with his friend Tachibana Kazuki before take-off. Jin’s father came to them as Jin prepares himself for the flight. It also happens that Jin’s father is the pilot for the space shuttle which Jin will board with his mother and sister Ai later. At the far reach of space, some space objects are heading towards Earth while the space shuttle began to speed along the huge yet magnificent runway. The preflight inspection was done in English, so be prepared for some heavily Japanese-accented English. The take-off was a success but not for long when the space shuttle collided with the falling space objects. The ill-fated ISDA Flight 029 has met its doom along with all of the passengers. However one person made it alive. The person was Jin. To the present day (still in the future, the opening scene was in the past), Jin left a house, probably of his relatives, to school though the house residents did not seem to care for him at all. Jin said to himself that he is alone. Dragonaut comes off with a strong start or rather an explosive one and things are holding up well for now.

The Resonance
Best friends, Kamishina Jin and Tachibana Kazuki.

The Resonance
He probably woke up at the wrong side of the bed though he had survived the crash.

Raina Cromwell (ANN quoted Lina Cromwell but Lina is too feminine for this guy), the leader of the Lindwurm Squad from the International Solarsystem Development Agency (ISDA; I insist for “Solar System” though) showed up for a live TV talk show. In the in-depth discussion, Raina talked of progress of the missile development for the impending threat of the Thanatos asteroid that might collide with Earth with the development of the D-Project. Let me guess, Dragonaut Project? Listening to this broadcast is journalist Yonamine Kou who was in his car when he saw Jin walked past by. You’d know Kou for his magazine articles posted on Dragonaut’s official site. It was revealed from him that the flight accident two years ago (so it was two year ago then) that the pilot who is Jin’s father was to be blamed for the incident and that the accident’s sole survivor is not doing well with his relatives. But Jin ignored him and left for the school bus. It was then Kou spotted a girl and quickly grabbed his camera to get a shot but the girl had gone away. Apparently Jin’s relatives are not the only ones having trouble mixing with him. Even inside the school bus that he rides on, students inside began to whisper about him as though he has this bad luck aura around him. He must have felt sorry for himself until that he did not leave the bus although he had already arrived to his school.

The Resonance
Movies like Armageddon and Deep Impact got an anime makeover. Now as asteroid Thanatos.

The Resonance
ISDA’s Lindwurm Squad leader, Raina Cromwell

Kou made contact with a researcher from ISDA, Kitajima Yuuri to show her the blurry picture of the girl he took earlier. Yuuri referred the girl as Communicator of Album though she could not say anything more about the picture and then she walked away. Returning to the ISDA headquarters building, Yuuri went to a section of the building where she met with Profesor Nozaki to inform him about the plan for a new Resonance that night. So that night a candidate was brought in to the ISDA headquarters. The candidate is Jin’s old friend, Kazuki and he began to approach a large embryo butt-naked. Obviously sexuality plays a key role throughout the story. Everyone at the facility witnessed carefully at him as Kazuki reaching his hands towards the embryo when suddenly tentacles shoot out from the embryo and penetrated Kazuki at his hand. It is as though the embryo sucked some blood out of him and in my prediction, the embryo began to take shape in his likeness. After the researchers checked out the data, Yuumi congratulated Kazuki for the successful Resonance and with that, he officially becomes a Dragonaut. In the city somewhere at an alley, a woman made a terrifying encounter when a beast appeared in front of her. Her scream of terror was heard by Jin who was nearby and once he had reached there, he saw the beast feeding on the woman. Frightened, Jin reacted to run away and the beast gave chase. Obviously Jin is no match against the beast despite his attempt to hit it with metal rod. Finally he was cornered to the edge of the building and with a strike, he was on a free fall to the ground.

The Resonance
Kazuki ushered to ISDA HQ building by Souya Akira (left) and Makina.

The Resonance
“No! No! Not the nipple!”

The Resonance
Jin was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He should have not seen this.

It was then Jin began recalling his memories of the shuttle incident two years ago where his mother and sister tragically perished right in front of his eyes. Then he remembered vaguely of seeing a light fast approaching at him. Out of nowhere, a girl (the same on Kou spotted earlier) leaped from a building and caught Jin from falling. Kou who was at the scene, confirmed the girl as a Communicator and he made a call. At the same time, ISDA had been alerted of the presence of the Album. Yuuri requested the deployment of the Dragonauts from her superior, Commander Sasaki and he approved. One thing that I am curious is that Sasaki looked at a picture of a little girl when he commanded the Dragonauts. The girl who we know now as the Communicator of Album is fighting with the beast and boy, she have one heck of a brute strength. In the fighting, a truck rammed hard on the beast before exploding at the side of the highway and the girl took that chance to escape with Jin. The beast survived the blast unharmed but seeing a car approaching, it ran away. The car pulled over and the driver went out to get his master. The driver looks more of a butler to me. Away from the chaos on top of a hill overlooking the city, Jin regained consciousness and looked around to get his coordinates. Then he remembered about the beast and the girl. He turned to his side and saw the girl. He asked her who she is and she introduced herself as Toa. Holding each other’s hands, Jin had finally felt that he is no longer alone.

The Resonance
“Not again…”

The Resonance
Fret not! Wonder Woman to the rescue.

The Resonance
This girl had been taking taekwondo lessons.

The Resonance
A new day for Jin when he met Toa for the first time.

GONZO did well on the pilot episode of Dragonaut though I believe they could have done a better job. By comparison to Romeo x Juliet last season, GONZO did much better. Even so, the animation is solid and good for this introduction but I hope this could be keep up for episodes to come. Regarding the Haruhi cast, I could hardly noticed them throughout this episode and I must say, I’m impressed of how they have managed to “mask” their voice and not to sound much alike from Haruhi. Well only Yuko Goto’s Mikuru voice was noticeable. But the rest toned up their voice, especially Hirano Aya who played the antagonist part well. She sounded rather sexy, and yeah, the character she took (Garnet McLanet) looks sexy too with her oversize boobs. If there is one thing I am really impressed about the story so far is the landscape design. Buildings look sophisticated and the runway is my personal favourite. A rather outstanding landmark. Even so, I still think GITS have the best city landscape design. Now for the storyline, I’d say it is rather predictable. At this point, I have yet to see any dragons yet. Only a beast, which might turn out to be a dragon in the end. But in retrospect to the OP and ED, I noticed how Dragonauts are paired up with a partner. Some sort of a master-servant relationship is what I foresee, I believe the Dragonauts master have dragons as their servants. Hence the name Dragonaut, the handler of dragon. Yes, I know that the servants are human but really, they only look like humans but I bet they will morph into a dragon eventually. It’s evident in the OP and ED. Speaking of OP and ED, where’s Yin already? Although she’s in the OP and ED, she had a no-show in this episode. Bummer!

4 Responses to “Dragonaut: The Resonance (Anime Preview)”

  1. 3 December 2007 at 3:34 pm

    The boob-ers have just began. Watch out for enhanced ones! Hm, I think Yin won’t be appearing in the next few episodes. Perhaps the 4th. I didn’t know the voice cast was Haruhi cast, darn, they are just too good. I like the OP and it’s my 1st song on playlist! =D

    Sadly…this season is so dry…only watching this and gundam 00…I shld try ghost hound…or shld i not…hellgirl was disappointing..I hope another horror anime doesn’t disappoint again.

  2. 2 Brian
    4 December 2007 at 1:15 am

    “enhanced” does sounds very intriguing….

    yeah, you’re right about this season. none of them have originality and the must-watch factor. however if you consider something out of the ordinary, i recommend you watching minami-ke.

    can’t wait for next season of winter 2008 animes. a lot sequels expected, including haruhi (of course), gunslinger girls and (surprise) sayonara zetsubou sensei

  3. 3 Lob
    4 December 2007 at 1:29 pm

    Wait till you see it…it’s annoying really.

    I heard ghost hound and moyashimon are not too ba. Will catch them.

    Heh, looks like fanboy galore series. Only interested in haruhi because of the unusual theme.

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