Album Review

It is the new year and of course, there are new songs. In fact, it’s a rather fresh approach to music. Before I get to that, another music for the season. Beach songs for the summer actually. It’s early but what the heck anyway. Two different music, two different genre, two different language. Odd start to this new year, isn’t it?

Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat - Coco

Being a daugther to musician parents, it is not too surprising to have Colbie Caillat landed herself a musical career. This “Coco” album is her first recording album and she made it big in the online realm, topping sales in the online music stores. Her only released breakthrough single, “Bubbly” went to Top 10 charts everywhere but sadly enough, that was the only single she had ever released so far. It’s a shame because the rest of the track in the album sounds much better than the sole single. My favourite track, “Oxygen” is worthy of its title, having a refreshing feeling to it. But frankly, towards the end part of the tracks are a little typical and boring to listen to but then, it fits the soothing mood of the summer tune. Hey, I’m embracing summer way early but I’m just being positive here. This new artiste have the potential and it would be unfortunate if she only made it to the one-hit-wonder’s list.

Must listen: Oxygen
My ratings: 4/5

On The Run
Jay Chou

Jay Chou - On The Run

Jay Chou is back again with a new album, “On The Run” (Chinese:我很忙) and yet again, he attempts to reinvent music with his own juice of creativity. This time around, he banged on the idea of Asian music fusion with the Western culture. And I am literal about the Western culture. It is not hip-hop (he does that all the time), it’s not country music and it’s not even contemporary, which many Asian artiste failed to venture to. But bluntly, it is supposed to be country music. The opening track, Niu Zai Hen Mang (Chinese: 牛仔很忙; English: Cowboy On The Run) is heavily tainted with it and mark my words, it is as I said – heavily tainted. However to my opinion, this unique approach is a big screw-up for this artiste who usually make great music fusion. But being fresh is not this album is all about. The whole album is pretty much the same to what we used to listen to in his previous albums. One track in particular that really gives me the goosebumps – Wo Bu Pei (Chinese:我不配; English: I’m not worthy). It sounded awfully like the 90s boy band pop music. Even so, hardcore fans will be ecstatic with this new album regardlessly because he is Jay Chou and this album is definitely his music. A trivia here is that the title “On the Run” is actually referring to him being busy with his works, especially in working on his new recording studio and as you have guessed it, this album is his first under his new recording label.

Must listen: Qing Hua Ci (Chinese: 青花瓷; English: Green Vase)
My ratings: 3/5

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