Rosario to Vampire (Anime Preview)

When I first came to know about Rosario to Vampire, I initially thought that Rosario is a guy and somehow got stuck with a girl who really is a vampire. Of course I expect humour along the way but really, all I had in mind was this Rosario guy and a vampire girl. Those who have read the mange on the Weekly Shounen Jump, you’ll know how the story is but I don’t. So I was surprised to know that Rosario is actually referring to the Christian prayer beads, the Rosary. The Rosary is depicted in a different manner but at least, now I know that Rosario is not a dude. However I was not wrong about the story – it is simply about a boy and a vampire girl and surprisingly, they are together in a high school setting. So is Rosario to Vampire worth the follow-up or is that the manga far better than the anime itself?

Rosario to Vampire
Rosario to Vampire

Aono Tsukune is soon to enter high school after struggling through bad grades from junior high. In fact, he was lucky to be able to attend high school when his father found a school application document dropped by a suspicious-looking priest. But Tsukune took it and went to that school without knowing what is waiting for him there.

While on the bus to his new school, the bus driver picked up a conversation with Tsukune and told him to be prepared for the high school he is going to attend to – the Youkai Academy. Come on! Judging by the name alone, anyone would know that something bad is bound to happen, isn’t it? The bus driver added that the school is very terrifying but as soon as Tsukune about to react to these words, he gotten a call from his cousin Kyoko. However once they got into a tunnel, the call abruptly ended. After exiting the tunnel, the bus driver stopped at the designated point and Tsukune stepped into another world different from what he knew. Giving his final advice to be careful, the bus left Tsukune there. Alone. So Tsukune had to navigate himself to the school, located faraway from the bus stop, through the eerie-looking forest. Suddenly out of nowhere, he was overran by a bicycle and riding on that bicycle is a stunning beauty. The girl immediately apologized to him, saying that her vision got blurry because she was anemic. Bet you she’s the vampire. Tsukune was fixated by her beauty and accidentally touched her thigh, causing him to nosebleed. However the blood was too much for her too resist and leaned towards him to plunge a bite on him, revealing that she is a vampire. Just when he thought he was going to get his blood sucked out dry, he checked that there was nothing on his bite wound. She asked him if he hates vampires but all he had in mind was whether she is fooling around with him or not. Everything seems unbelievable to him but all that did not bother him. She was happy to hear it and wanted to be friends with him. Introducing herself as Akashiya Moka, Tsukune felt it won’t be a matter for him to befriending a beautiful girl like Moka.

Rosario to Vampire
Any parents would be proud to send their children to a demon school, right?

Rosario to Vampire
No turning back for Tsukune now.

Rosario to Vampire
A bold start into his high school life perhaps.

Rosario to Vampire
Hope he’s not to comfy with Akayisha Moka because she is no ordinary babe.

So the two went to school and Tsukune went to his class. He was introduced to his homeroom teacher, Nekonome Shizuka. Then the teacher revealed that Youkai Academy is meant for monster and was built for the purpose to teach monster to coexist with humans. Only now Tsukune realized that he is in deep trouble. Nekonome explained the school rules – monsters/students must remain in human form, and they should not know of the true form of others. A student (looks like a class bully to me) named Komiya Saizou pointed out of how boring the rules are and said that demons are better off to just eat the humans instead. Nekonome explained that everyone inside the school are demons and that they are contained inside a different realm. Should there be any human found inside the school area, the human will be killed. This stopped Tsukune to tell of the teacher that he is only human amongst the demons. Then Moka showed up to the class and turned out that she is in the same class as Tsukune. Her striking presence caught the attention of many students in the school and with Tsukune always by her side, naturally the male students there gotten jealous with him. They walked around the school and stopped by the vending machine to have some drinks. Saizou came to them and wondered why Moka ended up with Tsukune. He threw Tsukune hard to the vending machine (with his monster strength) and Moka made it clear to Saizou that she is with Tsukune regardlessly. After the little brawl, the two went to the school roof and Tsukune said that Moka does not look anything like a vampire at all. She admits it and showing him the rosary she is wearing, she explained that if the rosary is taken off from her, she will turn into a terrifying vampire. Tsukune however thinks that it is fine that Moka remained herself and jumping towards him, Moka confessed that she is in love with him. She also said that sucking his blood earlier was her first time and that she felt really good by it. Flashing the thought of her being a vampire made Tsukune chickened out and he excused himself.

Rosario to Vampire
The homeroom teacher, Nekonome Shizuka.

Rosario to Vampire
I wonder who are scarier, the demons or the priests?

Rosario to Vampire
The school bully, Komiya Saizou.

Rosario to Vampire
“Wanna touch them?”

Running away from the school, Tsukune knows well enough that Moka and the rest of the students in the school are different, specifically monsters. He was about to make his leave from the school when Moka came to stop him. He told him that he wanted to go to a human school but she told him not to. She told him that she hates humans. Recalling her experience in junior high school with the humans, she felt lonely and isolated away from the humans. When he told her that she is fine being a vampire, she felt happy for the first time. Then he revealed to her that he is a human and asked her if she would accept him after that. Seeing her shocked expression, he told her that he won’t befriending any demons ever again. Tsukune tried to run for the bus stop with Moka chasing behind him when Saizou appeared to her. He turned into his real form of an orc and came on to her. Her scream for help was heard by Tsukune. Saizou asked her why she did not change into her real form and she said that doing so is against the school rule. Saizou continued to hurt her when Tsukune came and mustering all his courage, he told him to stop. But Saizou is too much for him to handle and he got knocked off the cliff. Moka quickly went after Tsukune and Saizou followed by. Tsukune got up and noticed that he is already at the bus stop. Moka came to him and apologized to him, noting the huge difference between humans and demons. She told him that she ever wanted is a friend. That is when Saizou showed up and Tsukune tried to defend her although he know it is futile. But he is doing that because he wants to be a friend to Moka. Badly hurt from a strike from Saizou, Tsukune reached for Moka and told her that even if she is a vampire, he still likes her. By accident, he took off the rosary from Moka’s neck. So her demonic transformation took place. Saizou recognized her transformed appearance as a strong demon type of a vampire. In that vampire form, she finished him off with only a kick. Tsukune still shaky from Saizou’s earlier attack, fell out of consciousness in Moka’s arms. Once he woke up, he noticed Moka returned to her normal self and also found out that the bus would only come once a months. Like it or not, Tsukune had to stay at the school.

Rosario to Vampire
Running from demons? You think that’s possible?

Rosario to Vampire
Moka hates being alone.

Rosario to Vampire
An oversize buffoon.

Rosario to Vampire
Opening the Pandora’s Box.

Rosario to Vampire
Vampire Moka unleashed.

Rosario to Vampire
Vampire Moka is one kick-ass girl.

Rosario to Vampire
The vampire charm. Beware of it.

I went on to look for its manga version and found out that the manga is a lot funnier than the anime itself. Yeah, there are occasional laughter in this pilot episode but it did not come out strong. However the animation and design details are amazing. The art style is good and drawing is holding up pretty well. But hey, this is GONZO. They always give their all in the first episode and all these begin to falter in the coming episodes. Even so, voice casting is great. With Mizuki Nana and Seki Tomokazu inside the cast, it’s no surprise if there is no lacking in this aspect. However when it comes to the story potential, there is none. This anime is too much on the fanservicing side that the plot do not come out strong. The only thing I am curious is how Tsukune would survive his stay in the Youkai Academy as he is the only human there. I figured that in episodes to come, Moka will be covering his ass all the time and possibly more demon girls who develop feeling for him as well. Even so, there is not much excited to keep me watching this. Unless you are fan of the manga and you are in dire need for many of its pantie shots, I give this anime a drop from my review. This has not been a promising start to the winter anime season, isn’t it?

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  1. 1 linedwell
    9 July 2008 at 8:48 pm

    help me out i need to know the name of the song that plays in episode 13 wen moka and the others are saving tsukune from his execution plz help me by tellin me the full name of this song plz

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