Myself; Yourself (Episode 11)

Christmas is soon to come. Sadly there is no festivity mood around, especially being away from family. What’s worse is that people here does seem to be celebrating as well. I guess another blue Christmas for me this time.

In the aftermath of the murderous attempt by Grandma Kajii, Sana paid Asami a visit in the hospital where she is recovering well, bringing her a novel book and a bouquet of flowers. Asami then talked of how ironic of her visiting the hospital at first but ended up being hospitalized instead.

Myself; Yourself
This hospital visit is the start of the most dramatic conclusion of the story.

She cited if this was an act of punishment from God but Sana told her she did nothing wrong to deserve it. That is when Asami began to tell the whole truth to Sana. She confessed of sending the scandalous letter alleging Shuusuke and Shuri seen together in a love hotel. Sana was extremely surprised as much as I did but I was also surprised of how slow Sana processed this in his thoughts. Equally shocking is she told him about her confession to Shuri, as for confessing her true feelings for her. Just she has expected, her feelings were turned down by Shuri. She began to tell Sana how she began to meet Shuri and gotten to know her side of being cheerful and open-minded, which is a complete of opposite of herself. Somehow she pretended to be a nice person in front of people though she admits of being such a cruel person with many of her evil thoughts and actions committed. At a point, she felt clueless about herself but then Shuri remained positive towards her and wondered if she would accept who she really is. After she had confessed to Shuri, Shuri remained a friend to her and have fun as though nothing have ever happened. She simply shrugged it off – thinking that Shuri is who is she is, being cheerful and all but at the same time, she felt that Shuri had ignored her feelings as well. Since then, Asami began to hate Shuri. Despite so, she still wanted to be friends with Shuri and was afraid to lose her. So she kept pretending as she always is. All was well until the day they went to the theme park together (I reckon it was episode 9). It was then she saw Shuri crying to Shuusuke. She began to realize Shuri was true to Shuusuke with their strong bond they share together. She knew that there won’t be room for her in Shuri’s heart and yet she wanted to be accepted by her. Day by day, she was hurt by her emotions and finally she lost it. She wrote a letter to brew a scandal around Shuri and Shuusuke. She used the opportunity when Shuri went to visit her mother’s grave with Shuusuke the other day. With all the conflicts faced by the twins, she knew her plot was flawless. She even admits to her credibility in scheming sinister plans ever since her elementary school years. All those evil intentions always riddle in her mind and once the damage was done, only then she realized of her actions. She mentioned that it was an awkward feeling, seemingly that it was imaginary.

Myself; Yourself
Shocking! Asami have a lesbian love with Shuri.

Myself; Yourself
Shocking! Asami is a huge hypocrite, very pretentious and an oh-so-fake.

Myself; Yourself
Shocking! Asami is such a cut-throat bitch.

Myself; Yourself
Shocking! Asami wrote that scandalous letter.

Myself; Yourself
Shocking but excepted from judging her evil side. Asami drew that love triangle.

She also confessed of drawing the love umbrella that day (which is expected, considering that she’s the one who wrote the letter). She did checked on Shuri after she saw the love umbrella, noticing of how tearful she was. When she came to console Shuri in the bus on their way visiting Grandma Kajii in the hospital (in episode 10), she was feeling rather excited actually and wanted Shuri to suffer more so that she could show her side she showed to Shuusuke before. And in spite of her hatred, the moment Shuri faced danger when Kajii aimed a knife to her, Asami simply jumped in to save her. She was confused by her true feeling but Sana stated the obvious – her action of saving Shuri was her real self. He thought that no matter how much she hates Shuri, she will be there when Shuri is in danger even if it would need her to be sacrificed. Somehow Sana was melancholic when he mouthed these words. Then they were interrupted by Shuri and Shuusuke who came by for a visit. They have brought some puddings and they shared them together. When it was time for the twins to make a leave, Asami requested to talk with Shuri personally. Now, why do I felt that I expect this to be her confession for all she had done to Shuri? Sana and Shuusuke waited for Shuri at the hospital park and Shuusuke wondered what the two would be talking about though Sana seemed to know what it would be. Shuusuke then asked Sana about him and Nanaka, citing of how Nanaka look much gentler after the time they spent together in the Ferris wheel ride. Sana tried to avoid telling at first but eventually told Shuusuke of his promise to be with her forever. Although Shuusuke thought it was conceited of Sana (like always) but he agreed in those words Sana said. It was then Shuri came over to them from her little chat with Asami, eyes tearful as she comforts herself in Shuusuke’s embrace. It was obvious – and Sana knew it as well. Asami confessed everything to her, which is what this episode is all about.

Myself; Yourself
Shuusuke and Shuri came by to visit Asami as well.

Myself; Yourself
There is nothing more hard to accept but the truth.

Shuri’s father returned home that night and came to know that his lecherous wife is away for some school reunion. Yeah, reunion. Her father then confirmed her flight to London on the coming Saturday, which later she told it to Shuusuke. She also told him that it was not too late for them change their mind but Shuusuke was determined to do it. So she thanked him for it. The next day at school, Shuri broke the news to her friends about her leaving for London. With all the rumours going on, Nanaka thinks that Shuri’s father’s decision is wrong because of not considering her thoughts and emotions. However Sana and Aoi tried to give some positive light by saying that it won’t be their final goodbye to each other but strangely Shuusuke remained quiet and Sana suspected something about it. During class, the twins did not show up for class and no one was more worried than Sana is. Then it occured to him that Shuusuke and Shuri might be running away from town together. Immediately he dashed out from the class and ran towards the train station. At the train station meanwhile, Shuusuke was contemplating their decision to run away but Shuri reassured him that they both have each other. Just when the train arrived, Sana appeared to them at the opposite platform but the train left later with the twins onboard. Sana rushed to chase for the train and then bumped into Aoi’s mother. Borrowing the bicycle she was on, Sana went for the train and somehow managed to catch up. Inside the train, the twins were surprised to know that Sana had noticed their secret plan. In that moment, they caught sight of Sana trying to chase for the train and eventually got under the train bridge. Sana screamed out loud to them, trying to tell them something but the noise gave it away. However Shuusuke, while in tears, knows perfectly what Sana was trying to tell them because those words were the same he said out loud to Sana when he was leaving town years ago – no matter where they will be, they will remain friends forever.

Myself; Yourself
The last lunch parody.

Myself; Yourself
Running away together does not necessary equals to eloping.

Myself; Yourself
The chase is on.

Myself; Yourself

Myself; Yourself
Back then.

Myself; Yourself
This heartbreaking moment reminds me of the melancholic end of Honey and Clover.

Shocking. And all for the wrong reasons. Here’s what we’ve been expecting so far. First, Asami had no interest in Sana. Second, Shuusuke and Shuri are plotting to run away together. Never have I thought that the writers still have some tricks in their sleeves. For sure, they’ve managed to pull a knockout on this story. First off is Asami’s supposedly love confession to Shuri. This is definitely out of radar because I did not anticipate for yuri in this story though in the earlier part of the story, incest was suggested. Second thing is that Asami was responsible for writing the letter that flamed the relationship between Shuri and her twin brother, which eventually caused trouble at home. All this while, we had seen the gentle and kind nature Asami has but what it turned out to be is Asami actually being a fake and pretends to be a nice person. This caused to lead her on drawing the love umbrella in the class, which was already predicted at this point. Despite of her malicious deed, she came clean to Shuri – a rather surprising turn of event – but considering her true feelings for her remained the same, this too came right in the alley. Enough with the shockers and into the key event of this episode when Shuusuke and Shuri decided to run away. Honestly it looks like a love couple go on elope. Anyways I like the part when the scene turned much emotional towards the end, especially the last part when Sana shouted something to the twin. With some flashback and tunes striking the right mood, the setting was perfect to bring out the tears. Well, not me but I’m sure some of you watching this would cry, don’t you? Indeed it was touching and all in all, the story comes strong with the emotions and exaggerated character development for Asami who remained relatively small for the past episodes. I must say, the writers did a well job done for this episode and I wonder if the same goes for the next episode as well.

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