Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 3)

Who is to blame in this naming problem? In this episode, the name Makina is supposed to be Machina, which is a better name. Now we know the Dragons are Amadeus, Howling Star (the spelling supposed to be Howlingstar but I preferred a name with the correct grammar), Machina, Spirytus, Toa and soon-to-come Gio (this can’t be help since Kazuki misread G10 as Gio) and I couldn’t care about the correct spelling of the names of their masters, I guess I can put the naming problem behind once and for all. Back to the story. Now brace yourself for some real action. Yes, the Dragons are finally on their fighting debut. And surprisingly it was revealed in this episode that the combat will the Dragonaut’s first in their progress of the whole D-Project. Well it’s about time, isn’t it? However this also makes me wonder when will that Yin-lookalike character appear? Is she not a Dragon? I believe she would be Kazuki’s Dragon soon if the OP and ED are suggesting anything about it.

The Resonance
The Dragonauts

19 years ago, a team of researchers went to the depths of the ocean and discovered a giant embryo. To the present day, two Dragons are hovering over the city. ISDA confirmed the new Dragon (Toa) as the Album. Then Kiril, the person responsible for the D-Project, contacted Sasaki to explain the whole situation but he could not give him an immediate answer. Professor Kitajima Yuri who saw this, immediately left the facility to witness the Dragon herself. Unhappy about the situation, Kiril contacted the commander of the Jillard Army, Garnet McLane but what Kiril did not know is that Garnet had everything as planned. The Lindwurm team of the Dragonauts minus Kazuki arrived at the scene and Raina noted the Album as the third Original. I wonder if this have any significance whatsoever. Spirytus has calmed down as though the Album is talking to him but the incoming Jillard Army aircraft made an assault to Spirytus. Howling Star tried to make a move but Raina stopped him as there was no order being issued. The Jillard Army continued their assault on Spirytus and Toa. Spirytus retaliated but Toa did counter those attacks. One of the fallen aircrafts was heading towards Jin and Toa who noticed this was quick to protect Jin by deploying some sort of shield that looks more a giant yellow bubble. The continuing assault made Jin wanted them to stop and suddenly Toa turned to emit a shockwave that made all aircrafts and Spirytus enveloped in the same shield, then Toa took Spirytus away.

The Resonance
Howling Star with Raina onboard.

The Resonance
Machina with Akira onboard.

The Resonance
Amadeus with Sieglinde onboard.

The Resonance
Riding a Dragon can be so complicated.

As Toa carrying Spirytus heading towards the mainland left Kiril with the D-Project at stake, he had no other choice but to authorize the use of the actualizers. Receiving the orders from Sasaki, the Dragonauts suited up and the Dragons transformed (to their Dragon form of course). Raina in Howling Star, Akira in Machina, Sieglinde in Amadeus – they went on their pursuit for Toa and Spirytus. Spirytus managed to break free from the shield while Raina reminded his team about their objective to capture both Toa and Spirytus. Meanwhile Sasaki received a stern reminder from Yuri to capture the Dragon without hurting them. By the way, do check an anomaly here. The hint is the screen. Toa released yet another shockwave and this time it awakened Gio. On the ground, Kazuki reached Jin and then Jin begged Kazuki to have them stop fighting. Just when Jin mentioned Toa, she crashed on the ground right next to them. When Toa looked at Jin’s terrified reaction, she flew away. It was then Gio came and Kazuki being his master supposedly gone curious about seeing him. Instead Gio pushed him away and this is surprising. Saying that Toa is calling him, Gio transformed into a Dragon. Gio was about to make his flight and Jin who had Toa in his mind, decided to chase and ride on Gio. You must know that Dragons are supposed to have their master on ride with them, so when Kazuki saw Jin on his Dragon, he felt frustrated.

The Resonance
Butt-naked Gio

The Resonance
The E.T. encounter with a Dragon.

The Resonance
“I’m naked but we’re not partners.”

The Resonance
He hates being ignored.

Raina was informed about Gio escaping the ISDA facility and he confirmed it. He also reported to Sasaki that Jin was riding on Gio and appeared to be chasing Toa. So Sasaki issued a new order – destroy Spirytus and apprehend Jin and the Album. Raina had to comply to this and with a drill-like strike, Spirytus was destroyed (or killed, to be humane). Jin had finally caught up to Toa and when he reached out his hand to Toa, he suddenly came to another place where it was all green grasses and clear blue sky. There he met Toa and feeling glad to see her, she apologized to Jin instead, saying that they can’t meet each other anymore after he saw her true Dragon form. After saying her goodbye, Toa left Jin to join Gio though Jin did not accept this and tried to go after her. Gio claimed himself to have born to protect Toa before this figment of imagination dissipated into reality after Howling Star made an attack and snatched Toa away. Gio gave chase but Toa managed to blast Howling Star away. However the impact made Howling Star crashed on Gio causing them to fall to the sea including Jin. Jin inside the shield, could only watch Toa flying away. He recalled about the kiss he had with Toa and the promise she made to be with him. Meanwhile the Dragonauts, having lost track of Toa and Gio, took a retreat. After that chaos, Sasaki returned to his apartment and was surprised to see a little girl welcoming him home but when turned away for a moment and turned to her again, she was gone. He decided to take some rest, ignoring his ringing phone.

The Resonance
Gio in Dragon form.

The Resonance
Spirytus had a brief appearance in the series.

The Resonance
“Don’t go for the naked guy. He nakedly dangerous!”

Now that we have seen the Dragons in combat, it seems that the handling mechanism of the Dragons is like riding a horse. We can clearly see those line that looks like the reins on horses. It is pretty much about the communication between the Dragon and its master who is the Dragonaut whenever they engage into battle. Even so, these Dragons look more like mechanical robots though they seemed organic. On another note, we can see how the betrayal of friendship between Jin and Kazuki looking very evident now, knowing that Jin got to ride Gio instead of him being Gio’s master. The scar of the severed relationship won’t seem to fade away this way. Well putting that aside, the combat scene is exactly something GONZO can deliver and they have done it well. The animation was flawless, there was no problem on their physics and the Dragon designs are spanking good. My favourite is Amadeus because it is so darn “fat” and looks more like a dog, don’t you think? I do find Machina and Toa (in their Dragon form) as elegant in terms of their design. Overall I am impressed with what I see. The animation, the drawings, all the technical aspect of the anime has really improved for the better. By the way, the last scene where Sasaki saw a little girl can only be assumed that the little girl might be his daughter who might have been deceased.


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