Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 2)

Random humor: A pilot commenting on Sukhoi fighter jet during an airshow, “This jet is very sophisticated indeed. It has weapons, mechanicals, engine…” Now which high-tech plane does not have an engine?

Most of my predictions from my previous post for Dragonaut turned out to be true. Already we get the basic idea from the beginning before it was revealed on this episode, clearly shows the predictability of the story. So now, what we are going to expect is them defending Earth from the threats of Thanatos. I’m not sure if the writers intended to give away this to the viewers to guess it out correct but this sure gives some of the relief that this story may not be as complicated as many would anticipate. To the least, the writers still able to leave some mysteries revolving around the story in regards to the Dragons and Thanatos. But hey, the story had just begun and it is too early for speculations. In contrast to the first episode that lacks the wow-factor in animation, the animation for this episode had surely improved. Yeah, I get it. There’s the Dragons scene that really brings out GONZO’s capability in generating superb CG. Somehow I felt that the animations are better, probably because it gave way to more action scene in this episodes. Even so, my comparison suggested that Genshiken 2 pulled off the best in terms of animation this time around. Nonetheless this doesn’t mean Dragonaut is less interesting, in fact they came with great amount of interest to many of anime viewers. But it is as I mentioned earlier, it is too early to judge.

The Resonance
Jin is not too confident about his manhood.

The Resonance
Sieglinde Baumgard approves.

Jin woke up at a place he is unfamiliar with and then remembered what had happened earlier. Back then, Toa promised to wait for him at the lighthouse before disappearing. Moments later Sieglinde Baumgard (quoted from Wikipedia, though ANN stated her name as Jacqueline Baumgold) and her butler Amadeus (this guy must be her Dragon) arrived which then Amadeus knocked Jin out cold. Remembering those clearly, Jin checked around the room he is trapped in and noticed a camera in the room. He demanded for his release and when he asked where he is, he told that he is in ISDA building. Then came in Sieglinde with Amadeus to talk to him about the shuttle crash two years ago. Elsewhere in the building, Kazuki introduced himself to his newly-conceived Dragon and named the Dragon as Gio which he misread the code G10 from the tube. Meanwhile Jin confronted the person in-charge of the Dragonauts, Commander Beisel Sakaki (Wikipedia quoted Baisil Sakaki) and Sakaki made it clear to Jin that the shuttle crash was not due to his father’s error. Displaying the image of Thanatos to Jin, Sakaki explained that Thanatos will eventually hit Earth despite public assurance that this would not going to happen. Then Sakaki showed the ultimate truth to Jin – what had caused the shuttle crash. Revealing a gigantic tube behind him, Sakaki told him that the incident was caused by the being inside the tube, which is an extraterrestrial being from Thanatos that came to Earth in which they named it as a Dragon. Bewildered but furious, he did not want his father to be blamed for the shuttle incident and have the Dragon held responsible for the crash. Then Raina stepped in, saying that it won’t be done and asked Jin of the consequences if the matter had gone public.

The Resonance
A Dragon is about to born.

The Resonance
“The truth is out there, Jin.”

The Resonance
“Now we know that Dragons are not giant lizards but a freaking mecha.”

The Resonance
Head of the Dragonauts, Commander Beisel Sakaki.

Sakaki stated that Dragonauts are Earth’s final hope for humanity against Thanatos. He believed if he hates Thanatos, he should join the Dragonauts. An open invitation to Jin but he could care less about it other than proving his father’s innocence. Jin walked away and said that he is going back home but Sieglinde hit him hard, saying that he doesn’t have a home to go to. They were interrupted by Kazuki who came in when both Jin and Kazuki made an unexpected encounter with each other. Afterwards the two headed to the Dragonauts Facility where Jin is going to stay for the moment. Kazuki felt happy to see Jin who had quit the Astronaut Cadet School after the crash. Kazuki rekindled their childhood memories when they made a promise to each other to go to the space together one day. So he urged Jin to join the Dragonauts. Jin then asked him if he knew about the crash was not his father’s fault and Kazuki admitted to the fact only after he joined the Dragonauts. Meanwhile Raina asked Sakaki if it is alright to have Jin joining the Dragonaut team. Sakaki reaffirmed that Jin has the Album and knowing that they will make contact again in the future, he wants every effort to have the Album captured when it happens. At Jin’s current residence, he was still angry about what Sakaki had told him earlier then suddenly recalled about Toa who promised to wait for him at the lighthouse. And so he rushed to the lighthouse and met with Toa there. They spent the time watching the sunset and without them noticing, a camera was spying on them and the feed was linked to ISDA. Jin asked Toa if she had ever been to space before and asked her how Earth looks like from space. Toa described it as beautiful and holding each other’s hand, they both looked at the starry sky. She then used her power (ESP?) to destroy the spy camera.

The Resonance
Kazuki and Jin. Old friends reunited.

The Resonance
They have only met for a few hours and they turned lovey-dovey together?

The Resonance
“Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you. These guns are just toys anyways.”

Sakaki informed the Lindwurm team about the image feed of Jin with the Album has been disconnect and giving their location at the lighthouse, Sakaki ordered the team to cooperate with their Communicators in order to capture the Album and use force only when necessary. Immediately Raina designated tasks to each member while their Communicators or the Dragons are on the move. After Jin and Toa made their escape, they stopped by the vending machine and then Toa advised Jin to stay away from the ISDA. All of the sudden, ISDA troops surrounded them and Souya Akira asked them to come with them. Feeling threatened, Toa grabbed Jin and made their escape. Before they could do so, Makina used her power to grab Toa by her foot but she was still able to break free. Leaving Jin elsewhere in the woods, Toa escaped to another place but soon after, all the Communicators managed to surround Toa. As soon as Jin reached there, an explosion creates fire and just when Jin was about to make a move, Kazuki halted him while pointing a gun at him. Jin was shocked by Kazuki’s action but he denied to have intended to shoot at him and saying that they’re best friends, Kazuki tried to convince him to join the Dragonaut. However Jin found it hard to accept that he’s being chased and Kazuki pointed the gun at him, yet he still wants them to remain as best friends. Jin can’t help to think that he is all alone. Kazuki was overwhelmed by Jin’s words and lowered his gun but unknowingly, another man began to point a gun at Jin. This guy Amagi Keichii who is another member of the Dragonaut opened fire.

The Resonance
Jin felt betrayed.

The Resonance
Keichii don’t mind shooting him though.

The Resonance
Toa demonstrates how to catch a bullet.

Fortunately Toa was in time to cover Jin and took him away. Although Toa took the shot, her wound recovered instantly. She is obviously not human but then again, we knew this fact since episode 1 already. In the heat of the moment, Toa kissed him and said that he is not alone since he have her. Amadeus, Howling Star and Makina gave Toa a chase while Kazuki argued with Keichii for his reckless shooting just now. Then his Communicator Spirytus came out of the flames and transformed into the beast that Jin escaped from before. Meanwhile at ISDA facility, they’ve detected irregularities in the data from Spirytus and the communication level with his master had dropped. Meaning Spirytus is getting out of control. Spirytus transformed further into a Dragon and killed his master along the way. The rest of the Lindwurm team were informed about it and Raina knew that if a Dragon is without a master, the Resonance Connection will not function and the Dragon goes out of control. The Dragon flew away and head towards the city where people at the seafront witnessed the explosion and the approaching Dragon. Jin who is there with Toa recalled the monster as a Dragon. It appears that Jin was the target and Toa stood in front of him and activate a shield to repel Spirytus’ attack. Jin then asked Toa what she really is but instead she asked him to close his eyes. Leaping into the air, she transformed into a Dragon herself to duel against Spirytus.

The Resonance
Toa gets cheeky to give Jin a kiss. He won’t mind anyways.

The Resonance
“Behold, a Dragon!”

The Resonance
This scene lives up to its sci-fi genre.

The Resonance
The battle of two Dragons. Get set for some adrenaline fun.

When I review this episode, I came to realize that there were many confusion regarding the name. If it is in Japanese, it won’t be a problem but once they have romanized these names, it can be very confusing. There are many versions of certain names in the story, for instance Sieglinde/Jacqueline and Raina/Laina. However I’ll go for the fansub which has given the names I used in my reviews. In regards to the story, we finally get to see real Dragons fighting each other. It is as I have predicted that each Dragon requires a master to command them and obviously without their master, they would go renegade. Too bad that the character Amagi Keichii short-lived in the story but does the same fate goes for Spirytus.

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