Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 12)

In the aftermath of the shuttle crash two years ago, Kiril lead the congregation in the memorial service for those who perished in that crash and Jin who was present there, wondered if his father was to blame for the incident. Far away from there, Nozaki looked over the sea on top of the lighthouse and shed some tears himself. I guess this strengthens the point of which Yuuri is Nozaki’s master as he was able to empathize her emotions.

The Resonance
The memorial service

The operators confirmed the neo-original (new original) dragon as unregistered but Sakaki was very much amazed by the speed of this dragon, travelling from L-3 (Lagrange 3) base to Earth in only 267 seconds. Raina and Sieglinde engaged the dragon with their dragons and Sieglinde remarked on the dragon’s huge size. Before they could do anything, the area around the dragon exploded in light then it went missing. Away from the scene, it turned out that the dragon took a human form and he was surprised to have it happened. Meanwhile Nozaki ordered Yuuri to stay on Tartarus to take care of Gio and Widow in case they went berserk. She opposed to this but Nozaki ignored her but what Nozaki had for his agenda is for her to remain safe together with the children. If the story is how I predicted it to be, the children which are referred to the eggs are also in reference for the conceived dragons – Gio, Widow, Howlingstar, Machina and Amadeus. On Tartarus, Gio tirelessly trying to escape but failed on each attempt – the barrier is too much for him. Yuuri was certain that the two dragon won’t be able to escape even if they go berserk and pondered if Nozaki was trying to hide something from her. Taking a boat available on the island, she decided to return to the mainland. Back in ISDA, Sakaki reported the neo-original’s appearance to Kiril and have a name given to the dragon as Ostrum. The only lead Sakaki could offer to Kiril is that Ostrum is nothing like the Album. Nozaki proposed that the dragon did not just disappeared but had changed into a Communicator instead. This is shocking news to them, bringing up questions of who, why and when someone made a resonance with Ostrum. Nozaki could give the reason of the dragon’s attack but giving the example of the Album and Jin, he suggested that the orignal dragons actions are not bound by their master. Giving the threat this dragon may pose, Nozaki also suggested for a city-wide evacuation. And so they did.

The Resonance
Sieglinde hates playing hide and seek.

The Resonance
Nozaki watching boobs up close in real time.

The whole city was evacuated as quickly they could, leaving only the ISDA forces behind while they began their search for the missing dragon. Kazuki was on the ground inside the car, feeling pissed because he is the only one (Dragonaut) without a dragon. Somewhere in the city, Akira made a lookout of the city while Jin tried to listen for Toa locate Toa but she was nowhere in the city. Little did he knew that Toa is not even on the planet. Jin only knows that Toa have a mission to accomplish but other than that, he know nothing about her. That is why he reasons himself to look for Toa and get some explanation from her. Then Machina came in and told them that another original had appeared. A couple of the search crews walking inside a tunnel when they came across an unknown man. The person is actually Ostrum and as we would figured, the search crew died instantly in a huge explosion. This explosion however triggered the radar and Ostrum was detected. From the radar, they found out that Ostrum is edging closer to one of the evacuation points. With lives at stake, Raina and Sieglinde rushed there immediately. Even so they failed to catch up and Ostrum unleashed his destructible force, killing everyone there. Yuuri who is moving closer to the mainland, noticed the trail of destruction left by Ostrum while Raina and Sieglinde reached for Ostrum. Sieglinde made the first assault on Ostrum but she was no match for him who now is in dragon form. From their location, Akira was able to witness Ostrum fighting off Raina and Sieglinde with ease. Not able to contain the feeling, Machina persuaded her to fight side by side with the team and before Akira left, Jin thanked her and she wished him to be with Toa eventually. Machina tipped Jin that Gio is now on Tartarus and so the two left and engaged into battle against Ostrum. With Machina back with the team, she proved to herself a worthy adversary against Ostrum with her water powers against Ostrum’s fiery might.

The Resonance
Feel the wrath of Ostrum.

The Resonance
Ostrum is a fire-breathing dragon.

The Resonance
Too much for Howlingstar to handle.

The Resonance
Machina to the assistance.

Jin made a run for it but stumbled upon Kou who offered to give Jin a ride to Tartarus. Once arrived there, he caught a glimpse of Kazuki heading towards the facility on the island. He rushed there and inside the facility, he found Gio in captivity. However Kazuki who was already there, landed a punch on him (again). Kazuki was persistent of having Gio as his own and not wanting to hand it over to Jin. Gio noticed the two and tried to get to Jin’s aid. Distracted, Jin headbutted Kazuki and knocked him out of consciousness. Jin took the chance to let Gio escape and when Gio told Jin that Toa is captured by the Gillard, Kazuki who is still oblivious wanted Jin to die and hit on the red button (oh the cliche!) that opened the latch below him, sending him to the fiery pit. Back in the city, the fight continues and even with Machina’s assistance, Ostrum was more of an opponent for the Lindwurm team. Ostrum made a huge explosion and took the opportunity to head for the ISDA base nearby. The dire situation forced Sakaki to hasten the Avenir timetable and initiate Phase 7. Once it begins, the control room platform moved to the underground while Ostrum turned into a fire orb and moved down as well. At the same time, Nozaki was in the chamber that holds the first original dragon they kept inside the tube and that is when Yuuri came to him. Nozaki turned to the dragon instead and said that it’s time for Raum (the dragon) to get to rest. Pressing a button, the tube containing the dragon fell to the fiery pit below. Yuuri fell on her knees, crying and lamented of how things were taken away from her. It was then he noticed Nozaki’s shadow shaped of a dragon. Then Ostrum appeared to them. Ostrum asked Nozaki why did he work with humans and answered that he did it out of his own will. Ostrum was not pleased by the answer and changed to a dragon. Nozaki quickly covered Yuuri and he too transformed.

The Resonance
Jin brought to Thanatos, surprisingly with Kou’s help.

The Resonance
Their relationship gotten bitter by the minute.

The Resonance
Nozaki forgot what the red button was for.

The Resonance
Quick way to hell?

The Resonance
Nozaki always the opportunity – grope while protect.

Back to Jin, he was fortunate enough to have Gio clinged on to him just in time though he himself have only a grip from falling. Kazuki pointed a gun at Gio and shot, forcing Gio to let go. Somehow Gio was able to change to his dragon form and break away from the facility. He was also able to break through the barrier that supposed to hold dragons from escaping. Some of the fallen debris were directed at Kazuki but Widow was in time to save him. Meanwhile Yuuri was surprised to see Nozaki’s true dragon form and recalled him to be Atrum, the first dragon she encountered in the past.

The Resonance
Gio’s true potential strength is limitless.

The Resonance
Nozaki/Atrum versus Ostrum.

Indeed everything that I had predicted came to reality so far. It’s a waste that the first original dragon – Raum – did not make it to action. Apparently Nozaki send her to the fiery grave below. Now that Nozaki showed his true dragon side, I am curious about Yuuri reaction, whether she would treat Nozaki the same way ever again. Worst, she could put him on research. However I believe she would be accept Nozaki who he is and likely that she would support him to fight against Ostrum and Thanatos in the near future. To the least, Nozaki will give advantage to ISDA and Earth by whole that him being an original would probably possess great power that would match against Ostrum. However I’m not sure if Ostrum would be killed though I would prefer it better that he survives. As for the Phase 7, it is likely that the ISDA base where the Dragonauts are stationed, is converted into a mobile base. Meaning that the base is now a huge spaceship. And Kazuki, well, he is a bother to talk about to begin with. Widow was willing to save him despite of not recognizing him as her master. I don’t know her motives but I supposed that he is independent just like Gio after having lost her master. Well Gio is independent rather than having Jin as his master and the reason they’re working together is simply because they share a common objective – protecting Toa. Another matter not to be ignored is the worsening animation quality of this anime. The CG works may be just fine – GONZO has no trouble pulling that one off – but the drawing lacks consistency. The part where Kazuki and Jin argued is when it is evident. I do notice of how bad the drawing is episode by episode but this time, it is just so bad.

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