Last Words of 2007

The year is approaching to an end. People attending parties to enjoy the final moments of this year. Some probably witness the live telecast of the countdown party from the comforts of their home. Some probably had to put effort in their works despite of the jovial mood around them. And some like myself would be sitting in front of their laptop, doing God-knows-what. Friends who know me would probably think that I’ll be bashing a party or if not, have some fun privately but any of those would not be happening simply because of one reason. Believe it or not, Kelantan – where I currently study and stay – do not have a holiday for the New Year. 1 January 2008 is just like any other day when everyone do their usual business. Indeed outsiders such as myself would consider this as a culture shock but respecting the local culture is something I have learn to practice.Obviously I don’t have the mood to talk personal matters in my blog, not to mention that I take my privacy seriously. What I really want to talk about now is my life in the blogosphere. Quite often, many people have no direction in life. Even I myself have troubles in choosing a path to my future. Always that I think about the short-term goals in life rather than to look ahead. This attitude frankly is not good, especially when you are aiming success in life. The same goes to my blog. I have started blogging since I was 16 actually and that was in 2003. In fact at that time, I was quite dedicated to webpage building and I have been constantly learning on how to construct a webpage. Most of the time, it’s self-studied. So I used that ability I to build a custom online journal on my own. It paid off but then I quit. It was public examination year in 2004 and that gave me little time to blog. Several years later in 2006, I ended my long hiatus from the blogosphere and began updating ever since. It was quite recent – I am aware of it. However I was naive at that time and like I said earlier, I was lost without any direction. Most of the time, I would blog about my emotional self (yeah, kind of pathetic don’t you think?) and endless rants. At one point, a friend of mine comment of how silly my blog is. And there’s truth in those words, no one really cared about your personal life. Some people would probably had it tougher elsewhere. Anyway I started or rather returned blogging last year with the purpose of keeping in touch with my friends. Again I say, I was naive then. Then it came to point when I decided to bring blogging to another level. I know it’s hard work but deep inside, I believe it worth the effort. 1 March 2007 was the day when I began my exodus from Blogspot to WordPress. Honestly the blogging experience in WordPress is great with their dedicated dashboard that make the life of us bloggers a little bit easier. Many great features I would like to share to you but I guess I leave the searching to you.Also at that time, I made a personal ultimatum to make this personal blog of mine into an anime blog. Since then, there was no stopping for me. Even now, I must admit that I’m still new in this business but I strife to improve myself. With little resources and limited time, I can only do my best to make ends meet. In reference to my anime reviews, of course. I know that this post seems rather odd but my frustrated soul now tells me to just let myself out regardlessly. In other words, become emo once in a blue moon. Having said enough, I wish all readers a happy new year and all the best for the year 2008. May 2008 be a whole load of great anime titles and everything beyond the otaku realm.

4 Responses to “Last Words of 2007”

  1. 1 January 2008 at 12:23 am

    i am here, in kuala fucken lumpur but i am welcoming 2008 by posting a comment to your post. hahaha. well, i have a date tomorrow.

    celebration aside. yeah, last time it was all about having a webpage, never thought of writing a good piece for everyone to read. mouse cursors with rainbows. those were the days. with that skills, during the first sem of matriculation, i scored a deal with the computer lecturer where she would let me sleep for another hour and i will tutor my classmates during the second half of the class. hehehe. sebab ya selalu bangun akhir mun ada kelas computer because first class of the day.

    i rarely jot down my personal life in my blog too. no boo-hoo-i-had-a-fight-with-my-other-half post, etc. mostly opinions and observations from the local scene.

  2. 2 Brian
    1 January 2008 at 12:41 am

    i’m honoured to have you commenting on my blog to usher this new year. cheh! totally agree on what you have to say at the end of your comment. man, i’m such a naive back then… so my new year resolution for my blog would be trying to diversify my opinion than just anime. apparently anime is the only thing that i’m very knowledgeable at.

    cheers for 2008 dude!

  3. 3 Loba
    1 January 2008 at 12:49 am

    Happy new year. I am stuck in army camp doing operational duty just in case some retard tries to bomb somewhere and I have to activate our medical team out there. Meanwhile, I continue to raze provinces in utopia =D I hope your anime blog will garner more readers =)

  4. 4 Brian
    1 January 2008 at 1:06 am

    Well good luck in army camp. I hope it won’t be too much trouble for you there. And new year cheers to you!

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