Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 6)

This would raise some eyebrows, or rather making up some sniffs. Nothing haute couture here, just some bizarre otaku experience. Ever. Presenting Romeo x Juliet. The fragrance. As for perfume. Period. Now, now, don’t this end up as your Valentine’s present, guys. Unless she’s too a fan of anime.

Two years ago, a search and rescue operation was ensued right after the shuttle crash. It was then Jin being recovered alive out of the sea. As he underwent treatment, ISDA researchers there including Yuuri made a shocking discover of Resonance within Jin.

The Resonance
“We are going for a field trip to the moon. Everyone say aye?”

The Resonance
You know what they say when you get angry, your face looks nasty.

To the present day, Kiril received Sasaki’s surprising decision to sent the Lindwurm team to the moon and leave the D-Project for Brita team to handle. The decision was made in order to pursue the Album who is at the moon. Yuuri supported Sasaki with her reason to have the original dragon as an important specimen for their research on Thanatos, hence making it necessary for the success of the D-Project itself. However Kiril raised his concern over the presence of the Jillard forces there but Sasaki assured him that they were only go after Gio so they won’t come across each in their objectives. Only then Kiril gave his approval. Moments late, Raina briefed his team regarding their mission to the moon. Gio was exultant to hear, having thought that they were ordered to get Gio back but Raina told them that their mission was to capture the Album instead. With that, Raina ordered Kazuki to be on standby and he was not too happy to hear that. Obviously Kazuki’s emotional state is what the team is concerned about. Coming back from their meeting with Kiril, Yuuri questioned Sasaki’s sudden change of mind to send the Lindwurm team to search for the Album, wondering if the shuttle crash was the reason of concern. Even so, she was excited to have Gio and the Album soon though Sasaki doubted that the Jillard would return Gio to them since they needed Gio as their experimental specimen to figure the Resonance method. She gotten worried to hear this but Sasaki only said to her that one should not be greedy to have everything. By then Raina, Akira and Sieglinde made their way to the moon with their dragons as they plan to meet with the Jillard forces to work together on their respective objectives. In Kazuki’s messy room on Earth, Kazuki pulled out the scissor which was stabbed on Jin’s face in a photo and began to what I presumably to be a suicide attempt of slitting his own wrist but turned out to be cutting his own hair. Yes, he turned bonkers and attempted hair styling. Regardless of the possible gore of bloody suicides that is taking trend on many animes these days, Dragonaut remained morally uptight except of occasional erotic scenes and sightly exposure of cleavages. Huge cleavages.

The Resonance
Hatred that runs deep. As deep as this scissor can go.

The Resonance
Try to guess Kazuki’s new hairdo next episode.

After relentless scouted the whole Lunar city on the moon, Jin and Gio came across a cafe where Toa is currently staying and went there. Inside when Toa was not around, Jin asked the cafe owner if she had seen Toa before but she denied ever meeting her. It was then Toa reached the cafe carrying groceries and saw them both leaving the cafe before she went for hiding. Once they were gone far, Toa walked into the cafe and the lady owner told about Jin who had recently came and asked if it is alright with her to tell him of not knowing her. At ISDA, Yuuri was suddenly grabbed to a corner and it turns to Kou who later landed her with a kiss. He then showed her a piece of thread specially issued for Jillard army’s uniform found inside Amagi’s room. Moving the conversation to his place (probably to make out though it didn’t seem that way), Kou revealed that traces of perfume was found on that thread and he recognized the perfume belonging to a high-rank Jillard army officer – Garnet Maclaine. So he decided to go to the moon to further his investigation. Back in Lunar city, Raina explained to Garnet of how dragons would emit a unique pulse whenever they used their powers while Howling Star, Machina and Amadeus began to search out for Toa in the city. Howlingstar noticed Machina looking worried and thought of her thinking about Spirytus. He told her to stay focus on their duty and to obey their masters as it was their fate to be so. Meanwhile Jin and Gio were at a dead end in their search when at the same time, Toa began to cry over Jin. It was then he heard Toa’s song again, or so he claimed, and off they go. Lamenting over losing Jin, the lady owner brought Toa a cup of mocha, claiming it to be a favourite of her beloved. She told her story of how she gotten into a fight with him before and had regretted it since. He died in the end and they have never get to reconcile with each other. So she advised to Toa not to do the same mistake she did and be honest with her feelings. Taking her advice, she sets out to look for Jin.

The Resonance
Romance tip number 189: Stalk, grab and kiss.

The Resonance
Lindwurm team, meet boob lady Garnet.

The Resonance
Toa didn’t seem to be interested in an orgy.

The Resonance
Gio is considering a career as a quarterback for the NFL.

The Resonance
Howlingstar’s spear versus Gio’s sword.

Toa’s movement gotten to the radar and the Communicators immediately went to her location. By the meantime, Toa saw Jin from afar and was about to go for him when Howlingstar stopped her. Toa made a run for it and lucky her, Gio was there to cover her. She escaped while Gio stalled Howlingstar from pursuing her. Toa almost reached to Jin’s hands when Machina abruptly took her away while Amadeus took Jin. In a surprising gesture, Machina loose hold of Toa as it was not her intention to capture her. Instead she was curious about the reason of their existence. She replied to her that her encounter with Jin and their existence as dragons are destiny. Back to the real fight, Gio declared his oath to protect Toa but Howlingstar answered him that he would be in the way when Jin reunites with Toa, adding that he was not born to protect Toa but to serve their human masters instead. He exclaimed it as their fate as dragons. Knocking Howlingstar off to the side, Gio escaped from him. Meanwhile Sieglinde explained to Jin about the Resonance connection between dragons and their masters. A dragon is bound to the Resonance but Jin broke that rule, she explained further. Having enough with Jin, she ordered Amadeus to send him to the spaceport but Akira showed up to volunteer herself for the task. Akira was driving him to the spaceport when suddenly she screeched the car to a halt. She then told her that Toa is waiting for him at the same cafe he went earlier. After letting him go, she knocked herself out cold. Later on, Machina told Howlingstar about Toa’s opinion about their existence as destiny, not fate because unlike fate, destiny can be changed with their own will. Rain began to shower down the city and finally Toa reunited with Jin in each other’s embrace.

The Resonance
Playing catch? Amadeus sure have caught Jin.

The Resonance
“Sorry. My boobs are larger than yours.”

The Resonance
“As long as Jin is happy with them, I’m fine with it.”

Destiny and fate are similar yet different at the same time. This will be the turning point when the Communicators began to listen to their inner doubts when it comes to engaging with their master. The root idea here is that the dragons may be independent of their Resonance connection ever since Jin broke that rule. This might also call for a different kind relationship between dragons and humans. Thus far, this is the only thing remained to be figured in this story. I have also noticed of how the drawing is a little off this episode though it’s minimally negligible. What’s more is that the editors decided to use the same transformation scene, crying foul for their use of stock footage. I hope in the future, the editor would consider on cutting this scene much shorter to about 10 seconds or less. Otherwise the repetitive scene would get too boring and might shun the viewers away. One thing sure to tell for now is that Jin has a Resonance connection with Toa, which explains a lot of their close relationship by the fact that they only recently met with each other. Now this begs the question, where Gio would stand in this outcome? If he turns out to be a loner, then it would be very pathetic for him. And where the hell is my dear adult Yin?


3 Responses to “Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 6)”

  1. 17 December 2007 at 11:52 am

    did you go to comic fiesta 07 yesterday? 🙂

  2. 2 Brian
    17 December 2007 at 12:26 pm

    Unfortunately, no. As much as I want to go (just to see the otaku scene in Malaysia) there, my class began yesterday, unless I skip classes 😛 Student life can be tough sometimes…

  3. 18 December 2007 at 12:05 am

    Gio is the ever 3rd party, the lightbulb, the extra man to die so that the 2 may live happily ever after. I guess. No spoilers here!

    I’m reduced to rewatching full metal panic (great show) while waiting for my weekly fix of boobgonauts.

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