Myself; Yourself (Episode 9)

Picking from what had happened from the previous episode, Nanaka tried to put her thoughts into words for Sana but when she got the chance to meet him, she couldn’t mouth a thing. I couldn’t help myself but to laugh at her vain attempt to simulate her conservation that never did happen anyway. Then later during their lunch break, Aoi invited her friends including Hinako to the theme park, courtesy of her father’s colleagues. Since it has been the longest time they went there together, they decided to join along.

Myself; Yourself
This face is read as -_-

Nanaka was helping her aunt with the cooking while her mind wanders off about the coming theme park plan. Then the grilled fish caught on fire and that sight only was enough to spark Nanaka’s past horror experience. Yeah, that fire incident. Then an image of a man, possibly the arsonist, came to her mind before she fell on her knees and freaked out. She was brought to settle down in her room as her uncle told her to not to force herself to recall on the tragedy when he was told that she almost remember something important of that fiery night. That night, she was still haunted by the fire in her sleep before she tried to get water to calm herself down. On her way down the hallway, she eavesdropped the conversation of her aunt with her uncle. Her aunt was insisted to send Nanaka to therapy so that she could gain back her memory of that tragic night. Her uncle refused to the idea, considering the tragedy was an emotional trauma for Nanaka. However her aunt wanted to have it so as to catch the one responsible for the arson. Asking him if having Nanaka’s memory back would trouble him, he denied it. At the point, Nanaka remembered of a similar scene in the past. Her uncle noticed someone by the door and when her aunt checked it out, Nanaka was already gone. Nanaka began to think about how his uncle was insistent of not having her memories of that night back to her and relate it to an allegation by the investigating detective that her uncle may be a suspect for the arsonist due to an argument he had with his father. But Nanaka refused to believe such thoughts. That Sunday, they went to the theme park and they are excited as ever, Aoi and Hinako in particular. They tried all the thrill rides at the park but at one point, Nanaka and Sana took a break from those rides. As they walked about the food court, they met Asami who was with her cousin Youta.

Myself; Yourself
Ghost of the past. Could it be…?

Myself; Yourself
Emotional trauma is such a headache.

Myself; Yourself
Man of the household never interest himself to housewives’ gossip.

Myself; Yourself
Fun at the theme park.

Myself; Yourself
Whenever there’s Asami, there’s trouble for Nanaka. Not this time though.

Eventually they were joined by the rest of the group and together, they entered the haunted house. Sana was with Nanaka at that time and the scary setting together with some ghoulish screams, frightened Nanaka though she pretended to be not feeling scared at all. But a spook was enough to send her running to Sana’s arms. Meanwhile Hinako was with Youta and assured herself to not be scared of the haunted house, knowing that it is a fake. Soon enough, Hinako made it out with Youta and asked if she was scared, she answered that only kids would be spooked by the haunted house. Somehow Youta got along well with Hinako. Later they went to catch an Animenger stage show. Postscript here is that the Animenger is a fictional TV character in this anime. With otakus taking the front seats, the show began with a volunteer audience going on stage. Aoi tried to get picked but it was Hinako who got chosen. They all began to cheer for the Animengers who came to the stage and later Nanaka joined in the cheer. After the show, they took the final ride on the Ferris wheel. Now, doesn’t this stirs up a romantic setting? Shuusuke set Sana and Nanaka on a separate gondola. This gave them both a chance to talk to each other. In opportune of being alone with Sana, Nanaka apologised to him for the other day because of being too emotional. He told Nanaka not to apologise for it because he really meant the words he said to her that day – a promise to be together with her forever, no matter what happens. Asami, Aoi, Hinako and Youta were in another gondola while Shuri and Shuusuke are in a gondola on their own. Shuri tried to enjoy herself in the Ferris wheel ride but Shuusuke told her not stop force herself, knowing that she was hurt inside while pretending to be so cheerful. She lashed back, asking him what she should do. She talked of her uneasiness when their stepmother came into their lives, saying that things have changed ever since. Having to endure it, he told her to just let herself out and cry. She said that it was him who used to be a crybaby when they were kids but in the end, she ended up in tears. As the Ferris wheel rotates and the gondolas are ascending down, Asami caught sight of Shuri crying. On the ground, Shuri reverted to her usual cheerful self though Asami still have the image of Shuri crying running in her mind.

Myself; Yourself
Here a tip for the guys. Bring your girls to haunted house and they’ll go all over you.

Myself; Yourself
Bad guy

Myself; Yourself
Good guys. Animengers!

Myself; Yourself
One on one moment with Sana.

Myself; Yourself
Ferris wheels are so overrated.

Myself; Yourself
Now this face is reads as TT_TT

It is not wrong to say how silly this episode is. Animenger and Hinako. What else cannot go wrong? Hold on, there’s other screw-ups. This episode seems to be a recap episode with several scene from the past episode being showed. Also I noticed of how both drawing and animation had faltered for the past few episodes as well. Not that bad though but it was not too discreet as well. This can’t be helped, the animation studio of Dogakabo is not a mainstream anime production studio anyway. Despite of these, key events were noted that leads to the story resolution with only 4 episodes left. Yup, 4 more to go before Myself; Yourself ends. This anime is surprisingly short. Not that I have expectation for a much complicated story but I believe the writers could do better, unless they decided to join their TV scriptwriting comrades in US. So we have Nanaka who had reached breakthrough in recalling her lost memory of the fire incident. Then Shuri’s shared thoughts with her twin brother Shuusuke about their stepmother whom they never regard as their mother. And also, Sana and Nanaka’s strengthening relationship. There is no telling so far if their relationship could go serious into a love affair though what really troubled me is the relationship between Shuri and Shuusuke. I doubt they will have an incest together (unless by some twisted fate that Shuusuke is not blood-related with Shuri) but I wonder if the writers would consider such an option. So now, what Asami got to do with Shuri after she saw her crying? Not that that I am beleaguered by questions but rather I felt puzzled by what is going.

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