Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 11)

All of my classes for today are cancelled. So technically today is a day off for me. Again. Not that I’m complaining about it though.

Five years ago, Yuuri went shopping for her perfume with her supposedly boyfriend Yonamine Kou and was having trouble looking for one when a girl showed up to recommend her a suggestion. The girl was Hoshi Nanami as she introduced herself to Yuuri as her new subordinate.

The Resonance
“Hi! I’m Nanami and soon I will betray the ISDA :P”

Continuing from the previous episode, Yuuri got a gun pointed on her head by Nanami as she was ordere to proceed the plan to capture the Album. Yuuri suspected Nanami to be working for the Gillard army. Meanwhile the ISDA army was dispatched to recover Akira and Machina who escaped with Jin. Sieglinde was not happy because they were not sent to get Akira themselves but Raina assured her that Sasaki have his own plan in mind. When Sakaki was mentioned, Kazuki remembered of how Sakaki was willing to forgive him for his impulsive actions for the past days to the extend of not blaming him for it. Oh why is Sakaki so forgivable for Kazuki? This pathetic guy should be dismissed already – do it for the sake of the show. The heightened security around the city troubled Akira, Machina and Jin to make a further move though Akira figured that the ISDA was not serious about capturing them or otherwise the Dragonauts would be dispatched to capture them instead. So Akira brought them to an abandoned house by the outskirt of the city where they will be staying. And here’s a scoop. Akira nude in front of Jin. In the middle of the ocean where Yuuri is stranded inside a submarine, she woke up to realize that the Album is gone. She tried to call for help but the power inside the submarine is out. In a desperate attempt, Yuuri decided to swim across to the nearby island of Tartarus. Not far from there, Toa was detained inside the Gillard army’s submarine and over there, Garnet questioned Nanami for not killing Yuuri there and then but gave the excuse of not receiving such orders. So the submarine which really is an amphibious vehicle took off to the sky with the Agathions charioting. Yuuri who had just surfaced to Tartarus appeared before Gio and Widow, only to immediately cry for emergency.

The Resonance
No one is happy to get their brains blow up by a bullet.

The Resonance
Improvise. Improvise.

The Resonance
“Oh God! I didn’t know there’s something else between your thighs.”

The Resonance
“Do I look like a drowned mermaid to you now?”

Sasaki was at home by now with a girl who appeared to look like Laura (his deceased daughter) while checking on Kazuki’s personal data. It was then he received an urgent message from Yuuri relayed by the ISDA operators about the Album’s disappearance and Nanami’s true identity as a Gillard spy. So he immediately prepared a return to the base when the girl showed up to him. He spoke to her, telling her to go to bed and this surprised me because it’s either Sakaki is delusional which is unlikely due to the strict nature of his working environment that prohibits him to or the girl is real in flesh. Far away in space at a remote ISDA outpost codename L-3, Itsuki was practicing a flight simulation with Otohime on sending Thanatos to smithereens using a specially-built missile. And guess what Otohime in her human-form, looks like Itsuki herself. Geez! Afterwards Itsuki briefed her Vritra team about the D-Project and their new weapon against Thanatos – a missile codename Dragon Slayer. After the briefing, Itsuki was approached by Yuuya, a member of her team and also happens to be her brother, and discussed about his upcoming Resonance. He was disappointed for not being placed as a member in his sister’s team Vritra though he was looking forward to become a Dragonaut. Meanwhile at the Gillard castle on Mars (finally I get to confirm which planet was it), Garnet and Nanami returned to present the Album to Prince Asim. Asim congratulated Nanami for her good job and somehow I felt a speck of envy from Garnet. I guess every girl loves a charming prince. Toa was revealed to Asim and he introduced himself and his place to her. In a prostrating posture, Toa tried to call Thanatos or her mother for help but it was out or range. Toa begged Asim for herself to be released and to return to Earth, indicating that something terrible is about to happen on Earth. Asim said no and told her to change to her dragon form instead. Suddenly Asim was nudged by breaking information about an unknown dragon released from the remnants of Pluto, by which is from Thanatos. Asim suggested this unknown dragon as the fourth original. Seeing this, Toa was brought to tears, saying that it will be the end for Earth.

The Resonance
Laura was brought to life?

The Resonance
“Let me present you the latest addition to our range of vibrators.”

The Resonance
The Habaragi siblings Yuuya and Itsuki are dragon devotees.

In the ISDA base on Earth, Raina was communicating live with Itsuki who is at the L-3 base. He thanked her for her rescue the other day and invited her for dinner next time. Then their conversation was interrupted when Itsuki noticed an object heading straight to her location. And it came fast, immediately causing a huge explosion at the remote base. The livecom was disconnected and Raina grew weary because of this. Almost immediately, ISDA issued an emergency call. Sakaki who had just arrived at the base, was informed about the explosion at the L-3 base. Finally they got a confirmation that a dragon had attacked the base and the Vritra team was obliterated. Somehow Itsuki survived the explosion and Otohime quickly came to her. Otohime told her to leave the place immediately but Itsuki insisted to save everyone first. Yuuya who had also survived this, tried to get away to safety but came upon the dragon instead. Itsuki made it away from the damaged base with Otohime before the base exploded to nothing. Though the two tried to reach Earth as fast as they could, the unknown dragon came quick behind them. As the two dragons entering Earth, ISDA put them on visual and only to witness the dragon hit Otohime to the ground or for that matter, directly to the sea. Machina who was out in the city saw Otohime fallen and the unknown dragon rested on the peak of space shuttle launcher.

The Resonance
Do not go to the light!

The Resonance
Itsuki and Otohime escaped the big bang.

The Resonance
But failed to escaped the big hit.

The Resonance
A new dragon is in the house.

A new dragon. A new enemy. A whole new story. I hope. After being sickened by the endless cat and mouse game, the arrival of a new dragon fresh from Thanatos certainly gives new light to the story. It is also said that this new face is the fourth original with Toa made as the third. Judging from Nozaki’s glowing eye from the previous episode, I bet that he is the second original and this would make his a dragon. Seeing how independent he is without his master, he certainly fits that profile. Asking who is the master, my best guess would be Yuuri because most of time we would see her with him and of how passionate she is whenever she’s with him in spite of her having Kou as her boyfriend. Asking who is the first original, that would be much easier. It’s the dragon in the giant tube, of course. Asking of Laura coming back to life on the other hand, I can’t give a straight answer to it because I doubt that the girl is Laura in the first place. There is a good chance that this Laura is actually a dragon and that Sasaki is her master. Otherwise what is the point of Sakaki being a Dragonaut and not to mention lead the Dragonaut in the first place, right? There is no sure-telling for these theory of mine though these may be convincing for the whole situation now. I’d ever more curious about Yuuya who shortlived in this story – or is he? I certainly hope he is not dead yet and it would be much better if he turned out to be the new dragon’s master (explaining their first encounter at the destroyed L-3 base as their resonance). However the big question here is whether the currently available Dragonauts have what it takes to defeat this seemingly powerful dragon? Or could that they can’t achieve this without Gio? I tell you, I will be more interesting if another dragon shows up to save the day. Oh yes! I’d bet it’ll be a party for dragons in the coming episodes.

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