Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 5)

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Five years ago, the Jillard army was attempting a Resonance experiment of their own but the experiment went horribly wrong. Garnet who oversaw the experiment gotten frustrated of how ISDA was able to do it while they failed.

The Resonance
Expect more boob actions in Dragonaut.

Jin arrived to the moon with Gio, to be specific at the human settlement there. Meanwhile Toa was sitting next to a basketball court, weeping while some kids were playing with their remote-controlled toy. Then the artificial weather of the moon changed to rain and the kids ran for cover though Toa remained seated there. It was until a woman came over to cover Toa with the umbrella she has. Moments later, Jin and Gio made it to the basketball court but Toa had already left the place. Jin was certain that Toa was there but having not believing him, Gio abandoned him just as promised. Back on Earth, ISDA held a press conference and Kiril began to give his explanation in regards to the recent incidents. He related the incidents with Thanatos, which he revealed that the asteroid is actually an extraterrestrial life form. Even I was surprised by the news. He also told the press about the alleged monsters as dragons and that the dragons are necessary in the battle against Thanatos. Garnet who had just arrived at the moon, was informed by Kiril that Jin was confirmed to be on the moon. Or should it be “confirmed to be in the moon”? Anyway the Jillard army under Garnet’s command has contracted with ISDA to capture Gio. Meanwhile Raina was briefing his team about the D-Project that has been hastened ever since the project’s public announcement recently. Given the project as their main priority, he informed them that Gio’s case will be handled by the Jillard forces. They seemed to be outraged by the news but Raina declared that it is the firm orders from the higher authorities. Kazuki, disappointed to hear this, walked out of the room and Akira being concerned about him, followed him.

The Resonance
Welcome to Moon City, Earth’s new home away from home.

The Resonance
Toa meets good Samaritan.

The Resonance
“Toa was here, I’m sure.”

The Resonance
“This show is about boobs, not dragons!”

Akira began the conversation about Jin who had told her personally that he was in search of the truth. Taking Gio as his ride, he went to the moon to look for the Album, she added. Yuuri who was with her research team escorting the piano girl from the revious episode, overheard this conversation. Akira reassured Kazuki that Gio wished to see Toa and does not hate him. Yuuri then asked Akira about the details of the Album at the moon. On the moon, Jin was walking down the street when the Jillard army tasered him and took him in custody. Afterwards the Jillard army were making preparation to make a transmission. Toa was offered a cup of coffee by the lady she met earlier who happens to be the owner of the cafe. Then all the television began the broadcast transmitted by the Jillard. Apparently the broadcast was specially transmitted that only dragons can hear, sending the message to Gio that Jin is in their custody and gave out their location. Toa who heard the broadcast, reacted to the message. Jin told Garnet that Gio won’t be coming for him as he was abandoned by Gio. However Garnet found this hard to believe that a Communicator would abandon his master, adding that the Resonance between dragons and their masters is absolute. But Jin have no idea about what Garnet is talking about. Seriously why can’t anyone believe Jin knowing absolutely nothing about the matter but Garnet hit him, thinking that Jin was insulting her with those nonsense. Meanwhile Gio bumped into a bunch of kids who were at the basketball court earlier. They dropped their camera and the visual showed Toa at the basketball court they went earlier and this cleared Gio’s doubts on Jin. Back on Earth, Yuuri told Sasaki about the Album on the moon and requested to dispatch Dragonauts there but Sasaki remained on his stand to focus on the D-Project instead. This made her wonder if he wants to capture the culprit of the shuttle crash two years ago himself.

The Resonance
Ore no musume. If Yin really turns out this way, I must say she’s hot!

The Resonance
No one is happy to go prison.

The Resonance
“Hey! This is no nude show. It’s not even some porn flick, damn it!”

After talking to a mystery guy whom I believe to be his superior, Garnet believes that having a living Communicator would help them to figure out the Resonance method without ISDA’s assistance. Then they detected Gio coming their way and this surprises Jin. Just before I thought that this anime would defy the laws of physics, Gio made his way inside the base which seems more plausible. Because if they fight on moon’s atmosphere, they would have trouble navigate through the weak gravity there. And without his knowledge, Gio was walking into a trap. Then inside the trap, he was embedded with tiny particles and beamed with some waves. Garnet who appeared to him, told him that the trap would not allow him to actualize (change to dragon form). They tried to capture Gio but he was still powerful enough to knock them down. Garnet thought that Gio would be weakened by the beams but apparently he still got the strength to overwhelm her. So Garnet’s subordinates revved up the beam and Gio succumbed to his back. Garnet fought back and I must tell you, it looks as though Garnet was hitting him with her boobs. Errr…. anyway… ahem… Jin took the opportunity to hit a guard accidentally shot on the beam controls, rendering it malfunctioned. Gaining his full power back, Gio cuts the chase and saved Jin straightaway. Gio actualized and escaped from the base. So Garnet ordered an Agathion to be released. This Agathion turns out to be another Dragon though it is actually a fake form of the dragon. After receiving blows from the stronger Gio, the Agathion lost its control function. Even so, Gio was still able to defeat the dragon. Seeing the Agathion easily defeated by Gio, Garnet was committed to get the Resonance method. After the fight, Jin questioned Gio why did he came back for him. The answer was simple. He promised him that he would abandon him if Toa is not on the moon but if she is here, he will help him to look for Toa. At least that answer made Jin happy.

The Resonance
Look! Her boobs are coming out!

The Resonance
The kick is just a karate demonstration.

The Resonance
The Agathion – fake dragon.

The Resonance
Pirated copies are not as good as the original ones.

I have a great concern on the connection between Kiril and Garnet. Apparently Kiril is aiding the Jillard army and it is obvious from this aspect, the Jillard army are not the good guys though their evil intentions are still unclear for now. It’s not a bad idea after all, when do we get to listen Hirano Aya in her sexy voice. Speaking of sexy, Garnet’s boobs are getting too much “screentime” and it is as though her boobs are doing the talking for her instead. Already in the opening scene, viewers were “welcomed” with a nude busty girl attempting resonance. Well I hope it is not the other type of “Resonance.” I think I’m sick of speaking implicitly like this. Anyway another thing also came to attention this episode, when Yuuri was particular about the shuttle crash to Sasaki. It seems (like it is pretty obvious) Sasaki took the incident personally as though he may have lost his loved ones during the crash. There’s a good chance that the little girl from the picture he always brings might be her daughter who may have died in that shuttle incident two years ago. Now to the plot building perspective, the writers already came to the point of revealing the true identity of Thanatos, which was not quite to what we have imagined in the beginning. Knowing that Earth is actually dealing with some sort space aliens, the plot is clear written out with lesser mysteries left of the story, if not none. To now, I’m still unclear of how will the story would turn out.

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