Myself; Yourself (Episode 7)

The story is going for a strong lead now. Further character developments are noted, which consistent throughout the progress of the story. However I do notice the animation had notched down a little this time around. Well can’t blame the animators. It is pretty common in most animes. It’s not like I am expecting much from anime titles of this season. This brings me to my biggest concern. My class will resume starting next week, so I’ll be back to campus pretty soon. The big pinch here is that I won’t be able to get my routine circulation of anime in school due to restrictions in internet policy at my campus. Hopefully I can find a way to get through this, otherwise this blog will face a long haul hiatus. Period. Putting my concerns away and back to the story, secrets are slowly coming out in this episode and eventually all the big secrets will due to come – Nanaka’s unknown past and Sana’s dark secret. And no, Sana’s porn stash are no longer a secret. I noticed how people begin to compare Myself; Yourself to School Days. Obviously fans are reek of blood in anime but I doubt the writers would imitate School Days. Enough with the violence already. Not that I am offended with graphical violence but I also resent senseless torture (p/s: I had recently watched a video of a beheading, which I will not disclose and I can only say I was very disturbed by that video). Judging solely from the OP, somehow they might form a band together just like NANA. We’ll have to wait to see if that should happen.

Myself; Yourself
“Now remember, too much sugar can onset diabetes.”

After doing a favor for the homeroom teacher Yuzuki, she rewarded both of them with caramel candies and this recalled Sana’s past memory of a similar scene though it was quite a blur. She then told them to keep it a secret from the rest of the students. Despite of saying so, Sana came to know that Yuzuki gave out caramel candies to many students already, so the secret is pointless. During lunchtime, the gang gathered for lunch and Shuri urged her friends to sign for a petition to stop the town council’s plan to destroy a park that would give way for the council’s new town hall. Sana began to recall the old good times he spent there before. Shuri and Shuuri hold a dear memory of that place where they always go with their mother. They all agreed to sign the petition and are also willing to gather more signatures. Later on, Sana had just done class cleaning and received another caramel reward from Yuzuki. The same scene played in his mind yet he failed to recall it clearly. So on his way back, he came to see horizontal bars at a playground. He tried the horizontal bar and did a hip circle but he fell to the ground. It was then the memory hit back clearly to him. When he was much younger, he played at the same horizontal bar to do the hip circle but failed each time. It was then a high school girl came up to him and gave him a caramel candy to cheer him up. He came to realize the girl was no other than Yuzuki. Then Asami called out to him and startled, he got up but banged his head hard on the bar. Asami and Sana hanged out at the park awhile and she invited him to go to the retirement home again. As he was free, he agreed to join in.

Myself; Yourself
Yuzuki-sensei in her school days.

Myself; Yourself
“Don’t worry, dear. It’s just a cyanide pill.”

Shuri was called to the principal office and was lectured hard about the petition she had been passing around. The vice principal accused her of political campaigning though she denied to have such intentions. Yuzuki who was there, stood firm by her side. The vice principal revealed that the town hall project was envisioned by the town’s councillor who happens to be Shuri’s father. Yuzuki did not see a problem in the petition matter but the vice principal spilled it out, saying that Shuri is in the school because of her father. The principal wrapped it up, urging Shuri to end the petition drive. After that meeting, it was Yuzuki rather than Shuri who gotten very pissed about the principal’s decision and binge her anger away. And I quote, “Eating makes you feel better, though I actually wanted to bring you out for a drink.” Now we get to know Yuzuki’s wild nature. But eating that much amount really puts them to the limits. Arriving home late, Shuri was called by a lady, which is not her mother because this lady is not the same in Shuri’s flashback of her mother earlier. Anyways she told Shuri that her father is waiting for her at the living room. Though she acted rebelliously in the beginning, she went on to see her father. As expected, he was discussing with her about the petition drive she did at school. She ignored her father at first but then said that the park holds precious memories of her and her brother with their mother. Her father thought she referred to Sayuka, who is now their mother. It turns out that Shuri and Shuusuke’s real mother had already gone and now Sayuka is their new mother but Shuri refused to call Sayuka their mother, saying that Sayuka is only used bu her father for sex. Wow! Harsh words, lady. She immediately claimed Sayuka to come after her father for the money and this when she crossed the line. Her father slapped her on the face. In rebellion, Shuri walked away.

Myself; Yourself
A student’s worst nightmare – the principal’s office

Myself; Yourself
Feeding her way to obesity.

Myself; Yourself
Shuri’s new mom and daddy’s new sex toy wife – Sayuka

Myself; Yourself
“She’s not my mom. My mom got blonde hair.”

Myself; Yourself
SMACK! Slap that bitch!

Sana was curious about Shuri who did not attend school for the day. Asami who was with him in the bus on the way to the retirement home, thought to be that it is a girl’s “personal” problem though Sana didn’t seem to get it. Once arrived, Sana’s arrival was well greeted by Grandpa Yokoi, that old-timer gamer. And off they go for some gameplay. Asami was wondering about Poe’s whereabouts and was informed by the caretaker lady that the cat been missing since a day ago. While the residents were having their tea break, Grandma Kaji came to ask for Nanaka but Sana told her that she could not make. Kaji who was there to get a pair of scissors then excused herself back to her room but invited Sana and Asami to come over later. Keeping their promise, they went over to Kaji’s room after that. Kaji made a request to them while pointing at a box to bury the box under a big sakura tree on the elder sister hill. Accepting the favour, Kaji refused to tell them the content of the box after she was asked and claimed it to be some kind of charm. Just about they make their leave, Asami thought she had heard Poe’s bell collar but shrugged it off. They did exactly what Kaji told them to do and while they were digging to bury the box, Nanaka was on her way to buy some groceries. Once they have done the burying the box, Asami lost her composure as she hits a dizzy spell and Sana immediately hugged her to avoid her from falling. Sana held her a little longer until she was steady on her foot but without him noticing, Nanaka was watching them together from afar. With her look on her face, Nanaka obviously gotten jealous and misunderstood the whole situation. Once Sana noticed someone was watching, he turned around but saw nothing. That night at the retirement home, the caretaker was trying to feed dinner to Poe but the cat was still missing. Showing Kaji at the ending scene, it seems that fingers are pointed at Kaji for Poe’s disappearance.

Myself; Yourself
You would not want to mess with this granny.

Myself; Yourself
D-I-Y grave for dummies.

Myself; Yourself
“I can smell your body. I can feel your sweaty chest…”

Myself; Yourself
“I want to feel Sana’s chest too… *jealous*”

This is what I can figure from the whole Poe scenario. The cat is missing because Grandma Kaji killed the cat, which explains why she got the scissor. Putting the dead cat inside the box, she asked Sana and Asami to bury the cat under the sakura tree at the elder hill without them noticing about it. Now remember the story about the human sacrifice as offerings under the sakura tree at the twin hills? The one during the Sakura festival. If that rings any bells, it is suspected that Kaji is trying to perform the sacrificial ritual of the sakura tree at the twin hills and unfortunately Poe was the sacrificial victim. And guys, what I had mentioned are not spoilers but are my early conclusions into Grandma Kaji’s suspicious behaviour. This innocent-looking old lady doesn’t look too innocent now. Also Nanaka witnessed Asami in Sana’s arms and as always, she got is all misunderstood. Really, I’m not too interested with her envy antics anymore. As if we are receiving a certain revelation this episode, we also get to know about the Wakatsuki household. Shuusuke and Shuri’s real mother is gone, probably dead and now having troubles to get in terms with their new stepmother. Family trouble and oh, the drama! No less surprising is Sana’s childhood linked with Yuzuki. Are we getting into something else about this matter?

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