Music Review

Driving out including parking fees: RM 20
Dinner buffet in a hotel restaurant: RM 588
Dining with my friends on Christmas eve: Priceless
And yes, this a common Mastercard pun but no, this is no joke as well.

So it’s Christmas eve. And yeah, some of you might get invited to the party of the year. Maybe some of your make a party on your own. Now, now you give some thoughts on how to bring some groove to your invited buddies because when it comes to party, you are well aware that you need to get the mood right. Forget those conservative, traditional family spirit. That can be done tomorrow. What you need now is a party for you to bash – big time. Here’s a couple of albums to get people on the dance floor (hopefully hot babes are included).

Elements of Life

Tiesto - Elements of Life

Tiesto had always been my favourite DJ and no surprise for that, he was voted best DJ in the world for several times already. If you are wondering how famous he is, he personally made a mix of Adagio for String specially for the Athens Olympics 2004. Recently he joined the effort to fight against AIDS with his Dance4Life project. And that is exactly what he did for this new album of his, Elements of Life. Dance music is the most popular culture in the clubbing scene and Tiesto hit it big in his genre of Trance music. However it is hard for me to compare this album to his previous ones, simply because I don’t have the complete tracks of his old albums. Nonetheless having getting many of his songs, Tiesto’s music became my forte for music inspiration. I must say, dance music had always been the influence in my music taste. Having said enough, just put this one in the sound system and your party is about to get trippin’.

Must listen: Break My Fall
My ratings: 5/5

Kanye West

Kanye West - Graduation

This award-winning hip-hop artiste has the ego larger than himself, if not the whole world. Yet he deserves those bragging right. Having only released the third album, critics gave excellent reviews on this album Graduation. Speaking of his ego, he was daring to challenge 50 Cent, another great rapper of this time, to bout his album sales with 50 Cent’s. It was clear to figure which was the winner. Kanye West proved to the world that he is simply the best but this ego of his is not why I like him. Everyone must admit his music is good and unique. So it is not so surprising if critics would say the same for his previous two album. Well I concur. Besides several of the tracks have some slower tune yet suits well for any party you’re bashing, let it be for Christmas or your own birthday.

Must listen: Big Brother
My ratings: 5/5

P/s: I’m recommending these if you are considering for something less conventional for your Christmas party, other than just putting Christmas carols in the airwaves. Both of these got full ratings, not because I’m biased but because these two albums are simply good.

2 Responses to “Music Review”

  1. 25 December 2007 at 12:32 am

    college dropout>late registration>graduation>i wonder what’s next, employment? hehe.

  2. 2 Brian
    25 December 2007 at 3:17 am

    employment>promotion>office scandal>resignation?

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