Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 9)

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Two years ago, Sakaki sent his wife Martina and daughter Laura to the spaceport. They were in the same shuttle with Jin and his family when shuttle exploded in mid-flight as Sasaki looked on in horror.

The Resonance
Sakaki and his family before the crash.

Continuing from previous episode, Jin was in disbelief over Toa’s confession to have caused the shuttle crash that killed his family. Suddenly ISDA forces barged in and have them surrounded. Jin also came to know that Toa surrendered herself to ISDA instead of being captured as he originally thought. Having Jin, Toa and Gio detained, Raina confronted Kazuki and asked him why did he took Toa away earlier. He then came to force a lie that it was part of the plan to capture Jin and Gio using Toa as bait, supposely instructed by Sakaki without notifying Raina about it. However Raina, well, you can’t fool Raina. He knew something was up. Meanwhile at the Gillard army’s mobile base, Garnet got data checked on. Remember the secret meeting with Raina the other day? Raina gave Garnet a data on the Resonance method during that meeting with his condition to exclude Gio from her pursuit. This Raina is quite a guy, he’s making a deal with Garnet and expectedly Raina can’t afford to jeopardize the D-Project, which is why Garnet is seeing a fake data on the display. Finally the Lindwurm team left the moon for Earth, bringing Jin, Toa and Gio with them. Raina on comlink with Sasaki came to tell him about the orders that Kazuki claimed to be from him. Sasaki sounded surprised by what he was informed but odd enough, Sasaki acknowledged it. I have no idea of Sakaki’s intention to stick up for Kazuki unless it is something personal. With this matter all cleared up, Raina proceeded with his team to Earth though he did not see that coming from Sasaki considering that Raina is such an analytical person. After that, Sasaki immediately ordered the operators to hand over Kazuki’s personal data to him.

The Resonance
Gio is not comfortable with orgies like this.

The Resonance
Nowhere to run.

The Resonance
On flight with the dragons.

Yuuri went for a date (or not, probably just a social call) with Nozaki and exclaimed her gladness over the news of the Album’s capture. She believes the experiments on the Album soon would help in progressing the D-Project and in that way, benefit the Earth though Nozaki is not excited as she is. Back in space, the team was ambushed by the Gillard fleet as Garnet responding to her dissatisfaction for the fake data Raina gave to her earlier. Akira tried to respond to the attack but immediately stopped by Raina as no orders being given by central command just yet. At ISDA, they tried to figure out the attacks from the Gillard forces when Kiril contacted in but he was of no help as he was all messed up in the ISDA HQ just trying to confirm the information. Sakaki grew impatient of the continuing attacks from the Gillard fleet while his team was only barely able to dodge the volleying missiles and issued an attack order. It was a relief for the Lindwurm team to respond to the attacks and they showed the Gillard army what they are capable of. Honestly those tiny spacecrafts are just small fries for the Dragonauts to take on but soon enough, Raina suspected something was wrong with the Gillard’s movement. Just as he suspected, the attack was a distraction for the Gillard mothership to go for the transport shuttle while the team got separated far away from it. Then Agathions were released to get the shuttle and this increasing threats forced Gio to get to Jin and retaliate.

The Resonance
Not quite a date for Yuuri.

The Resonance
You won’t want to mess with this lady when she’s angry.

The Resonance
Dragons, KABOOM!

The Resonance

The Resonance
Habaragi Itsuki

The Resonance
What to do now, Jin?

Garnet ordered the main cannon to be shot directly at the Dragonauts despite of having her men on that path. Fortunately the Lindwurm team was saved by a protective shield deployed by Otohime that was piloted by the leader of the Vritra team, Habaragi Itsuki. They continued on with their assault while Gio tried his best to convince Jin to fight. He was feeling down by the fact that Toa was the one who killed his family but he came to his senses to protect Toa. Gio looked surprised by Jin’s sudden change of heart (he’s not the only one) but he was happy to have Jin back in full spirit. Gio actualized and fought off both of the Agathions. Having the Agathions defeated, Garnet and her Gillard army took a retreat. However the panic was not over. The shuttle began a premature reentry to Earth and this spells disaster as the shuttle’s odd position can cause it to disintegrate during reentry. The team was helpless to do anything to stop the shuttle. It was then Gio together with Jin made a bold move to protect the shuttle from the intense heat of reentry. Everyone watched in suspense as Gio finally managed to bring the shuttle back to Earth safely. Somehow Kazuki was not too happy about it, perhaps not happy for being alive because Jin had just saved his ass from getting burnt alive. At the ISDA base, Toa was brought to see Sakaki and he welcomed him in his own way – showing her a tube containing a dragon who happens to be her comrade. Hence her mission on Earth. As for Jin, he got locked up. Again.

The Resonance
Agathions. Cheap imitation of dragons.

The Resonance
Gio can handle the heat.

The Resonance
NASA came up with this shuttle protection programme.

The Resonance
Why do I feel like I’ve seen this screen cap somewhere?

Well, well, Raina is not the bad person as many would think earlier. In fact, he managed to trick Garnet though in the end, brought the team in trouble because he ticked off Garnet which is great anyway. So now, there is a blurred line of good and evil in this story. Not having a clear indication of which are the antagonists and protagonists, early assumptions are not doing the story a favour. For sure, Garnet is on the other side of justice and Kazuki is not the ideal villain for the story. Frankly I can only see Kazuki siding the good people of the story despite of his new image that supposingly depicting a badass villain and his constant hatred for Jin. However his basis for revenge towards Jin is not exactly good excuse for him to be an antagonist. However the story needs a better antagonist, especially after Thanatos has vague impression of being a villain. Also as predicted, the little girl Sasaki kept on seeing in his delusion is his dead daughter. So no mystery there.

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